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Thorough Blackjack Rules Explanation for Beginners Must Read

Thorough Blackjack Rules Explanation for Beginners Must Read

Blackjack is a game of depth since it can be beaten if the player takes the correct action, the question is how? Here we bring you the thorough blackjack rules to learn from the very beginning.

Blackjack Rules Explanation for Beginners Game Introduction

Today we are going to talk about the game that most players are anticipating, blackjack. It's a game of depth since it can be beaten if the player takes the correct action. The player's action may change the game result to be in the player's favor, but first, we will learn about what blackjack rules are.

Few games come across our minds when we are talking about the fairness of the game. First I would think of baccarat, in which the advantage of betting on each side is around 50%.

When it comes to betting options, roulette, and Sicbo are all good options. Though when it comes to the total win rate, there are no games like blackjack, since it is a game that can be beaten by taking the right actions.

As for how to increase our win rate in-game, you will need to read the entire article because we are going to introduce the game procedure in the following paragraphs.

Thorough Blackjack Rules Explanation for Beginners Must Read

Blackjack Rules Explanation

In a regular game of blackjack, there are about 6-8 decks of poker cards in the entire blackjack deck, joker cards are excluded.

The dealer will ask the players to place their bets before the game started, then he/she will deal two cards to you and himself/herself. Two of your cards face up while one of their cards faces down. The rule is simple. Make sure your sum points go as near 21 points as possible without going beyond it.

In blackjack, the cards are all counted by their face value while J, Q, and K are counted as 10 points. Aside from that, Aces can be counted as 1 point or 11 points, depending on how the other face cards were dealt.

Now comes the part of the game procedure. If the player's hand is a combination of Ace +10s, the first type of combination, then it's called blackjack.

If the dealer didn't have the same kind of hand then the house has to pay the player the winning amount of 1.5 times his original betting amount. If the player didn't get blackjack with his initial hand, the dealer would ask you if you wish to get another card.

Players may make their decisions based on their logic. The closer the points are to 21 the better. If the points go beyond 21 then it's busted, the dealer will take away the betting amount.

When all the players have completed all the actions, then the house makes its move.

The card dealing rule for the dealer is different from the players. The dealer would open the face-down card first, then they would see if the total points of their cards are above 16 or below 16, if it's below 16, then it is required to get another card.

Blackjack Rules for Beginner Player Actions

Blackjack is the game that has the highest win rate among all the others because the members get to affect the game result by taking actions during the game.

Unlike baccarat, Sicbo, and roulette, in which the players may only wait for the result after they placed their bet, players get to take different actions according to blackjack rules.

The factors changed after the players have taken all their actions. This is how the players increase their win rate, by taking the correct action.

The following are the actions the players may take:

What's Hit in Blackjack

The dealer asks if the player would want more cards. The players may make their decision based on the points they've got. According to the rules, if the player hit the table two times with their finger, means they want more cards. If the player waves their hand above their cards, means they don't want more cards.

What's Stand in Blackjack

When the player's point is over 12, one more face card will get the player's hand busted. So the player may decide not to ask for another card. As for the house, when the points are above or equal to 17 points, then the dealer will make a Stand move too to indicate no more cards will be dealt.

What's Split in Blackjack

When the player got a pair to start with their hand, they may split it into two hands, but the player will have to put in the same betting amount initially he has bet already. Then it would be considered as two separate hands to compete with the house's hand. Also with split hands, if the player hits blackjack combinations, it will only consider as normal 21 and the house will not pay the 1.5-time betting amount to the player.

What's Double in Blackjack

Double means betting double on the target as the other poker games. When the starting points of the player's hand are 8, 9, 10, or 11, the player may choose to place one time the original betting amount to this bet. If the player wins, the house will pay for the doubled amount. Also, some of the sites and casinos widen the range for double to any point combination for the players to bet with.

What's Surrender in Blackjack

We often heard this phrase in Hong Kong movies saying: "Lose half only if you surrender". It's an actual rule in blackjack.

If the player thinks the two faced-up cards won't be able to win the cards that dealers have then they may choose to surrender to the house. The dealer will take away half of their betting amount and return half of it to the player. Though if the dealer has an Ace face up, then the player can not surrender.

What's Insurance in Blackjack

As we mentioned above, the player can't surrender if there's an Ace shown in the dealer's hand. Yet there's insurance for the player.

Since the chances for the dealer to have blackjack is quite high under this condition, the player would lose no matter what they have as long as the dealer got blackjack. Therefore the player may pay half of their betting amount to buy insurance.

Should the dealer reveal his hand as blackjack later, then the house will pay the insurance to the player in the odds of 1 to 2. If there's no blackjack then the insurance will be collected by the house.


That's all for the Blackjack rules explanation.

Blackjack is considered the most popular game in Las Vegas. The betting amount and the number of players are only a bit less than in baccarat.

Players get to control the game more compare to the other games. If you wish to learn more about blackjack rules and how to increase your win rate and expand your knowledge storage of this game, you must stay tuned and read future coming articles. Thank you all for today and we wish you all the best.

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