24 Tips For Online Casino Slot Machine Beginners

24 Tips For Online Casino Slot Machine Beginners

Smart slots players use limits and bonuses. Limits protect your bankroll and bonuses make it bigger. And managing your slots bankroll is important. Finally, you have to be patient if you're a slots player.

24 Tips For Slot Machine Beginners Game Introduction

If you're seeking the simplest casino game, then slot machines are for you. No real strategy is required when playing slots, and you only need to place money in the machine and press the spin button to start playing. The game isn't social at all, with very few slot machines existing where you play as a team or with someone else. Even though they're quite simple you can still use a few tactics to get the best out of the machine and your overall visit to the casino when playing slots.

Online Casino Slot Machine

Slot machines aren't the highest-paying games on the casino floor, but they're popular because they are so entertaining. If you want to spend some time at the slot machines and also maximize your payouts, here are some tips to follow.

1. Slots Are Completely Random

This is by far the most important tip you need to know when playing slots. The machines are completely random and no previous events have any impact on what will happen next.

They're just designed this way. So if you get advice from someone that you should take a seat at a certain machine that hasn't paid out in a while because it's due to pay out, then just ignore it. You should always play on the machines that provide you with the most enjoyment and are within your bankroll to play.

2. Progressive Jackpot Machines Are Sometimes Good or Bad For Players

Depending on the jackpot amount, sometimes it's a great idea to play on a slot that's tied to a progressive jackpot.

Progressive slot machines do not have a fixed jackpot. Instead, each wager is added to the jackpot. Increasing it.

Some progressive machines have a single jackpot. On these, you usually have to best maximum to be eligible for the Jackpot.

Although the payouts will be less for smaller prizes, if you hit the progressive jackpot you can win millions of dollars. If you want that dream payout and that's why you're playing the slots then consider playing one with a progressive jackpot.

The payout rate improves as the top prize gets larger, so make sure you take a seat and play when it's already quite big. Remember, the fact that it's big doesn't mean it's likely to pay out soon, as I outlined in the first tip.

As I slightly touched on above, sometimes progressive machines aren't that great for you.

This is usually the case when the jackpot has been recently won and therefore it's back to being quite low. What you also need to be aware of is that on these slots a small amount from what you bet on a spin is automatically taken and added to the jackpot.

So you aren't maximizing the amount you could be winning from hitting a standard win on the slot in question. While this isn't such a bad thing if you're hoping to hit the jackpot and overcome the almost insurmountable odds to do so; it does mean for the everyday player who just wants to play that particular slot they'll be donating some of their money to the progressive jackpot with no return.

3. Understand Progressive Vs. Random Machine Play

You may be drawn to progressive slot machines by the ever-increasing jackpot amount that is usually displayed in bright lights overhead, but before you hope to win a big jackpot, understanding how progressive machines work may help you choose the right machine to play. This can be especially important for a first-time player, particularly when it comes to cost per spin.

Progressive jackpots usually come in mini, minor, and major denominations. The amount of the jackpot depends on how much players have put into it since after the previous big win. While the idea of hitting one of these jackpots can be exciting, keep in mind that some machines require you to play the maximum amount per spin to be eligible for the chance. This means you may spend more and win less than you would by playing a machine with a single random jackpot.

4. Spend Some Time Reviewing The Pay Table

Each machine has an associated pay table that will outline to you what it takes to win. The table will show each of the machines symbols and provide advice on how many of these you need in a line to achieve a win.

Symbols have different values, from the most common ones to the rare ones, and then the more symbols you get on a pay line the more you win.

Some machines will pay out more than others in respect to these symbols, so it's good to know in advance before you start spinning what it takes to get a win. This will solve a lot of heart ache later if it appears that you've won but you don't. Keep in mind that the pay tables aren't a true reflection of what the payout rate will be on a machine.

5. Study The Bonus Rounds

On video slots, the most entertaining part of playing is when you hit a bonus feature. These will give you the opportunity to win big, although sometimes you won't win much at all.

Bonus features usually result in free spins or offer bonus cash prizes. Each machine is different when it comes to hitting the bonus so make sure you check out the pay table to see what's required to get into the round.

Some will be easier than others to hit, and usually the easier they are the less they pay out. Some slots even have two or three types of bonus rounds.

One thing to keep in mind is that bonus rounds will pay out according to how much you bet on the previous spin. Keeping this in mind, the next tip will focus on how many coins to bet per spin.

6. Try Free Version of the Game First

Some websites, for instance, allow players to test new machines without downloading and betting real money. Simply launch the application online and learn all the game's features for free. It prepares you well for a serious gambling session.

