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Starship 27

Story's Background

The energy of Earth is scarce, but the demand is more and more.
Scientists are trying to combine various materials and want to create an unprecedented super-energy element. Therefore, decide to go to the outer space and run "Shenzhou project".

Starship 27 has 3 reels with 27 lines and combines with 2 reels which have multiplied symbols. Create high prizes. This game consists of Free Game and Jackpot. The prize is calculated by consecutive 3 or more identical symbols that appear from left to right according to the betting amount and winning symbols in correspondence.

3 Reels: Rules of 27 lines. ※ Add 2 multiplied reels

When consecutive 3 identical symbols appear from the first left reel and on any positions, you can get the corresponding prize.
  1. 4 Jackpots: Mini/Minor/Major/Grand
  2. The highest multiple is 54000 times.
  3. 3 reels have up to 27 lines which have big winning chance.
  4. Multiplies + combo, this is an exciting game


Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol can stand of for any other symbol, except the Jackpot Symbol.
        Following symbols can be replaced.
          If any Wild Symbols appear on the reels, you can get one round for free.
          The Wild Symbols will be locked until the Free Game finish.
          If you get any extra Wild Symbols during the Free Game, you can get one more round for free.
          (This symbol only appears on the second reel.)

Jackpot Symbol
      When the Jackpot Symbols appear on the positions which are the same as the positions on the left hand side → win Jackpot.

Odds of the General Game                                                                                                                              



10 3
10 3

Multiple Symbol (Only appears on the Multiple Area)

PatternMultiplied ScorePatternMultiplied Score


Prize x 5

Prize x 2

Prize x 10
Prize x 3    

Main Game Screen

Instruction of Multiplied Area

Game FunctionInstruction
Total Bet The bet amount of this round.
Win The winning amount of this round.
Credit Display the current balance.
Bet Level Level 1~10, 50 points for each level. Total payout = Bet Level x Odds x Multiplied Area
Max Bet Set bet level = 10
Auto Play / Stop Auto Play Choose auto play or stop auto play.
Spin / Stop Start or stop spin once.
Basic FunctionInstruction
SN Game round.
User ID Display the player's ID.
Mute Clicking to start or stop the sounds.
Music Clicking to start or stop the background music.
Bet History Clicking to show the history data.
Game Rules Clicking to show the game rules.
Exit Clicking to exit the game and back to the game hall.