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Refer Friend Get ₹ 100 Each

Refer a Friend Casino Bonus

How to Get Invite Friend Get ₹ 100 Each

  • Promotion Tag: All Member
  • Promotional Target: All Members
  • Promotional Period: 2021/11/23 ~ 2021/12/26

How to Participate Invite Friend Get ₹ 100 Each

  1. Send your personal referral link to your friends.
  2. Your friend MUST Register an account with Esball.EU under your personal referral link at
  3. You must have at least INR 2,000+ deposit history on, and your friend must make at least INR 1,000+ deposit.
  4. You need to apply through our online customer service for your referral bonus once your friend had meet the deposit requirement listed above.

Invite Friend Bonus Event Details:

Refer a Friend Casino Bonus

Rule of Activity:

  • New member MUST sign up using your referral link.
  • New member MUST meet the deposit requirement within 14 days as off their sign up date.
  • Referral bonus must be apply through online customer service.
  • Deposit requirement for the new member can be accumulated, as long as it is achieved within 14 days since their sign up.
  • Example: New member first time deposit is INR 200 and second deposit is INR 800, in total is INR 1,000.
  • Only one account per player is allowed.
  • Players who create multiple or fraudulent accounts will be disqualified for promotion. The remaining amount will be recovered and the account will be suspended.
  • reserves the right to modify, change, suspend, cancel, refuse or void this promotion at its sole discretion.