To refine your slots strategy and deepen your knowledge about the online slot, trying it out for free is the best method as you do not have to sacrifice real money. It exposes you to the paytables, the features, as well as bonus rounds, further enhancing your understanding of the odds.

7. Always Bet Max Coins And Lines

Slot machines are funny because unlike some other casino games where the amount you bet doesn't really matter to your chances, in slots it's critically important.

Most, if not all slots, have a better payout rate when you bet maximum coins on all the lines. This is because this will activate all possible bonuses, features, and jackpots that are associated with a particular game.

Because of this, you're better off spinning a slot once at a maximum bet of $5 than spinning it five times at $1 and not having all lines or maximum bet value activated.

While from an entertainment perspective one spin isn't as great as five, you'll do better in the long run by max betting. If you don't have the bankroll to support this type of bet, drop down to lower denomination on the machine you're playing on, or if this isn't possible find a machine with a lower denomination.

8. Get To Know Lines And Ways

I would strongly recommend that you do some reading on what lines and ways are in respect to slots.

Basically, a line is a route across the slot face which identifies where you'll receive a win if you get the right combination of symbols as per the pay table. The more lines you play, and on some slots there can be a lot, the more likely you are to win.

A ways machine is a bit different as usually you won't choose how many ways there are to win, you'll just choose a wager amount. On the ways slots you will usually find 243 ways to win from both left to right and right to left across the slot face.

For lines, you can usually only win from left to right, unless a slot specifically says you can win both ways on the information screen. To find out about ways and line, just click the information button on the machine, or look just below the pay table and it will all be displayed for you.

9. Try A Play Money Slot Machine First

If you're planning on playing a specific slot machine you can almost always find an online version which is free to play.

This is true for both slots you find in live casinos and those you find at online casinos. If you try the slot first you'll be able to find out if you like the game, see what the bonus feature is like, and get a general idea on what you're trying to achieve when you play for real.

This is a great way to get to know which slots you'll prefer playing when you arrive at the casino. Once you're at the casino it's unlikely you'll be able to find any free play money slots, so keep this in mind and try to do it online before you leave your home.

10. Keep An Eye Out For Slot Promotions

Quite often casinos will run slot promotions which give you access to some great prizes and bonuses when you're playing. It's always worthwhile keeping an eye out for these as they will allow you to push your dollars that little bit further, which is essential when it comes to playing slots.

Often online casinos will have some very generous promotions so make sure you check out their promotional page before you start playing. A little bit of time in reconnaissance initially could make you some serious cash in the long run.

11. Sign Up To The Casino Slot Club

Slot clubs are a great way to get some rewards and bonuses for all that play that you put through slot machines.

In return for some personal details and the tracking of your play, the casino will give you comp points which can be exchanged for free play credits, cash, free food, and drinks, and much more.

Make sure you sign up to the slot club before you start playing and be sure to put the card in the machine before you put cash in and start spinning. Slot clubs will also give you access to extra promotions and tournaments, so it's just a no-brainer to sign up to these at every single casino that you plan on playing slots at.

Online Casino Slot Machine

12. Ask About Welcome And Sign Up Bonuses

Whenever you first start playing a slot machine, or any casino game for that matter, you should ask about welcome and sign up bonuses.

This could just be the best method for how to win at slots, but it only applies to online casinos. If you do play online, using bonuses to your advantage is the best thing you can do.

This way, you can play higher stakes, and if you win, you will win a bigger amount. Of course, bonuses do come with some restrictions in place, but that's actually OK.

Each casino bonus comes with a wagering requirement that will force you to play for some time. However, few players quit after just a few spins, so this makes very little difference in most cases.

In reality, a casino bonus increases your balance, and depending on the wagering requirement in place, it can even give you an actual edge over the casino in some slot games.

13. Play And Look for High RTP Slot Machines

The biggest secret to winning at slots is finding a game that actually has the best slot machine odds around. Not all slot games are created equal, after all!

If you are playing online slots, finding high RTP games will be easy. Simply consult the game manufacturer's websites, and they will tell you what RTP each slot has.

In live casinos, it can be more difficult to find high payout machines. However, the local players might know which machines have the highest RTP, although sometimes they may be mistaken.

In either case, make sure you try and find out which games and machines have the highest theoretical RTP, and you will increase your chances of winning dramatically.

14. Accept The Fact You'Ll Never Win At Slots

This isn't so much a tip; more just a sad truth. Unfortunately, no matter what you do you'll never be able to win at the slots.

Although someone could theoretically win a progressive jackpot and never play again and they'd be a winner; for most of us this just won't happen and you'll slowly lose over time. You'll have winning sessions, losing sessions, and those sessions where you just break even, but on a long enough time line you'll always end up down.

