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Entertainment Agreements & Rules

Entertainment Agreements & Rules - esball Online Casino

  1. After your betting, please wait until a message of "Your Total Bets Are" to show up.
  2. Please confirm your payoff for your betting after game is started. The amount of payoff will show up in the middle of message window.
  3. "Your total bets" and "Payoff" will be showing at left side of upper corner for each round, and please keep an eye on it.
  4. All confirmed betting in the game are still considered as effective even if the system is down due to weak signal. After you re-log in, you may go "Betting History" to check last dealing. And your quota will vary with the amount of payoff.
  5. If you have seen the card is shown and cannot find the amount of betting, it means an unsuccessful bet was made. It might because your placing was too late or was not acceptable due to internet issues.
  6. In our Baccarat, we do not make the first card void before each game starts.
  7. Once a member enters the game, with over 5 consecutive unmade bets, the system will prompt; if you have not made any bets within 10 consecutive rounds, the game will exit and please relog in again.
  8. The porker is created to slide through the scanner and showing to the members. When the sliding result is not shown, the card will be re-scanned. If the card is not showing on the screen for any reasons eventually, one of our crews will directly turn it over and key in manually.
  9. When the dealer accidentally takes out two cards at the same time and one different card is falsely shown:
    (a) When the payoff is incorrectly made: the result should be according to showing order and re-make payoff manually. The shoe will be renewed, and a new game begins.
    (b) If the payoff is un-made: our crew will decide which card comes first, and the game goes continuously.
  10. If a card is exposed accidentally during the shuffling, the dealer will re-shuffle the porker and new game may begin.
  11. If one card is unable to be scanned for any reasons during gaming, the card will be re-put in right place and will be re-scanned for a continuous game.
  12. If a card drop on the floor or out from the screem during the game,
    (a) if the card has not expose yet but it has been scanned, the game will be void.
    (b) if the card has been exposed, the supervisor will pick up the card and continue the game.
  13. Once a card is falsely placed between the banker and the player by the dealer, it will be re-arranged by our crew according to the accurate dealing order. And the game goes continuously.
  14. While during dealing one first card has been scanned but not shown on the screen, which causes second and third cards being falsely at the banker or player, they will be keyed in manually. And the game continues.
  15. After one card is scanned, and two of same cards appear at the banker and the player simultaneously:
    (a) When the payoff is incorrectly made: the result should be re-corrected according to actual webcam and re-make payoff manually. And the game goes continuously if the roadmap is correct.
    (b) If the payoff is un-made: follow-up of cards will be directly made correction by our crew, and the game goes continuously.
  16. When our technique shows to have unusual issues causing the cessation of webcam or the scanner cannot function normally, the play will be regarded as invalid and the program will be restarted. And new play begins then. But if when there is a result in webcam already, all will be based on the dealing and payoff will be made.
  17. The latest information for circumstances, such as routine maintenance, internet issues, cessation of webcam, invalid plays, or making wager void, all can be found in the bulletin at upper right corner of website.
  18. Webcam history is only reserved for three days; please notify us within the period. No disputes are acceptable over the time.
  19. Due to our being live webcam, the final result is determined by the showing detail through web if the play causes any disagreements because of weak signal.
  20. The roadmap in our game is only for referral. The game result is based on the dealing history even if any internet issues cause the false of roadmap.
  21. We will reserve all rights for revising disputes and final decision-making.
  22. We will reserve all rights for changing, revising or deleting the games, game rules( included probability and odds) or agreements and do not have to inform in advance.
  23. We reserve all rights for revising, canceling or suspending any betting and do not have to inform or any explaining.
  24. We record each dealing and betting of the server. If the members’ information are different form our data history, all the information are based on our website database.
  25. In the event that the company discovered and proved that a member is using any illegal tools or software to perform any cheating schemes. Be it an individual act or group operations, the company reserves the right to void and dishonor the betting transactions.
  26. All of bets record in our entertainment will be regard as valid, members have to assume the betting risk.
  27. If we found the members use the improper method (plug-in) or any illegal bet on personal or a group to bet to cause damage to our company, we have the retention rights of the cancellation the bet.
  28. There are two card shoes on each table of Robot Baccarat, when the cards of a shoe had run out, the machine would automatically switch to the next shoe of cards.
  29. When there is a malfunction exceeding ten minutes in Robot Baccarat, a new game would continue with another Robot Baccarat machine with a new shoe of cards.
  30. The robotic arm of Robot Baccarat would automatically stop when it picked up a card and failed to scan it. The onsite technician would put the card back to the top of the shoe with card facing up, for the robotic arm to pick up the card again. (This is the standard procedure when the card is still within display of the live stream; if the card has fallen out of display of the live stream facing down, the game will be forfeited.)
  31. BBIN real dealer robotic arms are scheduled for card shoes change at 08:00, 16:00, 24:00 daily. Games will restart using brand new card shoes. Thank you.