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Game Rules Of Fruit Wheel Casino

You can place various bets as you like. The minimum odds is 2 times, the maximum odds is 58 times. The maximum bet can be up to 100 credits. If the denomination of 20:1 has been chosen, and player takes bet on "Apple" with 15 credits, the actual bet amount will be $150. If the player wins 15 x 3=45 credits (15 is the bet, 3 is the odds), the winning amount is 45 x 10=$450 (45 is the payout credits, 10 is the denomination value).
The light will start and spin automatically by clockwise after the game beginning, and then stops on one pattern. You wins the bonus when the light stops on the designate pattern that you bet on. You can repeat the last bet for the previous round.


Game Frame

Total Bet The bet amount of previous round
Win The winning bet of previous round
Clear Cancel all bets
Rebet Repeat last bet placed for the previous round
Spin Clicking the spin button starts the wheel
User Id Displaying the player's account
Credit Displaying the current balance
SN Game round
History Clicking this button shows the history data
Help Clicking this button shows game rules
Exit Clicking this button closes the game and back to the game hall
Music Clicking  this button starts or stops the music
Sound Clicking  this button starts or stops the sounds

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