UPI Payments 8 Things You Must Know When Using UPI Casino India


The choice of payment method can significantly impact the gaming experience. This article explores UPI Casino India, shedding light on its procedures, pros and cons, What is VPA in UPI Payments, and 8 Things You Must Know When Using UPI.

UPI Payments 8 Things You Must Know When Using UPI Casino India

8 Things You Must Know When Using UPI Payments

1. Consistency in Deposits and Withdrawals

Ensure you use UPI for both deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Using the same method for both transactions ensures security and smooth fund transfers.

2. Beware of Free Transactions

UPI transactions, including deposits and receipt of funds, should always be free of charge. If you encounter any fees, be cautious, as it could indicate potential fraud.

3. Minimal Verification Requirements

Setting up your UPI ID may require initial verification, but additional KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is typically unnecessary. However, casinos may request identity verification during withdrawal requests.

4. Instant Transfers

UPI transactions offer instant deposits and withdrawals, allowing you to start playing real money games promptly. While deposits are credited within minutes, withdrawal processing times vary among casino operators.

5. Minimum UPI Deposit Amount

UPI does not specify a minimum deposit amount, but most casinos set their minimum deposit requirements. Typically, this ranges from ₹250 to ₹2000, depending on the chosen casino.

6. Maximum UPI Deposit Limit

The NPCI sets a maximum deposit limit of ₹0.1 million per day for UPI transactions. However, individual PSP apps may impose different limits. For example, Google Pay allows up to ₹0.1 million per transaction, while BHIM UPI restricts transactions to ₹10K per transaction and ₹20K per day.

7. Minimum Withdrawal Amount

While the maximum daily deposit limit is ₹0.1 million, casinos may set minimum withdrawal amounts, typically ranging from ₹500 to ₹2000.

8. Potential Withdrawal Fees

UPI transactions themselves are fee-free, but online casinos may impose withdrawal fees. It's essential to review the casino's terms and conditions to understand any associated fees before initiating a withdrawal.

Why You Should Use UPI Payments at Online Casino

Experienced gamblers understand the importance of fast payouts when choosing an online casino. A site that prioritizes speedy withdrawals signifies trustworthiness and reliability. UPI facilitates such quick payouts, earning the trust of both operators and players alike.

With UPI, online casinos gain access to a vast network of major banks in India, providing seamless fund transfers without the need to add beneficiaries or know detailed banking information. Transactions are rapid, secure, and easily achievable via mobile phones, catering to the needs of gamblers on the go.

Moreover, the convenience of 'scan and pay' through QR codes eliminates the necessity for digital wallets, while 'peer-to-peer' collect requests offer flexibility in payment scheduling. For Indian players with limited bankrolls, UPI emerges as the ideal payment method, requiring only an Indian bank account and a smartphone.

In essence, UPI streamlines the online gambling experience, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency for both players and casinos. So, if you're ready to dive into the world of online gaming, UPI is your go-to solution.

16 Best UPI-Enabled PSP Apps

  1. Google Pay
  2. BHIM
  3. Paytm
  4. PhonePe
  5. MobiKwik
  6. Amazon Pay
  7. My Airtel
  8. WhatsApp
  9. Ultracash
  10. MudraPay
  11. MI Pay
  12. Angel Broking
  13. JustDial
  14. CoinTab
  15. Omegaon
  16. Make My Trip

Please note that Truecaller Pay (formerly Chillr UPI app by HDFC bank) has discontinued all UPI services. Users are directed to utilize UPI via the bank's mobile banking app, BHIM, or other third-party apps supporting the payment system.

