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If you are thinking about playing at an online casino, you are not alone. With the industry absolutely exploding at the present moment in time, it should come as no surprise that everyone is trying to get a piece of the action. For those who have no idea how online casinos work, do not be afraid, because we are here to help.

Online casinos have never been more popular, with millions of people playing casino games online each day. Yet if you are considering giving it a try for the first time, you may be a little perplexed by where to begin. Whilst it is true that there are no shortage of internet casinos to choose from, how are you supposed to know which is the best for you? Perhaps you have concerns regarding how safe and fair it is to play online? Maybe you are unsure which game will be a good choice for you? As such, I have decided to create this article specifically for the beginners out there.

We have included some basic gambling information that should help you at any live or online casino you choose. The articles below are intended to answer the most common gambling questions asked by casino goers everywhere. You will find helpful information, tips and strategy including baccarat, slots, sports, and more to give you the best chance of winning at all online casino gambling sites.

UPI Payments 8 Things You Must Know When Using UPI Casino India

The choice of payment method can significantly impact the gaming experience. This article explores UPI Casino India, shedding light on its procedures, pros and cons, What is VPA in UPI Payments, and 8 Things You Must Know When Using UPI.


UPI Casino India, Deposit, Cash Out with UPI Payments in India

What is UPI payment? Discover the ultimate guide to using UPI at online casinos in India. From its inception to its advantages and usage, we delve into every aspect of UPI payments. Learn how to deposit and withdraw seamlessly, and explore the top UPI casino India offering an unparalleled gaming experience for Indian players.


Goa Casino News: Goa CM under fire for hidden casino ads at G20

The Indian state of Goa is one of the few places in the country where gambling is legal. The state is known for its casinos and attracts a large number of tourists each year. However, the casino industry in Goa has been facing criticism from various quarters. Recently, the Congress party in Goa has accused the chief minister of branding the city as a casino destination.


Casinos' Attempt to Skirt Annual Fees Fails in High Court

In a recent ruling, the Bombay High Court in Goa dismissed the claims of casino operators who sought to evade paying an annual recurring fee (ARF) of Rs 321 crore during the pandemic closure. The court viewed the petitioners' claims as an attempt to seek public subsidies for casino operations and upheld the government's right to collect the fee as the price for parting with its exclusive privilege to allow casino operations.


Unlawful Online Casino Crackdown Promised by Chief Minister

As the Indian government is looking to regulate the gambling industry, one of its states has been recently in the news for its crackdown on illegal casinos. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has assured the legislative assembly that his government will take immediate action against all illegal online casinos operating in the state. In this article, we will delve deeper into the issue of illegal online casinos in Goa and the wider implications for the gambling industry in India.


New Gambling Act Combat Online Casino Enacted By Madhya Pradesh

The Chief Minister of Bhopal, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, announced the government of Madhya Pradesh's decision to pass a new Gambling Act with a focus on comprehensive regulations against online casino gambling. The act aims to tackle the problem of gambling addiction, which the current 1876 law does not address.


India Delhi Police Arrest 9 Individuals in Gambling Racket

Nine individuals were arrested in connection to a gambling racket in Prachin Kuan near Park Jamroodpur in New Delhi. The Delhi Police Narcotics Squad conducted the bust and seized cash amounting to Rs 14,500 and other undisclosed materials. The operation was prompted by credible information received from a reliable source, according to a statement by DCP South Chandan Chaudhary.


Online Casino Sector in India Faces Self-Regulation Demands

India is seeking responsible growth for its $2 billion online gaming industry through self-regulation. Proposed regulations prohibit betting or gambling on game outcomes, and require online gaming companies to register with a self-regulatory authority. The regulations also mandate due diligence by online gaming intermediaries and include provisions for player verification and a grievance redressal mechanism.


Everything You Need to Know Before Betting in Online Casino India

India, the world’s largest democracy with a population of 1.5 billion, has become a vibrant market for gambling entrepreneurs and investors. In this guide, we will discuss the legality of sports and casino betting in India.


Your Real Money is Safer in Online Casinos or Traditional Casinos in India

Online casinos have revolutionized gambling by offering players the convenience of enjoying their favorite games, such as top online pokies and card games, from the comfort of their homes with live dealer options that replicate the experience of a land-based casino. Nevertheless, this accessibility raises safety concerns, particularly with online gambling. This article examines whether online gambling is safer than traditional casinos.


10 Online Betting Tips I Wish I Knew Before Placing My First Bet

With its diverse selection of games, casino gambling provides ample entertainment opportunities. However, the vast array of options can pose a challenge for beginners, such as myself, who may struggle with understanding house edges, developing effective strategies, obtaining comps, and managing their bankroll. My limited knowledge in these areas resulted in suboptimal winnings. To avoid similar pitfalls, new casino gamblers can benefit from learning from my early mistakes.


10 Mistakes to Avoid for Successful Online Casino Gambler

Typically, gambling advice focuses on what actions to take to enhance your chances of winning. While it's helpful to acquire knowledge on what you can do to improve, it's only part of the equation. To enhance your gambling outcomes, it's crucial to learn what not to do, as well as what to do. That's why I compiled a list of actions that every gambler should avoid.


What Is Slot Machine? How To Play Online Slot Games For Beginners

What is a slot machine? If you are a beginner to online casino games, you must be wondering the answer to this question. In this article, we will provide a complete step-by-step guide on how to play online slot machines. Even if you are a beginner, you can enjoy the fun.


5 Tips to Win Real Money at Online Casinos in India

Online casinos offer a variety of games such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and other card games, making it an easy way to earn money. The convenience of playing casino games from any location is a significant advantage. If you're looking for ways to earn real money while playing online casino games, you've come to the right place. Here are some tips to keep in mind:


10 Key Facts And Tips About Live Casino Games

Live casino games have become extremely popular in recent times. They provide players with an immersive experience that can only be found in land-based casinos. The addition of live dealer games to online casinos bridges the gap between online and offline gaming and is something that players have been wanting for a long time. With live casino games now being streamed to any device, it has never been easier to enjoy the thrill of playing live casino games.


9 Practical Tips to choose a Top Online Casino in India

Statistics show that around 40% of Indians have wagered online at least once in their lifetime. With the rapid development of the gaming industry in India, more and more casinos have sprung up. Just do an internet search for "online casino India" and there will be tens of thousands of results, making it difficult to know which one to choose. If you are an Indian casino lover, keep these 9 tips in mind to help you choose a top online casino India real money in 2023.


15 Casino Tips and Guide for Beginner Online Casino Players

If you are looking into entering the world of online casino gaming and you don’t know what to do when you start, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you some tips for beginners in playing online casino games. However, exercising restraint and choosing suitable games usually returns the money you invest.


Top 10 Most Popular With Players Online Casino Live Game In India

we are know players that want to play and tell you about all the popular live casino games you can play on online casino platforms. Continue to read ahead to learn about some of the most popular games on online casino. The following most popular with players online casino game in india as below.


Top 12 Most Popular Evolution Live Casino Game

Listed below are some of the most popular live dealer casino games which are available to play online. All of these games are powered by the award winning Evolution Gaming, an industry leader offering one of the best experiences when it comes to live dealer online casino games.


Five Online Casino Games Gambling For Beginners Guide To Playing

Casino games such as game slot online, live casino betting games, and sports betting is by far the most popular way for people to spend their time gambling on the internet. Unfortunately, these games often have complicated rules and strategies that can make new players feel left-out and confused. If you are a beginner when it comes to gambling, then you are likely wondering what games are right for you and how to play them. Luckily, we have organized this guide of the most popular casino games for newcomers.