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  1. Please wait for displaying "Betting OK" after betting.
  2. To avoid any dispute, please check "Betting Information" after betting.
  3. The Company will only accept and handle the complaints raised before drawing.
  4. The Company reserves the right to correct typing errors or unintentional human mistakes in announcing odds and calculate the bets correctly.
  5. Any bet after drawing will be null and void. The odds will fluctuate any time and fixed for payout when the betting is confirmed.
  6. To secure the player's and the Company's interests and rights, the Company will, in case of website fault or hardware damage resulting from force majeure event, handle the betting relying on the data that are finally backed and registered in "Betting Information".
  7. Every member shall confirm whether his/her betting is successful ("Betting OK" ) in "Betting Information" after betting and check the bet and amount. The "Betting Information" will be the only reference for the Company in calculation.
  8. In any case should the Company accept or handle the complaint about the accounts, or failure of betting due to international network or other problems.
  9. Please confirm the next betting within 10 seconds after the last confirmation: if there are two or more orders of the same contents in the same group, the Company will only confirm one (1) order valid and cancel the others.
    (Example 1: if there are at least two orders with special numbers 01, 02, 03 (representing the same group) in quick betting within 10 seconds, there will be only one order confirmed valid and the others will be revoked.)
    (Example 2: if there are bets with special numbers 01, 02, 03 and 01, 02 within 10 seconds in quick betting, both of the two orders will be confirmed valid due to different group number.
  10. BB3D lottery operates daily at 09:00 ~ 24:00, with an interval of 150 seconds per game.

Slot Game

  1. If the slot winning score is different from our pay off data history, the winning score will be based on our website database.
  2. The amount of jackpot is displayed by the result of full betting. The amount of jackpot is arranged by the percentage of wager.
  3. The game result is based on the referrals if the slot game logoff. We will reserve all rights for final decision-making of the wager.
  4. If the player logoff during "HIT" of Blackjack, it will be considered "Stand". The game result is effective.
  5. If the player logoff during the REDDOG game, it will be considered "Stand" to finish gmae.