17 Best UPI-Enabled Indian Banks

Additionally, many member banks offer their own UPI apps compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Some popular UPI services offered by Indian banks include:

  1. BHIM SBI Pay (State Bank of India)
  2. BHIM Indus Pay (IndusInd Bank)
  3. iMobile and Pockets (ICICI Bank)
  4. BHIM Axis Pay UPI App and Freecharge (Axis Bank)
  5. BHIM Bandhan UPI (Bandhan Bank)
  6. BHIM Baroda PAY (Bank of Baroda)
  7. BHIM BOI UPI (Bank of India)
  8. BHIM Indian Bank UPI (Indian Bank)
  9. PayZapp (HDFC Bank)
  10. HSBC Simple Pay (HSBC)
  11. BHIM Union Bank UPI App (Union Bank of India)
  12. BHIM PNB (Punjab National Bank)
  13. BHIM YES Pay (Yes Bank)
  14. BHIM UCO UPI (UCO Bank)
  15. BHIM LOTZA UPI Payments App (Federal Bank)
  16. BHIM KOTAK Pay (Kotak Mahindra Bank)
  17. Digibank (DBS Bank)

These apps provide a wide range of UPI services to cater to different banking needs and preferences.

UPI Casino India Pros and Cons

UPI Casino India Pros UPI Casino India Cons
  1. Ease of sign-up and use
  2. Free registration
  3. Free deposit and withdrawal
  4. Instant transfer of funds in real-time
  5. Flexible API-based payments
  6. Payments regardless of bank details
  7. No need to add beneficiaries
  8. Transaction receipts available
  9. Supports transfers up to ₹0.1 million
  10. Linkable with multiple bank accounts
  11. Enables multiple payment methods
  12. Simplified KYC process
  13. NPCI owned and audited
  14. Government of India approved
  15. High security with 2-factor Authentication
  16. Available 24/7 on all mobile platforms
  17. High success rate for transactions
  18. Regular cashback and rewards
  19. Availability in multiple languages
  20. Round-the-clock customer support
  1. No anonymity
  2. Transactions scrutinized by the RBI
  3. Transfers capped at ₹0.1 million
  4. Unavailability in the global market
  5. Limited availability in online casinos

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Major Banks Support UPI Casino India

  1. Airtel Payments Bank
  2. Allahabad Bank
  3. Andhra Bank
  4. Axis Bank
  5. Bandhan Bank
  6. Bank of Baroda
  7. Bank of India
  8. Canara Bank
  9. Central Bank of India
  10. Citibank
  11. Corporation Bank
  12. Dena Bank
  13. Federal Bank
  14. HDFC Bank
  15. HSBC
  16. ICICI Bank
  17. IDBI Bank
  18. India Post Payment Bank
  19. Indian Bank
  20. Indian Overseas Bank
  21. IndusInd Bank
  22. Jio Payments Bank
  23. Karur Vysya Bank
  24. Kotak Mahindra Bank
  25. Oriental Bank of Commerce
  26. Paytm Payments Bank
  27. Punjab & Sind Bank
  28. Punjab National Bank
  29. Standard Chartered Bank
  30. State Bank of India
  31. Syndicate Bank
  32. UCO Bank
  33. Union Bank of India
  34. United Bank of India
  35. Vijaya Bank
  36. Yes Bank
  37. ...and more!

KYC Compliance of UPI Casino India

UPI transactions operate as bank transfers through the National Financial Switch. To make transfers, users must link their bank accounts, implying compliance with the bank's mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

Therefore, if users have completed the necessary KYC process mandated by their bank, no additional verification is typically required to utilize UPI.

Furthermore, UPI serves as an interface rather than a payment solution provider. While PSP apps may require additional KYC for other features, UPI itself does not fall under this requirement.

What is VPA in UPI Payments

VPA, or Virtual Payment Address, serves as a unique identifier for UPI transactions, allowing users to conduct instant fund transfers. It is also known as a UPI ID.

What is NFS in UPI Payments

The National Financial Switch(NFS) is a network that connects over 50,000 ATMs across India, facilitating rapid money transfers between banks. It serves as the backbone for UPI and IMPS transactions.

