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First Deposit

Promotion Period: All Year
Qualified Participants: All Esball members
Promotion Requirement: 20% bonus for your first deposit


First Deposit Amount

Bonus Rate

Bonus up to

Minimus play through time

Over $50



15 times



--------------------------------------------------Promotional Terms & Details--------------------------------------------------


  1. This promotion is only for the new member who makes the first time deposit. The bonus deposit will be made automatically.
  2. After receiving the bonus, the valid total bet (first time deposit amount+bonus) times 15 (minimum play through time) so that member can withdraw.
    For example;
    If a member deposits $1010, he/she will get 20% bonus, the rewards in account balance will be $1212. Once the valid total bet reaches $18180 (($1010+ $202)*15times), then member will be allow to withdraw.
  3. Maximum bonus $588 only valid the home address and IP address on PC only and the information must match when first time register.
  4. Member has right to reedem or give up the first time deposit bonus.
  5. Any group or individual attempt to manipulate the bonus, the account and balance will be canceled.
  6. Esball has the final interpretation and termination rights for any promotion event without any advance announce.