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Cash Or Crash Live Evolution Gaming, Play Online Casino Game

Cash Or Crash Live Evolution Gaming, Play Online Casino Game

Cash Or Crash Live Evolution Gaming is an innovative entertainment game show, that follows in the footsteps of the very successful Crazy Time and Monopoly Live games. Cash Or Crash Live Evolution Gaming takes place in a virtual Blimp, that flies around above a bustling metropolis.

Cash Or Crash Game Introduction

Cash Or Crash Live Evolution Gaming is an innovative entertainment game show, that follows in the footsteps of the very successful Crazy Time and Monopoly Live games. Cash Or Crash Live Evolution Gaming takes place in a virtual Blimp, that flies around above a bustling metropolis, (if you look closely it’s the same city you see in the Crazy Time and Monopoly Bonus rounds).

A game show host controls the proceedings, with a lottery-type bingo machine used to select Red, Green, or Gold colored balls, which decide the outcome of the game. The objective is to climb as high up the 20-step payout ladder before a red ball is drawn, which causes the blimp to crash and all your winnings with it. The higher you climb up the ladder the more you can win!

Cash Or Crash Live Casino Game

Set on board a blimp that cruises over a bustling metropolis, Cash or Crash features just one bet and the chance to keep moving up a 20-step ladder-style paytable. The higher you climb, the greater the cash or crash payouts! Propelling you skywards is a ball-drawing machine that selects colored balls at random.

Each green ball drawn sends you higher, while a red ball sends you crashing earthwards. However, a gold ball provides a shield that protects you from the next red ball drawn and can also increase the payouts on the paytable – all the way up to a breath-taking 50,000x your bet!

Cash Or Crash Live Evolution Gaming Features

  • Only one bet is needed to enter the game.
  • The normal paytable max’s out at 18,000x
  • The maximum multiplier is 50,000x if a Gold ball has been drawn.
  • The Gold Ball provides a shield (one life) against the next red ball drawn.
  • There are 19 Green, 8 Red, and 1 Golden Ball in the machine.
  • The RTP is a healthy 99.59%, putting it in the realms of Blackjack which is the game that gives the best return to players.
  • Cash or Crash uses a Bingo Ball/Lottery machine to select the bouncing balls needed to run the game.
  • An unlimited number of players play at the same time. Everyone’s playing decision is not affected by anyone else’s decision.
  • Great for all players type, low and high stakes sit comfortably together.

Cash Or Crash Live Casino Game

How To Play Cash Or Crash Live Evolution Gaming

At the center of the blimp stands a cage with 24 balls in three different colors swirling around, waiting to be drawn. Each color has its own property that affects the round played. The aim of the game is to climb as high as you can on the 20-level paytable by placing a bet and deciding what to do after each successful climb.

  • When a green ball is drawn, you get three choices (continue, take half, and continue, or take all).
  • When a yellow ball is drawn, you can use it as a shield to protect yourself against crashing if a red ball is drawn afterward, and it also can increase the payouts on the ladder.
  • When a red ball is drawn, you crash, lose any stake and winnings not yet collected and the game ends.

Cash Or Crash Live Casino Game

Cash Or Crash Live Casino Game

Cash or Crash by Evolution Gaming is a unique Live Casino Game Show game set in a blimp cruising high above the skies. Your ticket is your bet, use it to climb the 20-step ladder-style paytable as high as possible.

The fate of your ride (you either cash or crash) depends on the color of the balls drawn. For each green ball drawn, you face 3 decisions:

  1. Take All the money – you cash out and bank your winnings.
  2. Take Half – you take half your winnings and let the other half ride.
  3. Continue – Let all the money ride, with its fate determined by the color of the next ball.

If you manage to climb to the top of the ladder there is a potential 18,000x prize waiting, which is boosted up to 50,000x if a golden ball has been drawn.

Cash Or Crash RTP

The optimal expected return to player (RTP) for Cash or cash is 99.59%.

It’s one of the highest-returning entertainment games Evolution has released.

What this RTP tells me is the game is likely to be highly volatile, otherwise, it would be as dull as dishwater to play!

So expect if you’re taking risks to lose. If you play carefully and bank your wins/profit early you’ll have a good long pay time and maybe turn a small profit.

5 Cash or Crash Best Strategy

You may have noticed a pair of blimps on both sides of the ladder showing the percentage chance of getting a green or a red ball. Since the green balls outnumber the red ones in the beginning, it may seem that the probabilities are really high. However, don’t be deceived by the supposed simplicity of the game. The probabilities for consecutive wins should be multiplied by each other and therefore may drop significantly after several balls are drawn.

The optimal theoretical RTP for Cash or Crash is 99,59%, which is very high for a casino game. In order to achieve such RTP, you should employ the basic strategy. This strategy is developed by Evolution itself and represents the most mathematically sound way to play this game.