What is UPI Autopay in UPI Payments

UPI AutoPay enables users to automate recurring payments without the need to enter the recipient's VPA or PIN each time. Mandates are generated automatically via the recipient's UPI ID, QR code, or phone number, with payments debited on specified dates.

UPI Cashback and Rewards

UPI transactions often come with rewards such as cashback, discount coupons, promo codes, and vouchers. Each PSP app offers its own unique incentives to users, contributing to UPI's popularity among online gamblers.

UPI Payments Privacy and Confidentiality

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the owner of UPI, is committed to safeguarding user privacy and data confidentiality. UPI transactions are encrypted and secure, with strict privacy policies in place for PSP apps to prevent fraudulent activities.

UPI Payments Customer Support

Customer support for UPI transactions varies depending on the chosen PSP app. Users can raise complaints through the respective app's customer support channels. In case of unresolved disputes, escalations can be made to NPCI.

Top 12 UPI Alternatives

  1. IMPS
  2. Net banking
  3. VISA
  4. MasterCard
  5. Maestro
  6. PayPal
  7. Skrill
  8. Neteller
  9. AstroPay
  10. EcoPayz
  11. Paysafecard
  12. Cryptocurrency

Safety Tips for Using UPI Casino India

  • Be vigilant for spam warnings related to UPI payment requests from your chosen PSP app.
  • Never disclose your UPI PIN or 2-Factor Authentication Code to anyone.
  • Ensure you download the correct PSP app from the Play Store.
  • Exercise caution when conducting UPI transactions over public Wi-Fi networks.
  • If uncertain about a funds transfer request, reject it.
  • In case of a lost phone, promptly block your UPI account to prevent unauthorized access.


In conclusion, leveraging UPI at online casinos offers unmatched convenience and security, making it a preferred choice for Indian players. With instant transfers, minimal verification, and a wide network of supported banks, UPI streamlines the online gambling experience, promising swift transactions and hassle-free gaming.

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UPI Casino India FAQ

What is UPI?

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is a real-time interbank funds transfer system developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It merges multiple banking services into a single interface, enabling users to send and receive money instantly without the need for detailed banking information.

Is UPI an e-wallet?

No, UPI is not an e-wallet. It serves as an interface for funds transfer between bank accounts but does not store money itself.

Who can use UPI?

Any Indian citizen or tax resident over the age of 18 with a bank account can use UPI for funds transfer.

Can I use UPI from outside India?

Yes, you can use UPI from outside India if you have an account with a UPI-compliant bank in the country and a registered Indian phone number.

Which countries use UPI?

As of now, UPI is available only in India.

Can I send funds to another country using UPI?

Currently, UPI does not support international funds transfer, but plans for this feature are underway.

Which online casinos support UPI?

Some reputable online casinos that support UPI include Casumo, Genesis, and CasinoDome.

Can I get a welcome bonus if I deposit with UPI?

Yes, you are eligible for welcome bonuses when depositing with UPI, subject to the terms and conditions of the online casino.

Are Stop Payments available on UPI?

No, UPI does not offer Stop Payments; transactions are typically instantaneous.

Is UPI safe to use at online casinos?

Yes, UPI transactions are encrypted and regulated by the RBI, making them secure for online gambling.

Is UPI legal?

Yes, UPI is a legal payment system backed by the Government of India and regulated by the RBI.

Can I withdraw money from an online casino with UPI?

Yes, you can withdraw winnings from an online casino using UPI if you deposited with it.

Does UPI have a mobile app?

UPI is accessible through various mobile banking apps like Google Pay, Paytm, and Phonepe.

Why is UPI not common in online casinos?

UPI is limited to India, restricting its use in online casinos to Indian players.

Do I need to undergo verification to withdraw via UPI?

Yes, online casinos may require identity verification before processing withdrawals for security purposes.

Are UPI withdrawals instant?

Yes, UPI withdrawals are typically processed instantly, although processing times may vary by casino.