I like to think about these things logically; if a casino is a business that is looking to make money, why would they risk this by placing slots on the floor that would allow players to win? That doesn't make any sense at all and if casinos were to do this they'd be out of business very quickly.

Although this is sad, never fear! The next tip outlines why this doesn't have to be such a bad thing.

15. You Must Be Patient

Slot machines are supposed to be entertaining. They aren't the same as most other forms of entertainment because there's a chance you can win some money. But at the end of the day, they're a form of entertainment.

When you look at slot machines as a form of entertainment, one thing to consider is how long you can use the entertainment. One way to extend the length of time you can use slots for entertainment is by having a bigger bankroll. You learned how to use bonuses in the last section to get a bigger bankroll.

This isn't the only way to extend your entertainment. The other big factor is how fast you play. Normally, slots players take 400 to 600 spins every hour. But you can control how many spins you take.

16. Don'T Convince Yourself You Have A Lucky Game

Pretty much every single person I've ever spoken to about slots will go out of their way to tell me about their favorite game. About 99 times out of 100 this game isn't their favorite because they like the theme, graphics, gameplay or sounds; it's their favorite because they claim that they always win on this type of slot and that it's lucky for them.

While this isn't such a bad thing I guess, it's completely untrue and it's simply not possible that you could have a lucky machine that you always win on. Remember earlier when I wrote about the randomness of slots and how you can never win? Well this is the case for every type of game, and it can be dangerous to treat a game like it will always pay out for you.

This is because you'll quite often wager more on this slot in order to achieve that ever elusive win. I've seen it happen all too often; so just be careful and don't fool yourself into thinking a machine will always pay out for you. You're far better off choosing a favorite game because of the factors we listed earlier. These things include the theme, graphics, general gameplay, and / or sound effects.

16. Play Slowly

Slots are designed to be played very quickly as this will result in the biggest possible intake for the casino that houses it.

Because of this you should take your time in playing slots and don't continuously spin immediately after the preceding spin finishes. Take some time and analyze the slot face and see how you won, or how you missed out on this occasion.

This way you'll get more time out of the game and won't burn through your cash so quickly. It also makes the slot a lot more fun as you can become more intimate with the game in question and how it works.

17. Knowing Your Limits

It's no secret that no matter how much slot machine tips and tricks you research about, the majority of the slot machine sessions you enter will result in you losing money. The saddest part is that there will be literally nothing you can do to change this fact. This is a fact that cannot be avoided, and also is in the name of the game, gambling. There will be times where you win big at slots, and there will be sometimes where you will be faced with losing. It is important to enjoy the times where you win. Winning is something you should make worthwhile.

Well, most people already know the simple tip of enjoying their game, the important thing to remember from this is not overdoing something. Simply put, never bet on the type of money you do not have to lose. It is one of the most known slot machine tricks. Playing with a wager that first, your bankroll is more than a tip or trick, it should be a rule of thumb for any gambler. It can sometimes be tempting and even addicting to go all in.

Here are a couple of numbers to let you know what you should be up against when it comes to gambling. As a simple reminder, you need to know that the bankroll you have for online gambling needs to cover 250 bets. This will give you a 90 percent chance of staying in the game for three hours.

18. Don'T Auto Stop The Reels

As a follow up on from the tip I provided above, I'd strongly recommend against automatically stopping the reels once you've started a spin.

Basically what this means is you hit spin which starts the reels, then you click it again straight away which automatically stops them to see the result. Usually a slot spin will last at least a few seconds, unless you auto stop the reels, in which case it will only last a few milliseconds.

This will speed up the game even more, which isn't a good thing as I outlined for you in the tip above. So take your time and allow the reels to spin out themselves. This way the game will be much more enjoyable as it's about the process rather than the result.

19. Change It Up With Some Video Poker

If you're new to slots and really enjoy them, I'd suggest changing it up once in a while and playing some video poker. Although some decision making and strategy is required in video poker it's a much better game for you to play from a payout rate perspective when compared to slots.

It'll also give you a bit of variety, which is always a good thing. The best video poker game to start on is Jacks or Better, which is the easiest to learn and play.

Video poker strategy is quite simple and will only take few play money sessions to learn online. So if you're trying out slots for the first time make sure you head on over to a video poker terminal as well and give that a shot.

You just might find you make more money, or lose less money, and have a lot of fun while doing so.

20. Try To Avoid Slots In Popular Areas Of The Casino

Casinos are quite smart in respect to where they place things on the casino floor. With this in mind, it might be worthwhile avoiding the slot machines that are in the most popular area of the casino.

This is because it's likely that the casino put these slots in those areas because they make the most money of them, which in turn means you'll lose more money on these slots.

