Esball Eu Anniversary Celebration, ₹3,000 Daily Casino Bonus

Esball Eu Anniversary Celebration, ₹3,000 Daily Casino Bonus

Anniversary Celebration! ₹3,000 Daily Casino Bonus is here, the turnover requirement is only 5X for withdrawal! Super easy casino bonus to claim, limited-time offer until 2023/07/31!

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Esball Eu Anniversary Celebration, ₹3,000 Daily Casino Bonus


Casino Bonus Guide

Promotion Tag: All Member

Promotional Period: 2023/07/01 ~ 2023/07/31

Esball Eu Anniversary Celebration, ₹3,000 Daily Casino Bonus

How to Participate in Casino Bonus:

1. Register an account with Esball Eu.

2. Complete each Daily Deposit Mission to get a corresponding bonus and collect activity points.

3. Extra bonus is available if the activity points are completed.

4. Deposit MUST be via Esball Eu deposit system.

5. Once the member completed each mission, the bonus will be credited automatically.  

6. Click member center>Mission Center>Check daily activity.

【How to find Mission Center】:

1. Go to Member Center and click Mission Center.

2. Click the question mark to check the mission requirement.


Rule of Casino Bonus:

1. This promotion is to be calculated daily.【Restarts at 00:00 IST everyday】

2.【Esball Eu Anniversary Celebration】 will be credited automatically once the member completed each Daily Deposit Mission.

3. All bets would be deducted first using the bonus amount, then from the member’s deposit amount.

4. Only one account per player is allowed.

5. Players opening multiple or fraudulent accounts with the same login device (computer and mobile), and the same IP address will be disqualified from the promotion.  The remaining amount could be forfeited and the account will be frozen, Esball Eu remains the final right to reclaim back all amounts and Bonuses given out and disable the account.

6. Esball Eu reserves the right to modify, change, suspend, cancel, refuse, or void this promotion at its sole discretion.

7. The bonus is not allowed to place any no-risk bets.

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