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Star97 Fruit Slot Machine Game

In fruit casino slots machine game, it has eight paylines. You can place the full bet on the connecting lines from A to H. Clicking the spin to start the game. When the reel stops and the patterns match the odds, you win the bonus.


Grand 2 or more Jackpot symbols appear on the specific positions → win Jackpot.


Get in the chance to win the bonus with max bet of 80 credits.
The max. bonus is RMB 5,000, rest currency will be calculated per exchange rate.

IntegralPull TermsAccumulating typeInstructions

Integral 1

All Integral Bet Amount 2% All Fruits, Any Bar pulled with accumulated points, others pull fully.
Integral 2 All

Bet Amount 1%

Integral 3 All Blue Bet Amount 1%  

Free Game

Bonus ItemTimesInstructions
7 Times Free One
5 Times Free One

[Remarks] The jackpot item and hits shall not be accumulated in free games as given, and special bonus will not be given during this time.

Double Game

Double Game screen
When the player wins the bonus, select DOUBLE button will enter into this gaming screen.

The double graph will be shown as follows: Left=Orange, Right=Cherry
The player is able to click the Left or Right button at bottom.
Then, hit the button in the middle to show the winner's graph.
PS: If "7" appears, it is the winner.

The historical bonus records shall be shown on above or at below. (from upper left to lower right)
Bonus won in double game: if select " SCORE " button, the bonus will be accumulated into the CREDIT total bonus, and return to the main game menu for continuing; if select "DOUBLE" button, the double competition will continue on.

Main Game Screen

The Main Game FrameInstruction
A、B、C、D、E、F、G、H Indicates connecting position separately.
When the FEVER graph or the result has shown Cherry or Copper bells 3 in a line, the figure will be deducted by 1; and when the figure has been deducted to 0, a free game is available with a chance of jackpot in occurrence.
IF and
If it appears all in "7" or "All Blue BAR", the following bonus shall be given.

Star97 Fruit Slot Machine Game Function

Game FunctionInstruction
TOTAL BET The bet amount of previous round
Line Bet Bet points per line
WIN The winning bet of previous round
Auto play or Stop Auto play When you setting automatic execution ,you have to choose Auto play or interrupt Auto play
All Stop You can stop the reel beginning
SPIN Start spin


Basic FunctionInstruction
User ID Displaying the player's account
CREDITS Displaying the current balance
SN Game Round
SOUND Clicking this button starts or stops the sounds
MUSIC Clicking this button starts or stops the music
HISTORY Clicking this button shows the history data
HELP Clicking this button shows game rules
EXIT Clicking this button closes the game and back to the game hall

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