They'll also place more popular slots in these locations to draw people into playing, so it's a careful mix of the two. I think it's best just to avoid these ones altogether, and seek out your favorite game deeper in to the casino where you'll probably get more privacy, peace and quiet while you play.

Not to mention probably better cocktail service as well. It goes without saying, but I'll mention it anyway; that this doesn't really apply to online casinos.

21. Skip Those Slots At The Airport

When you visit Las Vegas, it's never a good idea to play at the slots at the airport.

While it might be a tradition to chuck a dollar in the Wheel of Fortune slot when you first arrive or depart, I'd suggest that you don't make a habit out of playing longer sessions on these slots.

This goes for any other airports in the United States or across the world that offer slots also. The simple fact is that these slots have the worst pay out rates that you could possibly find.

This is because the slot owners and operators know the motivations behind those who would play on these machines. Firstly, we provided one above about tradition and secondly, many people will jump on these slots to try and win back all their losses from their trip.

Because of this the operators know they can bump down the payout rate as people will play no matter what. On top of these reasons, the rent for the slot owners and operators will be much higher in the airport when compared to other locations, so they need to pay out less so they make enough money to be able to squeeze out a profit while covering their overheads.

22. Video Slots Pay Out Less Than Classic Slots

Those fancy video slots with vibrating seats, huge video cut scenes, and amazing graphics cost a lot of money to make and run. Therefore they pay out less so casinos can make the same profit on these while covering their costs to run them.

So if you're looking for a slot to play consider playing on a traditional slot that has actual weighted reels and moving parts. These will generally pay out at a higher rate than their video counterparts because they're cheaper to run.

They won't provide as much entertainment as the video slots, but you'll feel quite nostalgic like you're playing something that is traditional and has that old Vegas style about it.

This can be worth it alone when compared to a Britney Spears or Elton John machine. I'm by no means saying you should only play classic slots; just that across the board they'll pay out more and be cheaper to play compared to a video slot.

23. Watch Your Bankroll

You cannot win every time, so always know just how much you can afford to spend. Determining the amount of money that you can use for the game is one of the basics of proper money management.

This is very important for all players. It does not matter how you play, what you play or how much you play.

You should always bet to achieve the longest gaming sessions as possible. It is also necessary to keep your bankroll so that you can experience a winning series that pumps your bankroll through the roof. If you lose your bankroll too soon, you will have absolutely no chance of getting a positive series during the game. In the online casino, always think of this golden rule of online gambling.

Smart players always know when to leave the table. And it doesn't matter whether they are winning or losing. This is the best way to protect your money. Always set limits on winning and losing. It depends only on you. Be careful, this is very important.

24. Play More to Win More

Although that line sounds typically like a sinkhole where players continue to play a casino game to the point of addiction, its underlying meaning is actually the suggestion of utilizing calculated, mathematic strategies that are known to work in. There are some very complex mathematical theories that you can study to improve your winning chances in not just card games, but also at online slots. However, a simple rule, which also is likely to produce the best results for most people, dictates that we find a slot machine that has not paid out in a while and play on it for as long as we can.

The mathematics is very simple in this case and can be easily explained with a coin toss example. Flip a coin ten times and it is very unlikely that you will be getting only heads or only tails on all ten flips. Now, imagine that your goal is to get seven or eight tails from those ten flips. This is not very likely to happen on the first ten attempts, although it can happen theoretically. If, however, you were to try the same ten flips ten more times, your chances of getting seven or eight tails on one of those series of flips will increase significantly. Now imagine that the same ten flip experiments is conducted one hundred times, leading to a total of 1000 coin tosses. At this point, your chances of getting tails seven to eight times on one of those series of ten flips is now much higher, to the point of being quite likely.

You should now have enough information to be able to make an informed decision about which slot machines you should choose at a casino.

Remember, if your goal is fun, you might want to go for more intricate video slots with lots of bells and whistles, but lower payouts. If your goal is to spend as long as possible at the casino, you'll want to concentrate on lower-cost machines like penny slots, even if your chances of winning big are lower. And if you want to make the most money possible, you'll want to forgo huge jackpots, fancy slots, and low-cost machines.

Casinos don't want you to think about the return percentage when you gamble. They want you to play the slots without thinking about anything. But you need to do a little thinking and detective work if you want the best returns when you play slots.

If you're not using the all or nothing slots strategy, the casino is just going to grind your bankroll down to nothing and you're never going to have a real chance to get ahead.

Smart slots players use limits and bonuses. Limits protect your bankroll and bonuses make it bigger. And managing your slots bankroll is important. Finally, you have to be patient if you're a slots player.

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