Dragon Tiger Strategy

Playing Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game 9 Winning Tricks

Playing Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game 9 Winning Tricks

How to win Dragon Tiger online casino game? Follow these 9 Dragon Tiger game winning tricks and you would surely win loads of money! You can even get promos and bonuses if you play at Esball Eu. In this Dragon Tiger game winning tricks guide, we'll give you all the information about Dragon Tiger.

Playing Live Dragon Tiger Winning Strategy Game Introduction

Dragon Tiger is a game developed by players who loved playing Baccarat. The developers wanted to create a fun game for all experienced and new players. It first hit the USA online casino scene in 2018 and quickly became one of the most popular games online.

Playing Live Dragon Tiger Casino Game Winning Strategy

If you're looking to start playing something at the live dealer casinos then Dragon Tiger is an easy-to-learn, fast-paced game. In this Dragon Tiger game-winning tricks guide, we'll give you all the information about Dragon Tiger, from how to play and have to start winning big.

What is Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game

Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game is a game based entirely on chance. It's unique in that players aren't playing against the dealer but against the other hand. For instance, if you place a bet on the Dragon hand, you'll be playing against the Tiger hand, rather than playing against the dealer.

It's very easy to get the hang of, all you need to do is pick, and the dealer will place the cards on the table. Each team's hand consists of one card, and the team with the highest hand wins the game, it's that simple. No long-winded games like in blackjack where you are waiting on the entire table to play. You'll be waiting for only a few minutes between games.

Things to Keep in Mind When You Prepare To Play Dragon Tiger

Every game is different and has different rules and setups. Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game is a unique game and has a lot of things you'll need to know and think about while playing the game. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Return to play percentage (RTP)

The RTP for this game is average with a percentage of 96.25% when you bet on the Dragon or Tiger hands, and much lower for the tie hand at 82.17%.

Ace is low

In most live dealer games the ace is the highest card in the game. Not in Dragon Tiger, it's the lowest card. The highest card in this game is the king.

How to Play Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game

This section will be quick and simple as the game has very minimal steps when placing bets. The four types of bets you can place with their odds are.

  • Dragon Hand 1:1
  • Tiger Hand 1:1
  • Tie 11:1
  • Suited Tie 50:1

Now that you know which bets you can place here a quick example of what the game will be like.

  • You'll have to place your bet. Don't forget, the bet can only be placed on any of the 4 options mentioned above.
  • Then the dealer will place a card on the Dragon and Tiger side of the table. Whichever hand has the highest card will win the game.
  • If you've placed a bet on a tie or suited tie you'll need cards to match or match with the same suit to win.

9 Recommends Dragon Tiger Game-Winning Tricks

It's very hard to come up with a winning strategy for this game because it's very random and completely down to chance. There is no way you can 100% confirm what card is going to come out of the deck.

However, there are Dragon Tiger strategy you can do to try and increase your chances of getting more wins than losses. Here are some things you can do to start winning more in Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 1: Bankroll Management Strategy

This is one of the main ways to keep playing for longer and ensure you don't lose all your cash after a few games. When making bets ensure to stake an amount that's in line with your overall bankroll. This means if you've got $100, place smaller bets of $5 and not massive bets of $50. This way you'll get more out of your bankroll rather than playing a few games and needing to deposit more funds.

For any casino game using smart money management is vital and that goes for DragonTiger as well. Have a specific amount for your bankroll for a playing session and do not surpass it. The saying rings true in that you should never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. In terms of money management be smart and do not chase losses. Do not bet more on a hand or hands after losing a few of them. It is best to chip away at losses rather than get it all back at once. Chasing losses is the fastest way to drain your bankroll.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 2: Know the Game and the Payouts

Before playing DragonTiger for real money make sure you fully know the game. On top of that, you need to know the payouts, as they will differ at online casinos. It is a good idea to find an online casino that offers the best payouts for the game, mainly for tie bets.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 3: Play Fewer Games

This strategy is key for Dragon Tiger as it's so fast-paced. Playing more games means you're likely to lose more. You could end up paying more than 50 games per hour with Dragon Tiger if you placed a bet on every single hand. Combined with managing your bankroll and playing a few games per hour you can start to reduce losses and get more winning hands.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 4: Card Counting Technique

Card counting is frowned upon at all online casinos. However, no one will know you're doing it because you're behind a screen. To get this to work properly you'll need to watch what cards are coming out for several hands before finding out if you're likely to get higher cards or lower cards coming out. You'd want higher cards to come out more often than lower cards, so you are more likely to win the hand. So wait for a lot of lower cards to be drawn before jumping in.

Players who want to count the cards can rely on this tactic to avoid an unlucky drawing. Dragon Tiger uses few cards, which makes it easier to keep track of how many small or large cards have been dealt. Therefore, one can easily track how many sevens are dealt, and if a seven is drawn a player will lose the bet. Overall, tracking and avoiding these unlucky sevens may increase one's chances of winning a bet.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 5: Follow The Last Cards

Similar to card counting this is a technique that reads the previous hand. It is down to a human error in shuffling the decks. You're more likely to get a high card following the high card before and could likely get a higher card coming out next if the deck wasn't shuffled effectively. This could work on occasion but most of the time it is random.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 6: Stick to One Side

Pick either Dragon or Tiger and stick to that side the entire game. This will help you win a bit more than switching sides all the time. You could end up choosing the losing side lots more if you're changing over all the time. It's best to choose one and keep playing on that side.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 7: Check The Winning Trend

Check which side is winning more and keep betting on that side. Live dealer casinos will show a record of previous games so you can check them up just before placing your first few bets.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 8: Avoid Betting On The Tie or Suited Tie

Many experts say that the Tie Bet doesn't work very well. The main reason why people want to try it is that it has huge odds. This can be an 8-to-1 payout. The problem is that the house advantage is absolutely enormous. It's over 10 times larger than the advantage the house has at the low end with the tiger or dragon bet. The number of people who have actually won a tie bet is minuscule. There are almost 80,000 possibilities for a player to lose. This isn't the kind of bet that's a good idea to make. It's all about playing the odds that move in your favor the most, not just looking at the best possible payout.

Placing a tie bet could result in big winnings, but the chances of winning are slim. Players may want to avoid betting because the house edge on the tie bet is 32%. Out of 86,320 possible card combinations, only 6,488 of them are ties; therefore, 79,872 bets can result in a loss. With these odds, this makes it one of the most challenging bets to win. Also, the suit tie bet has a worse outcome with 1,456 bets resulting in a tie. So, one should feel very lucky before taking on these odds.

Dragon Tiger Game Winning Tricks 9: Do Not Follow Patterns

If the Dragon card has been the winner five times in a row it does not mean the odds are better that it will be a winner for a sixth straight time. The odds for each hand are the same no matter what happened in the previous hands.

Dragon Tiger is a game of chance, but that doesn't mean it can't be played without a strategy. The strategies above can improve one's odds of winning, so keep them in mind. But more importantly, don't forget to have fun.


How to win Dragon Tiger online casino game? Follow these 9 Dragon Tiger game-winning tricks and you would surely win loads of money!

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