4 Baccarat Betting Strategy that Doesn't Rely on Luck

4 Baccarat Betting Strategy that Doesn't Rely on Luck

Gambling is something that relies heavily on luck but most find themselves unlucky. We will introduce you baccarat strategy you can work on to reach your take profit, the betting amount management.

4 Baccarat Betting Strategy Game Introduction

Gambling is something that relies heavily on luck. Most will find them losing if they are unlucky.

A lot of people win when they first start to play games in the casino, called beginner's luck. Yet they still end up losing at the end when they left. Aside from the psychological factor I have just mentioned above, there's another important factor they didn't pay attention to.

This betting strategy is based on your amount management. Without the correct amount management betting strategy, people wouldn't know the right time to leave. Therefore no matter if you are only aiming for having fun in the casino or you are trying to make a move and get rich from gambling, you need to have a full plan.

The plan means you have everything figured out. The games you are playing, what baccarat strategy you might take, your betting bankroll, etc. A real gamer knows when to exit the game and has a clear estimate of what they might lose.

4 Baccarat Betting Strategy that Doesn't Rely on Luck

They never lose more than they can handle. So if you are only a tourist, I suggest you follow this baccarat strategy as well.

Do not expect that you can win the entire house with just 10k dollars. Those scenarios that require extreme luck are likely to never happens, so set your stop loss and take profit wisely.

Some set the take profit as 1.5 times his carrying stake. So one would leave while he has won 15000 if he brings 10000 only. Everyone should be clear about their take profit. The higher the bar is, the higher your risk may be. So now we are going to introduce to you a way that you can work on to reach your take profit, called the amount management betting strategy.

What is Amount Management Betting Strategy?

The amount management betting strategy focuses on the betting amount. The most common way of processing it is the double-up method. Meaning doubling the original betting amount once you have lost the previous bet. In theory, this is the best way to get it, though it is limited in many ways.

You will be limited with the capital amount mostly. Let's say you start with 100 dollars. With 7 consecutive losses, your betting amount next time will need to be 6400 dollars. Is your capital amount sufficient? Also, it may be limited to the cap betting amount inside the casino.

There's also another flaw with this baccarat strategy. No matter how much you win at last, the net profit will always be your initial betting winning. So you will need to calculate your Sharpe ratio to see if this is worthwhile. Hence this may be a well-known betting method, yet seldom are using it.

Same Amount Betting Strategy

The same betting amount means we all bet the same amount each round no matter whether you were winning or losing. The good side of this baccarat strategy allows you to be free from the influences of outside factors. So you may leave the game when the rounds you've played reach the limit.

Though there's also a big disadvantage. Say if you lost consecutively in the beginning, then it's hard for you to hit your take profit or earn back your original amount. This would take a lot of time.

The longer you stay in the casino, the higher the risk you will hit your stop loss, or even lose more.

We all know that gambling relies on luck a lot, so the longer the time you spent in the casino, the harder you will win eventually. To those who seek excitement, this method is boring to them.

So there's another method called Stike while we win. It means increasing the betting amount when we've won and decreasing the amount when we've lost.

It may be advanced compared to the previous two methods. Still, it's hard for you to win back your money if you have lost some in the beginning. If you are lucky, you win in the beginning. If not, you might end up losing the entire stake.

Aside from the methods above, some choose to bet with a hybrid method of the first and the second. use the same betting amount after we have won and increase the betting amount after we have lost.

Still, this depends on luck a bit. One may still lose big if he's unlucky.

In conclusion, all these betting methods have their strength and weakness. I would avoid using the double-up method since the risk-reward ratio is the lowest. The second method suits those who are new to the game or those tourist gamblers who are here for fun. They might not win big but they won't lose big in a short period.

Amount Management Betting Strategy Modification

The third and fourth baccarat strategies may seem different but they aimed for the same thing. The third baccarat strategy looks forward to increasing the speed of winning while the fourth wishes to reclaim those who were lost in the game as fast as possible. Both methods rely heavily on luck. I would recommend you use the third method if you are lucky and the fourth one when you are not. So my betting method changes according to different scenarios.

  • Only increase the bets while winning, and use the same betting amount method when lost
  • The first betting amount is the standard betting amount. The amount will be added up after winning the bet
  • After the second win, with three standard betting amount
  • After the third win, bet with 6 standard betting amounts.
  • After the fourth win, bet with 4 standard betting amounts.
  • After the fifth win, bet on 8 standard betting amounts.
  • Start with the standard betting amount if lost in the previous round

This method allows you to have enough betting amount while you are gambling. We will have enough amount until our luck comes back to us and help us hit our take profit.

James Brown's Baccarat Betting Strategy

First bet: one standard amount.

Second bet: If wins, bet two standard amounts. If loses, bet one standard amount.

Third bet: If wins, bet 3 standard amounts. If loses, bet one standard amount.

Fourth bet: If wins, bet 6 standard amounts. If loses, bet one standard amount

Fifth bet: If wins, bet 4 standard amounts. If loses, bet one standard amount.

Sixth bet: If wins, bet 8 standard amounts. If loses, bet one standard amount.

Reduced Amount Betting Strategy

The same goes for the casino with only a small spare time. They are here to try out their luck. I've mentioned above that those who stayed for a long period have a great chance of losing.

Those who stay not long enough will also have a great chance of losing because they will bet in hasty. This will lead to wrong decision-making. The reduced betting amount method here gives you a chance of winning with only a limited time.

This Baccarat strategy asks you to divide your capital into ten parts. The first round is 4 part of it, and if you win, reduce it to two parts, and then reduce it to one part if you win again.

If you lost the first bet, then reduce it to 3 parts of it, then two parts. Maintain your betting amount if you have won. This method will have you exit the game after 4 consecutive losses, though if you win and lose in between the procedure, you will only lose a small amount yet you will be able to keep your winnings.

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