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4 Baccarat Sure Win Formula to Booth Baccarat Win Rate Easy

4 Baccarat Sure Win Formula to Booth Baccarat Win Rate Easy

Read for 4 Baccarat Sure Win Formula, easy to understand and super handy for either pros or beginners to increase your baccarat win rate for both online baccarat and casino baccarat, click to read now!

4 Baccarat Sure Win Formula Game Introduction

There are many players who find the baccarat betting skills not as useful as they expected when it comes to Baccarat Sure Win Formula. Here we are going to analyze the key factors to raise Baccarat Win Rate.

Live stream casino games are very popular, especially in Asia due to Asians tend to bet with certain patterns and formulas while gambling. This is the reason for the numerous baccarat experts popping out on the internet for baccarat online.

By sharing their experiences here, we hope that we can help you improve your game.

4 Baccarat Sure Win Formula to Booth Baccarat Win Rate Easy

There are three key mindsets you need to have before learning about Baccarat Sure Win Formula,

  • Logical thinking
  • Clear execution process
  • Lower the house advantage (meaning you won't be taken advantage of even betting for the long run)

Unlike roulette, there is a certain logic in baccarat. Therefore we need to carefully examine the combinations of the road in order to learn Baccarat Sure Win Formula.

The roads are shown in either the following combinations:

● P B P B P


* P as Player, B as Bank

I know that all players of online casinos have their own betting strategy. Now I will share three of the skills that reach the highest win rate among all the strategies.

Baccarat Sure Win Formula 1: Betting on the same side

This may seem too easy to be a betting skill but don't underestimate the impact you make on your game if you execute it correctly.

● Betting on the same side, the odds of winning is ⅓.

● Betting on the same side, the odds of your stake remaining the same is.

● The odds of losing are around 5/12.

Not a lot of you know that the result of either one side winning creates an advantage for consecutive winnings. 10 out of 8 this happens in a deck of the game. So the win rate of betting on the same side is rather high.

The timing to bet on the same side

  • When a new deck starts, make sure you avoid three consecutive losses.
  • If you have already lost three consecutive times, then stop betting for a while till the winning side changes.
  • Set a take profit, and stop betting once you have reached it. I would personally recommend 5 consecutive winnings on the same side. I know there are people who think that's a low target, and they wish to bet for more to win. Though you need to set the take profit based on your time for the game and your bankroll management.

I would suggest don't waste time-fighting in the old deck. It's better for us since we have talked about the odds within a deck. Mathematically speaking, we would be in more favor when we choose to play in a new deck.

If you like to bet on Bank, then you know that there's a 5% rake rule among online casinos. Although this might now interfere with how you set your take profit, it may increase your burden when you have run into consecutive winnings on the Player side.

Betting on the same side - Head out for Banker

There are some who insist on betting on Bank since statistically, its win rate is close to 51% while Player is only 49%. All casinos take a 5% rake.

Most of the average players on the gaming site may play 2 to 3 full decks in a day. This means the odds distribution might not be shown as obvious compared to a big betting sample.

Therefore betting on the Player sometimes makes more impact than on Bank. So choose your betting side at will, just avoid 3 consecutive losses.

If you have run into two or three consecutive losses in a day, I suggest you stop betting on baccarat today and take a rest. Or perhaps check out sports betting if you like.

The limit for betting on the same side

Most of the strategies can't reduce the house's advantages effectively, nor can they guarantee a 100% profitable outcome on Baccarat Win Rate. I've seen a lot of players use these betting skills in the game whether on a gaming site or in a real casino. When you use it correctly, you can definitely profit from it.

This betting skill is actually a simplified version of a strategy from the pros. I have let out the core concept of it, so now you need to explore it on your own. Side notes: increasing your betting size on consecutive sides is the key to the pro's strategy.

Baccarat Sure Win Formula 2:Follow the Road

The scenarios basically switch between 1 and 2.

Let's start our analysis from a flat road, and bet on it according to the trend. When you have lost three consecutive times, what you should do is to bet on the other side and see if it goes as your expected.

Next, you need to widen up your stop loss. I suggest a stop loss at -12 and taking profit of +8. You need to manage your betting between the two scenarios in order to make sure you end up winning. When you have mastered the timing to bet on the double size, you will have a 65% chance of winning. Even if you didn't meet your take profit, you will still have an 85% chance of winning in 3 decks on average.

Baccarat Sure Win Formula 3:Double Betting

Congratulations if you didn't quit after reading all that has been said above. Now I am going to provide you with the third betting skill, which is my favorite. I believe this strategy lowers the house advantage effectively, therefore I use it all the time.

First, we need to understand the house advantage in order to lower it. Consider that all the roads are contained with 90% of random combinations.

Therefore we know that there are two following scenarios that repeat within a deck of the game.

● Most of the road has either combination of B/P or BB, PP.

● The stripes for Bank and Player are obvious to follow

Here are the practical steps of this strategy:

When your analysis tells you that the road is switching from one side within one round, then we need to bet on double the amount on the other side when we lost, so our betting side will be B P B P B P B P B P B P. I recommend 3+ to 5+ take profit rounds.

When you lose on a betting switch in one round, according to the example I have mentioned. Say the B comes twice after 4 rounds of the game, I would then double the amount on the opposite side.

Then when I hit the consecutive winning, then I would bet on the Player for double the amount again. Followed by the Bankside also doubling the amount.

Repeat these steps then you should be hitting your take profit in no time. If you still think it's too slow, then perhaps you are more suitable for playing the slot machine.

The initial stop loss you should set is 9-. Or when the result of B and P are in long stripes. If your stop loss or take profit weren't hit during the long stripes, you have two options.

  • Wait till the next short jumps appear
  • Change the table immediately regardless of whether you've won or not.

Baccarat Sure Win Formula 4:Duo Winning Over Duo Betting

Duo betting means you have two sides betting on the same side.,Say you set A as the losing side and B as the winning side, after you have divided the entire stake into 5 parts, B will possess ⅘ of the stake, and A possess only ⅕ of the stake.

Duo betting starts with the losing side, and the target is to lose it as fast as possible. Then the winning side bet against the losing side, with the amount 2-4 times bigger than the losing side.

A bet 1000, B bet 2000 to 4000 dollars. Then when A has lost 8000, B has won over 16000 to 32000 dollars. The total profit will be 8000 to 24000 dollars after the 8000 dollars is deducted. Then you split half the profit with the partner.

Some said that the strategies may misguide you while betting. It only happens when we can't deal with the loss with the correct attitude since we hate loss after all.

Though baccarat is a game with equal odds therefore we need to accept it. Once we have hit our stop loss or take profit, we should stop playing right away. Enjoy the game, and make good bankroll management, that's my final advice.

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