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Sports Betting Agreements & Rules

Sports Betting Agreements & Rules - esball Online Casino

  1. After betting, please wait until "Finish Your wager" shows up.
  2. For avoiding arguement, you must confirm "Finish Your wager" after betting.
  3. Any complaint about "BB Sports" and "Sport Betting" must be made before games start. Esball Entertainment won't accept any complaint after games start.
  4. If errors or wrong information are presented in our website by any unpredictable technical failure, all wagers will be recorded within the errors, in order to be investigated. Esball Entertainment will guarantee that all wagers will win/lose.
  5. All wagers placed after the starting time of any game will be considered invalid.
  6. If at any circumstances such like Disaster or Hacker which caused damaged, loss or changed of data or etc. Kindly visit us for further announcement or action to be taken from our company. Note: We are only accept complaints that comes with prove of details (hardcopy or softcopy). Please remember to print your stake or ticket before complaint.
  7. The note form of the any unusual or dispute from this day, no result of calculation; And shift and indicate "Cancel" on the field of fruiting to the historical account on the same day.
  8. Appear at the same time with divide the same more than 2 note forms of content with second while making a bet, our company only admits an effective note form, the others are cancelled without exception.
  9. Due to busy data processing during running ball, all intentional transactions after R.B. scoring will be considered void, we're sorry for the inconveniences caused.
  10. Scoring during running ball, if score or odds cannot be updated due to problems of web server or connection status, all related transactions will be considered void.
  11. During wager of running ball, a customer order is not took in yet if the placed order status shows in Waiting. A customer may need to go to his account and wager history to check order condition. Once order is confirmed by us asunacceptable, its sataus will be showed refused and will be crossed out also.
  12. While the venue of a match game is altered from home to mid or mid to home before the game starting, we will reserve the right, according to the ratio and market condition, to determine whether the placed order is valid and acceptable. All final calls will be posted on news ticker.
  13. For the cancelled orders of E. Market, members can go to "Wager" to check the detail. For the orders which are cancelled before current date, including the current date itself, members will have to go to "History" to check the transactions that is written by "cancelled". Members please re-transact after checking.
  14. If we found the members use the improper method (plug-in) or any illegal bet on personal or a group to bet to cause damage to our company, we have the retention rights of the cancellation the bet and remarks this wager as『 illegal betting 』 or 『 system canceled 』 after canceling this wager. (included played game wage)