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How to Win With the Baccarat Attack Strategy

Most people approach casino gambling as a lark, and little consideration is given to the amount of time, money or psychological preparation necessary for winning. Some attention is given to finding a "system" or "gimmick" and off the player goes to try his hand at winning. Needless to say, this approach hardly ever works. Some work and advance preparation are essential to becoming a consistent winner at roulette or any other casino game.

Baccarat Attack Strategy

The advance preparation is fairly easy. First, read and understand this book. The easiest way to practice is to play in an online casino on your home computer in “practice mode” where no money is risked. This will give you a realistic feel for baccarat as it is played, whether you play online or in a land-based game.

Practice is essential for two reasons. First, by practicing you will gain a greater understanding of the system than you ever will by just reading about it. Secondly, practicing the system will give you a greater feel for it than I can ever convey by describing it. In practicing this strategy, you will gain a level of confidence in your play which is important before you ever venture forth to take on a casino.

In a casino, your enemy is not the casino or the dealer. It is your own lack of selfcontrol. If you can control yourself and have a mastery of your approach, you will become a winner. If you can't, then it is unlikely that the Baccarat Attack Strategy or any other system can make you a winner.

After you have learned and practiced this strategy, you will want to begin planning to apply it in a casino. “What?” you say. Planning? I just spent time learning the darned thing! What's this planning? Why can't I just jump in my car or get on a plane, arrive at a location that has baccarat and start playing? Or, why can’t I just get online, pick an online casino and start playing baccarat?

Planning begins with determining the size of bankroll you will take for your Baccarat Attack Strategy Sessions. The amount you take for an excursion to a casino(s) is called the Trip Bankroll, and it should be four times the size of bankroll required to play a game. If you decide to play online, you can use these same concepts. Here your “Trip Bankroll” can be thought of as your total bankroll for online play.

It is necessary to use a larger bankroll for a trip to provide for an adequate cushion against losses. If, for example, you decided that since the loss rate is so low (about one in 18 games), you would only take the amount needed to play one game. What would you do if the loss occurred in the first session, or even the first half dozen sessions? You would not have a large enough bankroll to continue to play baccarat, and you would be "tapped out" even with a winning system.

It is far better to plan for the worst and then do your best to prevent it from occurring. The following table summarizes the session and trip bankrolls required for each level of wagering.

Baccarat Attack Strategy: Base Bets, Game Bankrolls and Total Bankroll Requirements

Base Bet Game Bankroll Total Bankroll (5 x Game Bankroll)
$2 $150 $750
$4 $300 $1500
$5 $375 $1875
$6 $450 $2250
$10 $750 $3750
$14 $1050 $5250
$15 $1125 $5625
$20 $1500 $7500
$25 $1875 $9375
$26 $1950 $9750
$30 $2250 $11250
$35 $2625 $13125
$36 $2700 $13500
$50 $3750 $18750

Needless to say, this bankroll should come from money that is extra and will not be needed for living expenses. If you take the money needed to pay your mother's medical bill for gambling, the psychological pressure will probably be too much for you, and in general, this is just not a good way to approach any speculative venture.

After building your bankroll and practicing the system until you can perform it flawlessly, you may begin your final preparations for a gambling excursion. You should have an adequate number of BAT Bet Tracker forms, a notebook for recording the results of your play and a game plan for your trip.

A trip game plan can be very informal consisting of an itinerary with playing time scheduled in a general way. You don't have to have every minute scheduled, but I have found that my mental attitude is improved if I have planned a definite amount of time for gambling as well as other activities.