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Season Sisters Slot Machine

Season Sisters is an online slot game created by Evoplay Gaming and is equipped with 5 reels and has 20 paylines. There are eight regular symbols in this online slot including a hedgehog, a snowflake, a red leaf, a yellow flower, a purple flower, a small bird, a butterfly, and a snowman. Making combos that consist of three or more matching symbols will bring you cash rewards.

Season Sisters Slot Machine

There is a wild symbol too and it looks like some sort of an element. The wild symbol replaces regular symbols whenever it can help a player complete a winning line. This symbol changes its powers depending on the season. For instance, the spring wild brings multipliers while the winter wild turns surrounding symbols into wilds. Lastly, this online slot game boasts four special bonus symbols, Hilda, Shamsia, Aileen and Zlata will be ready to show you the reels with each representing their own season. With each holding their own, the 4 Queen’s symbols substitute all regular symbols while triggering their own unique seasonal bonuses. Any Queen symbol that appears in a foreign season automatically triggers seasonal changes and its own type of Free Spins.

How To Play Season Sisters Slot Machine and Features

There are four seasons – divisions of the year that bring changes in weather and ecology. The Season Sisters Slot Game is based on legends that depict these seasons as sisters. So, this game has a fantasy theme and brings players closer to Mother Nature. In terms of graphics, this online slot boasts very detailed cartoon-like visuals both on the reels and behind them. In addition to the colorful symbols, you will find and animated background where you will see trees, grassland and a castle in the distance.

Achieving multiple wins when playing Season Sisters is possible. Even though the game does not have a huge jackpot amount on display, you can still go home with good winnings. The highest payout the game offers if X10 your current bet when you land on five yellow birds. Here are some tips that can help your gaming sessions to become more worthwhile:

Because the volatility of the game is medium to high, it means that you can experience both small wins frequently and large wins once in a while. This means that you must divide your bankroll in a way that allows you to spin the game many times.

How To Play Season Sisters Slot Machine

Know when to quit. It can be tempting to play Season Sisters for hours on end. Honestly, this is not good for your gaming sessions and for your deposit balance. You need to know the appropriate times to stop playing. Ideally, it is when you make like 4 times your winnings or when you make consecutive losses. It is best to have a break before going back to the game.

The game has several special symbols that can help you win more coins or credits.

Season Sisters Slot Machine Wild Symbols

Wild Symbol

This is the sun symbol that is split into four sections. It does not appear on the third reel, and it substitutes for all other symbols to make a winning line. Depending on the game season that you are playing, the wild can also function differently.

  • Wild Symbol substitutes all regular symbols. Wild Symbol doesn't appear on the 3rd reels.
  • Wild Symbol changes its properties and core accoridng to each season.

Wild Frost

This is the wild feature if you are in the Winter Season. If it appears, all the symbols on that reel become wild. When a Wild Symbol appears it replaced all other symbols on the reels.

Spring Wild Flower

Each Wild Symbol increases winnings by a multiplier depending on which row the Wild Symbol appears in:

  • Bottom Row: x1.
  • Middle Row: x2
  • Top Row: x3

Wild Symbol in the bottom and middle rows will nudge one position up on the next spin, increasing the multiplier by x1.

Winning combinations with Wild Symbol increase by the multiplier.

If several Wild Symbols with multipliers that are higher than x1 are part of a winning combination, their multipliers are added.

Summer Sun

Each Wild Symbol becomes sticky and remains in place 1 to 3 spins.

Autumn - Wild Leaves

Each Wild Symbol creates a mirror copy with a 2x multiplier on the opposite side of the reels.

Winnings for combinations with a Wild x2 are increased by x2.

If multiple Wild 2x symbols are part of a winning combination, their multipliers are added together.

Note: Changing your bet will deactivate Wild Flower and Wild Sun bonused in the current round.

To recover season bonuses, you will need to return to the original bet value.

Otherwise, after clicking on the Spin button, Wild Symbols will lose their bonus values and disapear from the reels

Season Sisters Slot Machine Bonus Symbols Queen

Season Sisters Slot Machine Bonus Symbols Queen

The Four Queens – there are four queens that may appear in the middle of the grid. These four queens are:

  • Hilda – Winter
  • Aileen – Spring
  • Shamsia – Summer
  • Zlata – Autumn

The queen symbol always covers an entire reel. If a season queen appears in her own season, she will function as wild and substitute for all regular symbols. She will also trigger the season bonus—which is the same with what the wilds do. If a queen appears, but it is not her season, she will only trigger the free spins bonus. She will not be a substitute for the regular symbols.

  • Hilda appears in Winter: Wild frost bonus is activated on a random reel.
  • Aileen appears in Spring: Wild sybmols appear on the bottom of reels 1 and 5, and a bonus Wild Flower is activated on the reels.
  • Shamsia appears in Summber: Wild Symbols replace 2 random symbols, become sticky and hold in place for 3 spins.
  • Zlata appears in Autumn: a Wild Symbol replaces one random symbol on the reels and creates a mirror copy with a 2X multipler.

Season Sisters Slot Machine Payouts

Season Sisters Slot Machine Payouts

Season Sisters Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus

Any Queen symbol appearing in a foreign season will trigger a change of season and activate that queen's type of free spin, without substituting for regular symbols.

Season Sisters Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus

4 seasons - 4 types of free spins

Seasons change when queen symbols appear on reel 3 in a different season.

New seasons always start from free spins

The queen symbols holds in place on reel 3 during free spins.

The queen symbol substitutes for all regular symbols and activated season bonuses.

Winter - 3 free spins

Each free spin wild frost bonus activates on the one or two random reels.

Spring - 3 free spins

At the start of free spins, 2 wild sybmols appear on the bottom row of reels 1 and 5.

They nudge up one position each spin and their multipliers increase by 2x to 3x.

Summer - 4 free spins

On each free spin, a new wild symbol appears on the reels.

Wild symbols become sticky and remain in place on reels until the end of free spins.

Autumn - 3 free spins

On each free spin a wild symbol appears at random on the reels and creates a mirror copy of itself with a 2x multiplier.

Free Spins are played with the same Bet as the spin that activates free spins.

Season Sisters Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus

Season Sisters is a slot you will thoroughly enjoy playing. The intriguing theme will keep you going back to play as the Queens fight for dominance. All the magical bonus rounds will also have you smiling throughout the games as they help you form more winning combinations. The graphics and sound are just right blending in with the overall theme in an exceptional manner.

Season Sisters Slot Machine Big Win

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