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8 Profitable Tips on How to Play Blackjack Online Ep1

8 Profitable Tips on How to Play Blackjack Online Ep1

How to Play Blackjack Online? Here are 8 skills that you may acquire to raise your win rate in your game. These skills are the ones that I’ve witnessed how the pros approach the game, learn how now.

8 Tips on How to Play Blackjack Ep1 Game Introduction

How to Play Blackjack Online? Those who have read the previous articles know that I was once a dealer in the casinos. I've served in the games of baccarat, blackjack, and Texas Hold 'em.

Today I'm going to share with you the skills I've seen on the table that are profitable in blackjack. There are 8 skills that you may acquire to raise your win rate in your game.

These skills are the ones that I've witnessed how the pros approach the game. It's not the orthodox card-counting strategy in blackjack.

8 Profitable Tips on How to Play Blackjack Online Ep1

How to Play Blackjack Online Correctly?

These strategies have made quite a lot of players rich in a short period. You won't be able to find it somewhere else since I am the only one who's willing to share it. So take out your notebook and start taking notes.

How to Play Blackjack 1: Think Advanced

The first thing we need to do is think advanced. The concept of advanced meaning is the key point for us to be able to profit from the game at a steady pace.

Like how we should be playing baccarat of hold'em, we all need to set out devoting time, take profit and stop loss points, and unit betting amount.

As for the key concept we mentioned above, it's actually about our mindset. We need to be ready to face loss in the game to keep playing.

Whenever things aren't going our way, we need to stay calm and analyze the situation and adjust to it. That's the only way we could stop the loss otherwise we will only lose more.

How to Play Blackjack 2: Stand if the Sum Points are Over 12

The second skill for blackjack online is about the timing to stand. As mentioned in the topic, stand while the sum points are over 12. I was shocked when I first saw the guy who used this skill to play.

There's still a range of 9 points till we reach 21. Stand while the points hit 12 seems like a play that loses more than others. Though I began to realize the concept lies behind this move once I talked to the pros.

True, there's a range of 9 points before the hand goes bust, though, in blackjack, it's not only the 10s counted as 10 points, but so do the face cards.

There are 6-8 full decks of poker cards in a blackjack deck, and there are 4 of 10, J, Q, K each, in total 16 cards per deck. Therefore we are facing a possibility of 96-128 face cards that would've made you go busted, that's the reason why we said stand while the sum points are over 12.

Furthermore, the house has to get more cards if the sum point of his hand is not above 17 points. Under these circumstances, there's a high possibility the house's hand goes over 21 points.

With that being said, as long as we execute this strategy, we shall be able to profit in the long run.

How to Play Blackjack 3: Split Whenever You Can

Most of you know the split strategy form. The form was acknowledged by most of the players since that keeps their win rate above 50% while they've encountered pairs. Though the thing I'm about to tell you is the extended skill of that form. It's a way for you to gain big money with the form.

The third skill we are sharing here is split whenever you have a pair. That's correct, split with every pair. Some may have doubts about this since it requires more capital to execute this strategy.

Also, the concept may be considered over-aggressive among regular players since it means there's a high chance that a man is playing with two hands. So it's more dangerous for them.

This strategy indeed requires a higher backup capital to practice. Yet it is still a reasonable and logical strategy because the card that comes next after we have split it won't affect the odds of what's coming next.

So as long as the houses' hand is not showing a face card or an Ace, then we will have a higher chance to increase our stake in a rapid efficiency.

How to Play Blackjack 4: Target Pair Option!

Now let's check out a special skill in blackjack. I remember once when I was on a break, I watched a player of blackjack play till my eyes were sore. He has not placed any normal bet for the entire two hours. The only option he bet on was pairs.

We know the odds of pair are 1 to 11. Players can be betting on any of the player's hands to be paired. The house will be paying 11 times the betting amount once they did hit a pair.

And the player I've mentioned bet on it only, so it's obvious that his betting strategy is about pairs. He bet on 5 hands to be paired each round with the amount of 100 dollars per hand.

I thought his gonna lost all his money pretty quickly, instead, he became the one who wins the most in the shortest time I've ever seen.

It may seem aggressive, yet it is still logical. Think about it, betting 100 dollars in five hands per round means he is putting 500 dollars into a bet every time. He will lose all of it if no hands hit a pair.

Yet if he hit one, then he will get 1100 dollars, so his profit will be 1100-400=700 dollars. It's a pretty amazing risk-return ratio when we put it into statistics. It doesn't matter what the sum of the houses' hand is since he's already winning with the pier option.

That's all for today on How to Play Blackjack Online. There are 4 more skills I will be sharing in the next paragraph. I hope you guys are interested in the game of the strategies I've shared for blackjack online. Pick a blackjack online game site and try it out. I will see you in the next episode for the 4 remaining skills. See you later

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