India Delhi Police Arrest 9 Individuals in Gambling Racket


Nine individuals were arrested in connection to a gambling racket in Prachin Kuan near Park Jamroodpur in New Delhi.

The Delhi Police Narcotics Squad conducted the bust and seized cash amounting to Rs 14,500 and other undisclosed materials. The operation was prompted by credible information received from a reliable source, according to a statement by DCP South Chandan Chaudhary.

Casino News India: India Delhi Police Arrest 9 Individuals in Gambling Racket

Casino News India: Indian Public Gambling Act and the Arrests

The case was filed under the Delhi Public Gambling Act of 1955, which prohibits all forms of gambling in Delhi, except for horse racing wagers.

The act imposes a fine of up to ₹500 for anyone found present in any capacity at a gambling house.

The fine for owning or operating a gambling house could be a maximum of ₹1000 or imprisonment for up to six months, with charges doubling each time an individual is found guilty.

Casino News India: The Prevalence of Underground Casinos in India

The gambling act aims to regulate the prevalence of underground casinos that are rampant in many hotels or farmhouses.

These illicit gambling operations occur both online and offline, and players attend via invite.

Players are provided with accommodation and travel, included in the entry fee into these gambling houses. The regulatory perspective finds it more worrying that players use cryptocurrencies to wager, making traceability a significant issue.

Casino News India: India Delhi Police Arrest 9 Individuals in Gambling Racket

Casino News India: The Complexities of Indian Gambling Laws

Delhi is the only Indian state with such a stringent prohibition, with other states allowed to determine their legislation under the country-wide Public Gambling Act of 1867, which does not apply in any capacity in Delhi.

With Goa already legalizing gambling, the entire national market, including both legal and illicit activities, amounts to roughly $60 billion a year.

Casino News India: The Need for a More Effective Solution

While the Indian government has announced plans to replace the outdated 1867 act, more crimes committed against it may prompt a more timely response and a more effective solution.

Legalizing gambling in India may prove to be a financially lucrative decision, with tens of millions of dollars contributed to state revenue in Goa. However, concerns remain regarding issues such as crime, corruption, and money laundering activities.