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Learn How to Play Roulette in 5 Minutes, Roulette Rules

Learn How to Play Roulette in 5 Minutes, Roulette Rules

How to Play Roulette? You can learn it in 5 minutes! One of the most popular games among casinos. The roulette game includes 37 numbers on it, starting from 0 to 36, colored red, black, and green.

Learn How to Play Roulette in 5 Minutes Game Introduction

My friends, you’ve all been waiting for the introduction to how to play roulette. It is the most popular game among the casinos in Vegas and Macow. Some may be curious if that’s true since other players also played baccarat, blackjack, and slot machines.

Indeed that the most game in which most players are involved is baccarat, it’s also the game that brings the most profit to the house. As for in real table, a lot choose to play blackjack.

The slot machines are the ones has the loudest crowd. What about roulette? Well, it is filled with class and atmosphere. It is a gain among the rich and those who possess a certain social class in the early days.

Learn How to Play Roulette in 5 Minutes, Roulette Rules

We will be focusing on Roulette Rules and how to play roulette. Let’s check out the game that may change your life within seconds.

Played by people with social class, you may find your chance to move upward with this game as well.

How to Play Roulette: Roulette Rules

The word roulette comes from French,  meaning slim rings. It was invented in France in the 17th century. Then it becomes popular throughout the continent.

There are 37 numbers on it, starting from 0 to 36. 0 is colored in green while other numbers are colored in black or red.

Roulette Rules

First, the roulette will be spun by the dealer. The dealer will also toss a small ball at the edge of the ring.

The ball must go at least 15 rounds on the board or that round of the game will be forfeited. Before the ball was tossed, the dealer will count down the time for the players to place their bets.

Where the ball stops is the result of that round of the game.

Roulette Rules: Betting Options and Odds

Straight bet– Betting on a certain number, the odds are 1 to 35.

Split bet – Betting on two different numbers, the odds are 1 to 17.

Street bet–Betting on the 3 numbers of any certain roll, the odds are 1 to 11.

Corner bet–Betting on the 4 number at the corner, the odds are 1 to 8.

Line bet–Betting on the 6 numbers of the same line, the odds are 1 to 6.

Column bet–Betting on the 12 numbers on the same column, the odds are 1 to 2.

Dozen bet–Betting on the 12 numbers that are connected, the odds are 1 to 2.

R/B bet–Betting on the color, the odds are 1 to 1.

O/E bet–Betting on if the result is an odd or even number, the odds are 1 to 1.

B/S bet–Betting on the result is a small number (1-18) or a big number ( 19-36). The odds are 1 to 1.

Types of Roulette

French roulette

French roulette only contains 26 numbers, starting from 0 to 25. The special thing about it is that it has a specific 1 to 12 and equal betting amount odds for outside bets. The other part is that the players need to raise their bets as the playing time goes on. This is considered a complicated one among the 4 roulettes and fewer people and playing it now. Mostly played the European rouletted with the numbers from 0 to 36.

American roulette

American roulette has 38 numbers containing a 0 and a 00. These two are colored in green, different from the other numbers. You may bet on multiple options playing it and you need to exchange certain chips to separate your bet from the other players so that it won’t get mixed up with the other players’ bets.

European roulette

European roulette has 37 numbers starting from 0 to 36, 00 is excluded compared to American roulette. The rest of the number is colored either in black or red. Since 00 is excluded, it increased the win rate for the players to hit other numbers, so it’s more popular compare to other types of roulette.

Royal roulette

Royal roulette is similar to European roulette. The different part of it is the bonus is cumulative. The higher times you hit your target, the higher times your prize may be.

There are inside and outside bets within the game. The outside bet is to bet on the color and the number combinations, while the inside bets require players to bet on a single number only.

That’s all. Roulettes are not the kind of game that’s hard to understand. To put it simply, one wins with the correct judgment and some luck. It is why it’s loved all around the world. Multiple options can be bet within the game with different odds.

Players spend a lot of time in the game to find out how they can win from it. The class part of it is that you may wait aside from the spinning wheel for the result to come out as the royals or the nobles did in the early days.

If you have a chance to play in a real casino, don’t forget to try it out. That’s all for today. Hope that you may find this article helpful. See you next time.

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