According to the strategy, the player should:

  • Continue taking balls up until level 9 and then stop;
  • If a golden ball is drawn, continue until a red ball is drawn.
  • When a red ball is drawn after a gold ball, only continue if you are on Levels 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 14, and 15 and stop the round after.

Cash Or Crash Live Casino Game

There are three decisions you have to make when playing Cash or Crash, so any strategies will be about when to take each of those decisions.

Given the RTP for the game is so high, I presume that Evolution sees the odds as being nearly 50/50.

If you think about the options, 33% are likely to Take ALL, 33% will Take Half and 33% will Continue. Depending on the number of cycles of ball picks, the long-term win/lose rate is expected to be just shy of 50%.

What will change the option you take, is your progress up the ladder, the number of balls already drawn with the number left, whether a Golden Ball has been drawn, and your appetite for risk against reward.

It’s that last item that will see the ballsy players hang on for the big wins and is where Evolution will make most of their money on this game.

The canny player who takes any win over even money or keeps taking half is more likely to come out with a profit.

Cash or Crash is a high-variance game, meaning there are lots of small wins and the occasional massive win.

Cash Or Crash Strategy 1: Bag A Profit Strategy

This is a straightforward strategy that relies on you cashing out after the first green ball has been drawn. You will get a return of 1.2 x on your bet.

This is where the 99.59% RTP comes from. It’s probably the most boring way to play Cash or Crash but will give a consistent return.

Cash Or Crash Strategy 2: Take Half Strategy

If you feel like gambling a bit more the Take Half strategy will deliver that. If you always take half of your bet (which has to be more than 40c), you’ll need to climb two positions to break even. After that, you’re betting with free money so it’s not a disaster if you lose. Try and keep taking half and banking the wins to build a profit.

Cash Or Crash Strategy 3: Golden Ball Strategy

This strategy relies on getting the golden ball early, so if it’s not the first ball drawn, adopt the Take half or Take all Strategy to bank a profit.

If the golden ball appears after green balls have been drawn, just allow the fast play to complete before deciding what to do with your winnings.

Cash Or Crash Strategy 4: The Win or Lose Strategy

This will have you losing your money most of the time. It’s based on your betting tolerance and desire for a big win. The big wins do happen, but not often, so you’re either going to be extremely lucky or lose a lot of money.

Cash Or Crash Strategy 5: The Blimp Strategy

As the ladder is climbed, two small blimps show the percentage chance of a Green or Red Ball being drawn. Follow this advice, taking half or letting the bet ride until the green percentage is lower than the red percentage. This is about the only help the game gives you!

Cash Or Crash Live Casino Game

Cash or Crash Live Casino Game FAQ

What is Cash or Crash Live?

Cash or Crash Live is a live entertainment game from Evolution. It uses a bouncing ball selection machine to pick a coloured ball that either advances you up a payout ladder or ends the game in a loss of money.

How do you play Cash or Crash Live?

By placing a bet at the beginning of the game round you get to choose whether to Take All, Take Half or Continue up the ladder when a Green ball has been drawn. If a Red ball is drawn the game round is over and you lose the money you have bet. A Gold ball, if drawn provides a lifeline and also increases the multipliers on the payout table.

What is the RTP of Evolution Cash or Crash?

Cash or Crash has an optimal RTP of 99.59%, which is really high for an online live entertainment game.

Where Can I Play Cash or Crash Live?

Cash or Crash can be played at all Evolution live casinos. My personal recommendation is Leo Vegas.

When will Cash or Crash Live be Released?

Cash or Crash was released on the 3rd of September 2021.

Are Any Games Similar to Cash or Crash Live?

Cash or Crash covers several game types. There are Bingo/Lottery type games, like Mega Ball, or Money Drop, which is almost the reverse of this game.

What is the maximum payout on Cash or Crash Live?

The maximum payout multiplier available in the game is 50,000x, but this required the Gold Ball to be in play. The normal paytable has a maximum payout at the top of the 20-rung ladder of 18,000x.

How Volatile is Cash or Crash Live?

Cash or Crash is an extremely volatile game. Depending on how you play you can win small amounts regularly. The big wins will be few and far between and require multiple consecutive green balls to be drawn from the bouncing ball machine.

Cash or Crash is a live guessing game from Evolution with immensely high RTP and simple gameplay. If you are familiar with other Evolution games, like Crazy Time or Monopoly Live, you may find that Cash or Crash lacks features. However, it turns out that the simplest games can be the most entertaining ones. Cash or Crash enables only three actions. Still, it’s more than enough to try various strategies adapted for the players with different risk appetites. Playing with the Cash or Crash strategy allows you to get high RTP and win often in a distance.