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Event Period:From now on

Event Participants:Esball Platinum Star VIP

Event Content:Give back to Platinum Star VIP. It makes you unique!

  1. If you have 100 thousand negative earning, we will give back you 1% negative earning, it can get up to 68,888.
  2. Without appliying, VIP customer service will help you.
  3. It based on monthly settlement period.
  4. We will verify after the monthly settlement period´s first week, bonus will be deposited before 18:00 P.M on Thursday, the valid total bet all so the member can withdraw.
  5. Qualified participants can get bonus and we will notice by post message.

--------------------------------------------------Event Details--------------------------------------------------


  1. Monthly negative earning needs to deduct weekly bonus rebate promotion.
  2. Monthly settlement period is the first Monday to the last Monday every month.
  3. Promotion only valid the home address and IP address on PC only and the information must match when first time register.
  4. Any group or individual attempt to manipulate the bonus, the account and balance will be canceled.
  5. Esball has the final interpretation.
  6. Esball maintains determination rights without any advance announce.

VIP Exclustive

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