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Blackjack Introduction of Evolution Gaming

Blackjack Introduction of Evolution Gaming

We need to identify the Evolution Gaming game site that can help us achieve the winning goal most efficiently. That’s why I am introducing the blackjack Evolution Gaming to you. Read to play and win.

Blackjack Introduction Evolution Gaming Game Introduction

Since we all know that blackjack is a more suitable game for players to earn a profit, we need to identify the online game site that can help us achieve the goal most efficiently. That’s why I am introducing the blackjack royal pair in Evolution Gaming to you. It’s a low-key game where the players may win easily.

I will show you the interface and how you can earn profit from this game. If you are like me and wish to increase your income from playing blackjack, then you must read it through.

Blackjack Royal Pair Introduction of Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming Blackjack Interface Introduction

The first thing we saw after we entered the Evolution Gaming Blackjack game is the interface like the above.  This can be counted as a unique specialty for Evolution Gaming since the back set of the game is a green carpet like the real table.

The functions are simple too, the descriptions speak for themselves. The center part is the betting area, and the left part is the odd chart. There’s a limit bet amount reminder in the up-left corner. You may choose your chip size at the bottom-left corner. It’s a stress-free interface and you can play here for a long time.

Evolution Gaming Blackjack  Game Rules

It’s about the same in Royal Pair as in the regular table of blackjack. The only difference is that there’s no surrender and no auto-stand function. So the players won’t be able to surrender and take half of their betting amount back when they encounter an Ace as the face-up card of the house’s hand.

The other difference is that there’s no auto-stand function, which means when your hand is within the range of 17 to 20, you can still receive a hit option. Also, an Ace can be counted as 11 points if your hand is solid, and it can be counted as 1 point only if your hand is soft.

The operable options in Royal Pair are close to how blackjack operates. As for the odds chart, the only difference is when the player hits blackjack, the game pays in  3 to 2 odds. The following is the chart.

Evolution Gaming Blackjack Actions

♦ Hit

♦ Stand

♦ Split

♦ Double

♦ Insurance

Evolution Gaming Blackjack Odds

♦ Normal: 1 to 1

♦ BlackJack: 3 to 2

♦ Same amount: 1 to 1

♦ Insurance: 1 to 2

Evolution Gaming Blackjack Royal Pair Game Procedure

The game procedure is like how it’s shown on the upper chart. The operable action chart will pop out right after the players have finished placing their bets. Players receive two cards for their hand first, and the house will show one of their cards face-up, then we may decide whether we want to hit, stand, double down, split, subtract, or cancel. Then after we have completed our actions, the dealer will compare our hands with the house’s hand and decide who’s the winner.

Evolution Gaming Blackjack Royal Pair Earning Chart

Now comes the main part of the game. It’s called Royal Pair because it’s added a special part of the betting area where it’s purple. The odds are shown in the red column which is stated below:

♦ A pair of Aces (same flush): 1 to 150

♦ A pair of Ks, Qs, Js (same flush): 1 to 50

♦ A pair of Aces (no flush): 1 to 40

♦ A pair of Ks, Qs, Js (different flush): 1 to 10

♦ Random combination of  K, Q, J: 1 to 5

However, the secret of earning from this game is that we have to bet on the area where the odd chart is shown. It’s the highest compared to other different type of games. So you can enjoy playing regular blackjack while betting on the high odds area and gain some more if you are lucky. Your stake size will increase rapidly if you hit it one time.

That’s all for the introduction of Evolution Gaming Blackjack Royal Pair. The high odds make the game more exciting. Indeed it relies on luck for the most part, but we can still do something to increase our hitting possibilities.

These are the introductions. I will focus on the betting skills for this particular game site. Please stay tuned for the next episode. Thank you, see you next time.

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