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Casino Gaming Commission

Casino Gaming Commission

Esball Casino Game Online is operated by 15years old reputable Boeing Online Sportsbook, legally registered in Costa Rica. We provide the most dynamic and fair gaming system. Above all, we offer players the best bonus promotions! For our affiliates, we offer the most competitive program. We welcome all potential partners who holds online resources or great social network. Join our affiliate program without paying anything and start earning unlimited return! esball Online Casino, your smartest choice!

How to Join Esball Casino Game Online

Please click on [Register], make sure all the information you provided are accurate. esball will verify and evaluate your application. After receiving your application, our customer service representative will contact you in 3 days with your affiliate account, password, and affiliation link.

Casino Gaming Commission Scale
Monthly min. payoutMonthly min.Live DealerSportsbookCasinoLottery
Active members(Valid bets)
1 ~ 1650 USD 3 or more 10% 10% 10% 0.1%
1650 ~ 49255 USD 10 or more 20% 20% 20% 0.1%
49255 ~ 131345 USD 50 or more 30% 30% 30% 0.1%
131345 ~ 197020 USD 100 or more 40% 40% 40% 0.1%
197020 USD up 200 or more 50% 50% 50% 0.1%

Live Dealer consist of : live casino、AG live
Sports consist of : BBsports、Sportbetting
Casino consist of : casino games、3D casino games
Lottery consist of : BB Keno、Lottery

Casino Gaming Commission calculation
  1. Attention:
    commision formula:【total payout - lottery payout - administrative fee】*commision rate + 【lottery real bet x 0.1% 】= commision

    The commission is calculated after the revenue deducting administrative fees/members bonus and then times the percentage according to the commission scale. In lottery, commision=【valid lottery bet】*0.1%

  2. Administrative fee includes: Members promotion bonuses, withdrawal/deposit service charges. (Please note: Members ¥50 withdrawal fee and bet amount less than 100% of deposit amount service charges will not be included in the administrative fees mentioned.)
  3. [Monthly Min. Active member] by definition is the members who have placed a minimum of 83USD valid bet amount within the counting period. If the members of the affiliate did not reach the minimum 3 active members by [Monthly Min. Active member] requirement, the affiliate will not receive commission for the month. If the affiliate is Monthly min. payout have reached certain level, but [Monthly Min. Active member] has not reached required number of acitve member accordingly, the commission percentage will be according to the level of the number of active member.
  4. Example:
    Affiliates payout of the month is USD 32835, and the number of active member of the month is 3. Affiliate has reached second level of monthly min. payout, but number of active member does not qualify the required 10. Therefore, the commission is calculated according to the level of 3 active member reached.
  5. Example2:
    Affiliates active member of the month is 52, and payout/totalpoint of the month: Live Dealer USD 49255﹐ Sportsbook USD-3285﹐ Casino USD-3285﹐ Lottery USD-16420﹐ Lottery valid bet amount USD 131345. The administrative fees/members bonus are a total of USD 2300.
The affiliates commission calculation of the month

(The total payout is USD65675, the commission percentage would be 30% according to the commission scale)
USD65675 total payout - USD16420 lottery payout - USD2230 administrative feex 30% +【USD131345 Lottery real bet amount x 0.1%】= USD14218 comission total

* Percentage of commission is based on the payout of each game from backend report before any fees were deducted.
* For an affiliate whose commission total is negative value, the negative value and fees will be carried on to the next month. Affiliate may request withdrawal when the value becomes positive and exceeds ¥500RMB.

Casino Gaming Commission Payout

esball counting periods are from the first Monday of the month to the Sunday before the first Monday of the next month. The commission is calculate according to the commission scale and deduct related administrative fees/members bonus. The counting restarts 3 days after payout of each counting period, and the commission shall be transferred directly to the affiliates authorized bank account within 5 business days.

[Graditude Bonus]
esball offers [Graditude Bonus] to thank you for your effort in promoting esball.
When an affiliates active member of the month is more than 3,
and total valid bet amount exceeds $1000000, esball offeres the affiliate a minimum [Graditude Bonus] of $1000.

When the total payout of the month is negative,
active member of the month is 3,
valid bets is $1100000, the affiliate is entitled to the [Graditude Bonus] of $1000.
The negative payout will be carried on to next month

When active member of the month is 3,
valid bets is $1100000,
the commission of this month is $200.
The affiliate is entitled to the [Graditude Bonus] of $1000 (commission included)