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3 Plinko Casino Game With Plinko 1000X Online Review

3 Plinko Casino Game With Plinko 1000X Online Review

Cant find other Plinko 1000X payout game? That's ok! Esball Eu offers plinko casino game from 358 up to 1000X! Learn about the games now before you start playing, this will help you win more than ever!

3 Plinko Casino Game With Plinko 1000X Online Review Game Introduction

Is Plinko 1000X payout not enough for you? That's ok! Esball Eu offers plinko casino game from 358 up to 3700.9X! Learn about the games now before you start playing, this will help you win more than ever!

We have more than Plinko 1000x game for you to win! But if you dont like the risk that high, we have low risk setting for you too, you are in good hand, dont worry.

3 Plinko Casino Game With Plinko 1000X Online Review

What Are the Options for Plinko Casino Game

Esball Eu now provides 3 Plinko game online for you to play with, you can see the game introduction by clicking on the game name below!

Choose your favorite game or try them all before decide which you love the most!

Every game are all available for Plinko Game Payout, so no matter which game you choose, you can get real cash from it.

Esball Eu Plinko Casino Game

Here are the Plinko casino games Esball Eu have right now.

Jili Crazy Plinko Game

Are you a JILI hot game lover? then you shouldn't miss out! Jili Plinko game offers plinko 1000x payout, wait are you still waiting for?

Whether you're a fan of traditional Plinko or a newcomer seeking an exhilarating gaming experience, Jili Plinko promises an entertaining blend of luck and skill that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Jili Plinko Game Basic rules
The final position of the landing ball determines the winning sum.

You can choose the number of ways before the game starts, which will impact the amount and likelihood of rewards.

Jili Crazy Plinko Game Review Online and Rules

  • The number of ways can be set before the game starts, which will change the game's odds.
  • Click BET to play; each wager contains one ball.img
  • Winning amount = ante bet x ball landing multiplier
  • Fairness Verification

Jili Plinko 1000x Game Risk Setting and Payouts

  • Easy Risk: 0.5x ~ 6x
  • Normal Risk: 0.3x ~ 120x 
  • High Risk: 0.2x ~ 1000x
  • Line Option: 8 ~ 16

Hacksaw Plinko Dare 2 Win Game Online

Highest payout you can get! Yes its true! over Plinko 1000x, the maximum payout is 3700.9x!

The multipliers in the middle are easier to reach and award less, while the multipliers at the edges are more difficult to reach and award more!

Before placing your bet, you may configure the game's settings by choosing how many Rows to play with and what level of Risk you prefer.

Hacksaw Plinko Dare 2 Win RTP

The RTP of Plinko Dare 2 Win is 96.02%. The RTP is deterministically calculated by a theoretical probability model.

The RTP was verified by running 10,000,000,000 simulations.

The max win for this game is 3700.9 times your bet, depending on your chosen game configuration.

Hacksaw Plinko Game Online Risk Setting and Payouts

  • Easy Risk: 0.5x ~ 6x
  • Medium Risk: 0.7x ~ 1064.2x
  • High Risk: 0.3x ~ 3700.9x
  • Line Option: 8 ~ 16

Spribe Plinko Game Online

SPB Gaming is famous for it's Aviator Crash game, but it's also known for crazy Plinko Online game as well! SPB Crazy Plinko Online game has 3 options to play with, from 0.5x~18x and 0x~353x to play with.

The Plinko Game Online is really easy to play, the plinko ball will land on one of the tiles at the bottom, and the number will be what you win as your profit.

Choose from different pins options, and from either red, yellow or green tiles for higher odds as your bet multiplier increases!

Plinko is a game of chance where the player bets on a ball that is going down the board of pins shaped like a pyramid.

Spribe Plinko Game Online Casino Review

Cells with different coefficients are located on the bottom side of the board, where the ball is falling;

  • Player can choose the level of complexity by making a bet on the Green, Yellow or Red ball (by pressing corresponding bet buttons).
  • When the ball hits the cell, the round is completed. Win of the game is bet multiplied by cell coefficient. Red ball falls in the red line of coefficients, green in green line and yellow in yellow line;
  • Number of pins per field can be adjusted from dropdown. This affects game odds and bet multiplier;
  • Outcomes of previous rounds are appearing in the "Last results" section, on top of the board.

Spribe Plinko Game Online Risk Setting and Payouts

  • Easy Risk: 0.5x ~ 18
  • Medium Risk: 0.2x ~ 55x
  • High Risk: 0x ~ 353x
  • Line Option: N/A

Whats the Difference Between Plinko Casino Game

The basic concept of Plinko remains the same across different versions of the game: a disc is dropped onto a peg-filled board, bouncing randomly until it lands in a slot at the bottom, each slot corresponding to a different prize or value. However, variations can exist in the design, rules, and features of different Plinko games.

Here are some potential differences:

Board Layout

Plinko boards can have different arrangements of pegs, leading to varied paths for the disc as it descends. The spacing and configuration of pegs can significantly influence the trajectory of the disc.

Starting Point Selection

Some Plinko games allow players to choose the starting point for the disc, potentially affecting its path down the board. Others may have a fixed starting point.

Prize Structure

The prizes or values associated with each slot at the bottom of the board can vary. Different Plinko games may offer distinct prize structures, including cash rewards, points, or other incentives.

Special Features

Some Plinko games include special features or bonus rounds that add complexity or additional elements of chance. These could include extra obstacles on the board, multiplier zones, or interactive elements.

Online vs. Physical

Online Plinko games may incorporate digital elements, interactive graphics, and animations that differ from the physical, tangible nature of traditional Plinko boards used in TV shows or events.

Game Rules

The rules governing the game, such as the number of discs a player gets, any special moves or abilities, and scoring mechanisms, can vary from one Plinko version to another.

Themes and Variations

Plinko games may be incorporated into larger game shows or be standalone attractions. Themes can vary, and different variations of Plinko might be designed to fit into specific contexts or events.


With the advent of technology, some Plinko games, especially online versions, may incorporate advanced graphics, sound effects, and interactive elements that go beyond the physical limitations of a traditional Plinko board.

It's important to note that the specific differences between Plinko games can depend on the context in which they are used, whether as part of a TV show, a casino game, an online game, or a physical carnival attraction. Each version aims to provide a unique and entertaining experience for players.

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