5 Baccarat Play Strategy to Win Consistently at Online Baccarat

5 Baccarat Play Strategy to Win Consistently at Online Baccarat

Players often enjoys discussing betting strategies, tips and have their own preferences on betting sequences. But have to tell you this, tips are never enough without skills and thoughts, and here I will be give you some of mine tips!

Baccarat Play Strategy Win Consistently Game Introduction

I believe all loyal players who love baccarat must have their own preferred betting strategies and baccarat play styles. Players often discuss which set of baccarat play styles have the highest winning rate. For those thoughtful old players at the baccarat table, it is never enough to rely on the standard routines. If there is not enough unique insights and thoughtful mind, they will be no different from ordinary players. Players often enjoys discussing betting strategies, tips and have their own preferences on betting sequences. But have to tell you this, tips are never enough without skills and thoughts, and here I will be give you some of mine tips!

Baccarat Play Strategy

Baccarat Play Strategy One: Don't Get Tied Up By Tie

Never bet on Tie! Logically there is 1/3 of chance tie may occur during game since there really isn't much of a choice for Baccarat bet placing, its either Banker, Player or Tie. However, please don't have any dream fantasy when tie shows up, it is unpredictable just like your ex-girlfriend, you should ignore her if you run into her on the street and walk away as if as if nothing ever happen between the two of you!

Most players with slight experience on baccarat betting would know not to place one tie. It's a mathematical theory if you know how to calculating the probability of odds. For every bet placing at Banker, the casino stands at an approximate advantage odds of 1.06%, 1.27% for placing Player. By all means, every $100 dollar you place for Banker there is a chance for you losing $1.06 or $1.27 for placing Player. However, the approximate advantage odds for casino's immediately increase up to 15% for placing Tie, which mean every $100 dollar you place for Tie there is a chance for you losing $15 dollar.

In extent of time, the amount lost accumulated can get quite considerable. Not only the risk is extremely high, but the result of the draw can also be relativity illogical to trace and difficult for players to follow. Therefore it is strongly suggested players focus simply on the game base on Banker /Player bets.

Baccarat Play Strategy Two: RAISE Don't Always Shine

For those who plays poker would be very familiar with the concept of Bet Raising. It is a common technique for player to maximize their betting value within short period of time. Although it is important to understand the Bet Raising concept for poker or blackjack is very different compare to baccarat. Generally raising can be made for every round of poker game, the minimum raise has to be at least or equal to the size of the last bet. Players are freely to increase their bets / raise throughout each rounds according to their judgment throughout game as each individual's raise will cause subsequent changes toward the game result.

However, in the game of Baccarat players can only increase the bet value at the beginning of game, the purpose for bet raising purely affects on individual's odds for chips increasing. But here's the thing, inappropriate Bet Raising may also cause heavy loss as like mentioned such action is purely on the individual's interest on chip winning, therefore risk of lost is also held equal.

Generally speaking, bet raise shouldn't be taken into consideration at the beginning of any new set of Baccarat gaming. Perhaps at this point of time you should hold your bets and play safe unless long run Bankers or Player routine was shown five times in a row. Base on the probability calculation of baccarat, such routine is great signs for players to raise bets, therefore if you are one of those bet raising players then this is the kind of situation you should consider when seen.

Baccarat Play Strategy Three: Lamp In the Dark!

Player can often begin foggy towards their decision making during rounds from time to time. Frustration, confusion, depression and lost of direction may occur once the minds become foggy. But to those who is familiar with baccarat would know there is a say, the basic probability concept for the casino card game ratio holds banker winning rate of 51%, whereas player holds the winning rate of 49%. By all means, if you have come to the point where your mind is starting to get foggy, taking the above theory into consideration may be a good way to go. You never know, the banker's hand may turn out holding a lamp of light for your darkness.

Baccarat Play Strategy Four: Be a Good Sprinter

For no doubt that the end goal for any player is to accumulate as many chips as they could at the time of exit. Such turnover are often expected to increase couple times compare to the original amount.

Our little secret in order to achieve so is a close link down to our theory mention in phase two from above. As mentioned, if bet raising time is placed inappropriately players may suffer great amount of losses. Even though continuous routine results are great signs for bet raising, BUT it doesn't mean you just keep raising as if you are due to check out within the next 30 minute and you are using up the remainder facility to its full extent. Trust me, you rather believe in winning the lotto, then counting on ten in row of a kind result. The technique is only applicable, and strongly suggested to apply if the same of a kind result sequences is only at its beginning four or five rounds, not at its tenth! This could turn into a difficult situation as things may go tricky. At this point of time, don't allow any greediness interfere with your bet placing, please hold your bets on stable hands especially if you are on the win. Stay calm, sprint at the right time, knowing when to back off and not believe in miracles.

Baccarat Play Strategy Five: Drift Your Way Around

Please understand, you are not betting on yourself against the casino by betting Banker or Player, but rather betting on two different outcomes that are part of the table's design even if you take Tie results into consideration, although Tie really doesn't stands a big share in the theory.

You may find most new or professional players pick Banker to bet on in an attempt to give themselves a highest possible chance of succeeding, one of the most circulated tips and a core part of most baccarat strategies available, but you should also never underestimate the Player Bet. There are times where the Banker / Player appearance may be in random sequence, unpredictable patterns. Players must remain flexible when such instance occur where patterns become unpredictable, switching Banker bets to Player bets or the vice versa is always a wise decision to make. But please bear in mind the flexible switch technique is only recommended to apply when the game has performed at least half ways in, by this time of game “no sequence can also be a sequence, unpredictable is also predicable”.

It is very important to understand that each set of Baccarat game are performed within six to eight decks of cards, players must collect enough informations regarding to previous result rather than play blindly. Which strategy may work best in your case will really depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Ultimately, you are the one who will have a say in what happens at the baccarat tables. Baccarat is a game of skill and luck, any players should know to appreciate all aspects of it. While luck certainly outweighs any degree of skilled play, you are bound to have a great time so long as you choose a good baccarat strategy, to begin with.

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