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Fantastic Ocean

Game Features

There are massive shiny treasures under the ocean. Quickly come to explore the ocean world and let’s dig to find the treasures together.

Game Rule

5 reels have 243 ways to win. It has a unique play way, Respin. It also includes Free Game, Scatter Symbol and Wild Symbol. According to the bet points and the symbols give the corresponding prize when consecutive 2 or more identical symbols appear from left to right on a payline.During the Free Game, it’s calculated by the identical symbols that appear from left to right or from right to left according to the betting amount and winning symbols in correspondence.


  • General Symbol payout: bet level * odds
  • Scatter Symbol payout: bet points * odds

※If the Scatter Symbol appears after respin, payout will be calculated by the general bet points instead of the points that display on the butt

Rules for wi

Patterns Instructions
Fantastic Ocean-Instructions Winning
Fantastic Ocean-Instructions Not Winning


Bonus Symbol
Fantastic Ocean-Bonus Symbol
  • 3 or more symbols appear on the reels and then the Free Game will be triggered.
  • A Free Game has fixed 10 spins.
  • All the winning prizes will be multiplied by 3 during the Free Game.
  • When 3 or more symbols appear on the reels during the Free Game, you can get another 10 spins.
Scatter Symbol
Fantastic Ocean-Scatter Symbol 5 X 100
4 X 10
3 X 5
When 3 or more Scatter Symbols appear on the reels, you can win prize.
Wild Symbol
Fantastic Ocean-可變標記(Wild) The Wild Symbol can stand of for any other symbols and complete the winning combinations with the other symbols, but excluding the Bonus Symbol and the Scatter Symbol.
Following symbols can be replaced
Fantastic Ocean-Wild Symbol
※The Wild symbol only appears on second, fourth reel.
Fantastic Ocean-RESPIN
  • There is a RESPIN button under each reel. The points, which you need to spend for this respin, display on the button.。。
  • Click the button and the corresponding reel will spin again. After the reel stops, you need to get the winning combination to win the prize.。
  • When the Free Game finished and go back to the main game, the RESPIN buttons cannot be used.
※This function cannot be used after you change the ratio or bet level.
Jackpot Symbol
Grand 4 Jackpots: One of the Jackpots is sent randomly after the wheel stops.
Patterns Odds Patterns Odds Patterns Odds
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 3000
4 X 500
3 X 50
2 X 10
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 2000
4 X 300
3 X 40
2 X 4
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 2000
4 X 200
3 X 25
2 X 2
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 1000
4 X 200
3 X 20
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 1000
4 X 100
3 X 15
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 500
4 X 50
3 X 10
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 400
4 X 50
3 X 10
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 200
4 X 25
3 X 8
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 200
4 X 25
3 X 8
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 100
4 X 12
3 X 6
Fantastic Ocean 5 X 100
4 X 12
3 X 6

Main Game Screen

Fantastic Ocean-Main Game Screen

A Game Screen
B Game Function
C Player Information
D Basic Function

Free Game

Fantastic Ocean-Free Game

Game FunctionInstruction
TOTAL BET The bet amount of this round.
WIN The winning amount of this round.
CREDIT Display the current credit points.
BET LEVEL There is 1~10 levels. Each level is 25 points.
AUTO PLAY/STOP AUTO PLA Choose Auto Play or Stop Auto Play.
CREDIT EXCHANGE Choose the exchange and cash out, and also can click to change the ratio during the game.
Basic FunctionInstruction
SN Game round
USER ID Display the user’s ID
DEPOSIT Clicking to open the deposit function in the Member Center.
SOUND Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
MUSIC Clicking to start or stop the background music.
HISTORY Clicking to show the history data.
HELP Clicking to show the game rules.
EXIT Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.