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Trip To The Future Slot Machine

Trip to the Future is a 5-reel, 40-payline video slot. Symbols include a taxi meter, a rose, a taxi roof sign, a dashboard doggie, a hat, and playing cards from 10 to Ace. The Wild is represented by the front of the yellow cab, the Wild multiplier by a gold taxi cab, the side view of the taxi can trigger crazy taxi, random wilds, random multipliers, and free spins is triggered by an old fashioned, analog meter.

Trip To The Future Slot Machine

Hop into this magical taxi for a Trip to the Future and see what wondrous treasures you've uncovered in the meantime! Everyone who starts the game will find himself in the future. Slot was provided with enhanced mechanics. The main game takes place in the present time. It provides drops, Wild symbols, and three types of Random events. Free spins take place in the future and involve Wild symbol as a flying car, holographic cats and winning multipliers. This taxi will lead you to Wilds, Wild Multipliers and random features such as where your driver hits symbols off the reels for others to fall into place or dropping off random wilds into the game. Be sure to tip well for this feature-rich adventure!

How To Play Trip To The Future Slot Machine

Trip to the Future slot machine is a taxi-themed online slot that’s played on a grid with four rows and five reels. There are 20 symbols in total that appear on the reels at once. There are 40 paylines all together, and they all start on the left and run to the right. In order to win, you need to have at least three matching symbols land on a payline. To count as a win, these symbols need to be on adjacent reels, and the line of symbols has to start on reel 1 (which is the leftmost reel).

When you play Trip to the Future slot game, you’re only paid for the highest win on each payline. For example, if you land five A symbols on a payline, you’re paid for winning with five As only, even though you’ve technically also won with four As and three As. It is possible to win on more than one payline on the same spin, so there’s the potential to bring in some big wins.

The Trip to the Future slot machine has ten standard symbols that can appear on its reels. These are split into two groups: low-paying and high-paying. The symbols with the lowest payouts are five metallic card ranks (A, K, Q, J and 10). As for the symbols with the highest payouts, these include a taxi driver’s hat, a puppy, a gear stick with a rose in it, a taximeter and a taxi light.

Trip To The Future Slot Machine

Drop Mechanic

  • After clicking the spin button, the symbols drop into the reel positions an a game round is started.
  • Winning combination starts additional drops - the winning symbols explode and disappear and new symbols drop into the vacant places, potentially creating more wins.
  • Additional drops continue until there are no more wins.
  • The game round continues until there are no more drops.

Wild Symbol

Wild substitutes for all symbols on the reels.

Trip To The Future Slot Machine Wild Symbol

Random Events

  • Random events can be activated after any spin, in the main game only.
  • Crazy taxi - taxi appears on a random row and hits all symbols on that row. All symbols disappear from the row and new ones drop into the vacant positions.
  • Random wilds - taxi adds 3 wild symbols on the reels. Wilds can be placed in any positions on the reels.
  • Random multiplier - wild multiplier appears in a random postion on the reels. All winnings for combinations with Wild Multiplier are multiplied by 5.

Trip To The Future Slot Machine Random Events

Free Spins

  • Free spins are triggered after symbol drop series.
  • A series of 4 drops triggers 5 free spins. Each additional drop adds 5 more free spins. Up to 20 free spins can be won.
  • Counter of free spins is displayed on the right of the reels. After each winning drop, the counter hand is shifted on one section and points the number of free spins won.
  • At the start of free spins, one wild multiplier appears on the reels.
  • Each free spins, wild multiplier moves to a random position.
  • All winnings for combinations with wild multiplier are multiplied by 5.
  • Free spins are played with the same bet as the spin that activated free spins.

Trip To The Future Slot Machine Free Spins


Trip To The Future Slot Machine Payouts

Trip To The Future Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus

Trip To The Future Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus

Trip To The Future Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus

Trip To The Future Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus

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