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The Great Conflict Slot Machine

Human race or Orcs, which side would you choose?

Will you be on the side of the Orcs or the humans in this epic battle? Even more importantly, will you discover the 4 kinds of wilds and 3 free spins modes if you choose to play this 20-winline Evoplay game? This is a bonus-packed game with medium volatility and an above average RTP of 96.16%.

The Great Conflict Slot Machine

The Great Conflict Slot Machine is yet another interesting Evoplay Entertainment's 5-reel and 20-payline video slot release depicting a thrilling battle between the human race and giant orcs. There are tumbling reels and a maximum of 300 free spins.

As the players press the spin button on The Great Conflict game, they get to witness orcs and humans battling their way to the very top, ruthlessly destroying everything that comes into their way. Besides offering action-packed spinning action, The Great Conflict also comes packed with rewarding bonuses.

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Features

On the reels, players will come across neatly crafted symbols depicting Orcs, green monsters, unique monster birds, and futuristic castles. There is also a massive orc depicted on the right side of the reels and a massive blue guardian standing on the left side of the reels set against a devastated land.

When it comes to The Great Conflict gameplay, players can benefit from four types of wild symbols as well as three Free Spins mode. Every time a Portal Wild hits the reels with either an Orc or Human Wild, a corresponding The Great Conflict Free Spins mode is activated. Moreover, once Portal, Orc, and Human Wild hit the reels on the same spin, a major battle will take place and the players get to choose their potential winner. If their prediction is correct, players get to enjoy doubled cash prizes.

How To Play The Great Conflict Slot Machine

  • The Great Conflict is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot.
  • The game is played with 20 fixed paylines.
  • The game has 10 regular symbols, Wild substitution and 3 different types of Free Spins.
  • The objective is to spin the reels so that the symbols form the winning combinations on the existing playlines. A winning combination of identical symbols is formed in sequence from the most left to right reel. The more identical symbols are formed successively, the greater the win. The required number of symbols to create a winning combination, win coefficient and paylines are displayed in the Paytable.

How To Calculate Payline Wins

  • Count the number of identical symbols formed in sequence on the payline from the most left to right reel.
  • Check the coefficient for the corresponding number of symbols shown in the Paytable.
  • Payline win is equal coefficient nultiplied by the bet.
  • Only the highest win per payline is paid.

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Payline

Return to Player

The overall theoretical return to player is 96.16%.

Wild Symbol

There are different types of wild symbols in the game.

Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols.

Portal Wild

Portal Wild appears on the 3rd reel only and extends over it. The simultaneous appearance of Portal Wild with other kinds of Wild activates the appropriate free spins mode. Portal Wild does not appear during free spins.

Human Wild

Human Wild appears on the 2nd reel only. Human Wild does not appear during Orc Attack and Battle Free Spins.

Orc Wild

Orc Wild appears on the 4th reel only. Orc wild does not appear during human attack and battle free spins.

Battle Wild

Battle wild appears during battle free spins only. Battle wild substitutes for all symbols.

How To Play The Great Conflict Slot Machine

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Paytable

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Paytable

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Free Spins

Free spins are played with the same bet as the spin that activated free spins.

There are 3 types of free spins.

Human Attack Free Spins

The simulataneous appearance of Human Wild and Portal Wild Activated 5 Human Attack. Expanding human wild symbols randomly appear on the reels during each free spin.

Orc Attack Free Spins

The simultaneous appearance of Orc Wild and Portal Wild activates 5 Orc Attack Free Spins. During each Free Spin, Orc Wild can appear up to 3 times in random places on the reels. Some Orc Wild symbols can extend horizontally over 3 postions of the reels.

Battle Free Spins

      • The simultaneous appearance of Human, Orc, an Portal Wild symbols activated Battle Free Spins. Orc or human side must be chosen at the start of the battle.
      • The appearance of Orc or Human winning combinations allows the corresponding character to do one damage to the enemy's HP.
      • Free Spins game ends after one of the characters loses all his HP.
      • During each free spin, up to 5 battle wild symbols appear in random places. Once battle wild combination appears, both characters do 1 damage.
      • If the chosen side wins, then the Total win is doubled. In case of a loss or a draw, the total win remains unchanged.
      • The human winning combination is ofrmed by Human symbols.
      • The Orc winning combination combination is formed by Orc symbols.
      • Orc and Human symbols are present in Paytable.

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Free Spins

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Free Spins

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Free Spins

The Great Conflict Slot Machine FAQ

Are There Free Spins In The Great Conflict Slot

There are 3 different free spins bonuses in this slot. Make sure you read the game and feature explanations before you play so you know what’s going on if these bonus rounds are triggered.

What Is The RTP Of The Great Conflict Slot

The return to player ratio of this slot is 96.16%. This fares well in relation to the industry average for this kind of slot, which stands at around 96%.

The Great Conflict Slot Machine Big Win

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