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3D Number Wheel


3D Lucky Number Wheel uses simple combinations of numbers to play. This is a very common game. Diversified ways to bet is why a lot of people choose to play. There are 6 ways and these ways have different odds.


  1. Diversified combinations of betting.
  2. FREE GAME - The times of free spin.
  3. BONUS - The bet amount multiplied by the odds.

Game Screen

A. Single Number B. Last Digit C. Odd / Even
D. Colors E. Multi numbers F. Quintuple/Sextuple
G. Select Points:Select points for each bet.


Enter FREE GAME can get free spins and the winning combination is according to the last bet.


Enter BONUS can get prize which is bet point multiplied by the display odds.

Betting AreaOddsInstructions
1:23.16 A. Single Number:
Bet on 1-24.
1:7.72 B. Last Digit:
Bet on 1, 2, 3 or 4. For example, if bet on 3, the winning number can be 3, 13 or 23.
1:1.93 C. Odd/Even: The winning number is odd or even.
Betting AreaOddsInstructions
D. Colors:
Bet on the color which shows on the wheel.
1:2.90 E. Multi numbers:
There are 24 numbers and divide into 3 groups, 1-8, 9-16 and 17-24. Choose a range and bet.
1:5.79 F. Quintuple / Sextuple:
Bet on the number of quintuple or sextuple. If bet on quintuple, the winning number can be 5, 10, 15 or 20.
Credit Display the current balance.
Total Bet The bet amount of this round.
Win The winning amount of this round.
Credit Exchange To choose the ratio, exchang and cash out.
Rebet Repeat the bet from the last round.
Auto Play / Stop Auto Play Choose AUTO PLAY or STOP AUTO PLAY
Clear All Bet Clear all bet.
Spin After bet, press SPIN and trigger the wheel.
SN Game round
User ID Display the player's account.
Sound Clicking this button starts or stops the sounds.
Music Clicking this button starts or stops the background music.
History Clicking this button shows the history data.
Help Clicking this button shows the game rules.
Exit Clicking this button exits the game and back to the game hall.

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