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8 Texas Holdem Poker Strategy to Increase 80% Win Rate

8 Texas Holdem Poker Strategy to Increase 80% Win Rate

Are you a conservative or aggressive player? When you should go All-in in the game? Texas Holdem Poker Strategy on ALL-IN strategy is what we will be talking about today, click to read more.

8 Texas Hold’em Strategy to Increase 80% Win Rate Game Introduction

Are you a conservative or aggressive player? When you should go All-in in the game? To tell the truth, going -in at the right time will increase your win rate dramatically.

It's because going all in left nothing behind so once we make this move we will create such a high-intensity situation for our opponent.

Today we will be talking about the skills of going all-in. Learn the skills and your win rate will go up by 80%.

8 Texas Holdem Poker Strategy to Increase 80% Win Rate

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy 1: Don't wait till you have the nuts!

The first all-in skill we are going to talk about is the concept of nuts. Nuts mean the strongest combination related to your hand and the board.

Say the flop comes 10/J/Q rainbow, the best combination is the straight 10/J/Q/K/A, which means if the player is holding an A/K, then he will for sure win the pot.

However, statistically speaking, it's hard to get nuts. Since it's rare already for players to hold strong hands pre-flop, it's even rarer for the board to connect with it and form the nuts.

So the first skill we are sharing here is that you don't have to go all-in only when you've got the nuts.

Since it's hard to get the nuts, the way to increase our win rate is to all in and create pressure for the opponents. This is an advantage we can take and increase our win rate with.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy 2: Being active is better than staying passive!

The second skill is about the differences between being passive and aggressive. All in all, I think it's safe to say that society is led by 10% aggressive people.

The rest of the 90% are passive and just waiting for the orders. It's not hard to see the pros and cons of being that 10% since they are the ones who can change history.

They may as well be the layer of the social class that's receiving the benefit afterward.

So if we take Hold'em as an example as well, those who go all-in aggressively are far more powerful than those who passively wait for others to go all-in on them.

Your option will be calling the bet or folding the hand, which requires your judgment to be 100% accurate of how your opponents are or else you will be in bad shape.

That's why it's better if you choose to go all-in first aggressively. You left the problem for your opponents to tell if you are lying or not. You will be the side with an advantage.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy 3: Bully with a big stake!

When your total stake has surpassed all the other players on the table, you may use it to your advantage and eliminate your opponents.

Since you are the chip leader, you can be even more aggressive and bully the others around. The third skill we are sharing here is hunt to kill with your stake and left nothing for your opponents.

In short, when your stake size is big enough to control how the game is going, then your win rate is higher than the others obviously.

Also when you go all-in against the others, you won't need to devote all your stake since you have more chips than others, so the risk is higher for the other opponents.

With that being said, you may play more aggressively than before if the board shows a certain connection with you.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategy 4: Bluff at the right timing!

Bluff is an advanced technique in Hold'em. It's safe to say that it's the center of all betting strategies.

Though those who lie all the time are easy to see through afterward. So when the pros are playing, they tend to mix their value bet with bluff a lot. So to utilize an all-in image, sometimes there's an action that we called “Semi-bluff” taken by the pros.

A semi-bluff is an action not necessarily a bluff entirely, rather than saying my hand is not the strongest right now but my hand has the potential to improve.

Semi-bluff can make the opponents ponder even more since even when they called, there's still a decent chance he will suffer from a bad beat, and also sometimes when it's not a bluff, he or she may be in bad shape against your super strong hands, potentially nuts.

So if you choose to all-in, at least pick the hands that can be semi-bluff, that way you will still have a decent percentage to win it at the end.

That's all for today. There are 8 skills of All-in in hold'em.

Since putting all of them in one article will be too long, we make it into two episodes so that you may learn some at first, practice them, and then continue your learning progress with our next episode.

Wish your win rate may raise as how we've mentioned above. Thank you and I will see you next time.

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