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Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Variations and Comparison For Players Guide To Play Casino Online

Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Variations and Comparison For Players Guide To Play Casino Online

The closest description of this card game played at casino is that it is very similar to Baccarat at the same time. It follows the baccarat betting system. It is played with just two cards, each treated on site Tiger or Dragon. The game is as simple as a game of chance can get.

Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Variations Comparison Game Introduction

The closest description of this card game played at casino is that it is very similar to Baccarat at the same time. It follows the baccarat betting system. It is played with just two cards, each treated on site Tiger or Dragon. The game is as simple as a game of chance can get.

Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Variations and Comparison

The dragon and the tiger have been used in East Asian art for thousands of years. So, it makes complete sense to learn that the Dragon Tiger casino card game originates from within Asia. As we mentioned at the start, the game actually originates from Cambodia. It is considered that the dragon and tiger are both completely different spirits, yet similar at the same time. The ongoing battle means that the two animals are destined to be mortal enemies for the rest of time. This conflict is what the game rules are based on, so will you bet on the dragon or the tiger to win.

How to Play the Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Game

The game uses a regular 52-card deck which is often dealt out from a standard blackjack shoe. So, just to confirm, there are no jokers or wilds or anything extra within the deck to think about. The aim of the game is to bet on which card will be higher and so the start of the game could not be any easier. It requires the player to place their bet on either the Dragon or Tiger and which they think will be higher. The other two options are the Tie and the Suited Tie bets.

Know more information about dragon tiger rules on this page Live Dragon Tiger Game.

Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Variations

1. Evolution Dragon Tiger

Evolution Gaming only offers one dragon tiger variant: Classic Live Dragon tiger, along with two additional side bet which players can use to enhance the game. This dragon tiger live casino game is accessible via desktop and on mobile devices powered by Apple and Android. Evolution gaming prides itself in stapling their live dragon variant as a game that fellow baccarat players will enjoy and take an instant liking to – which has been proven to be true based on the popularity of the game.

Evolution Live Dealer Dragon Tiger

This game features an attractive live dealer dressed in red Asian themes clothing along with being broadcast in a traditional Asian based environment. Moreover, this game features a large array on on-screen information, such as roadmap statistics showing the player the common trends and history of the dealt cards, along with more information about certain terms, rules, and the ability to switch live dealers if the player desires. Plus, Evolution Gaming features two side bets that players can use: Tie Bet and Suited Tie Bet, which if used correctly, can increase the total payout the player will receive.

Two side bets are available: the Tie bet, irrespective of suit pays 11:1, and the Suited Tie bet with a payout of 50:1.

2. Playtech Dragon Tiger

Playtech, a gaming giant in the online casino world, has incorporated this new online casino game into their live casino gaming library and it became an automatic success due to the uniqueness. For starters, the live dealers are dressed in a stylish Asian themed costume while they are dealing the game. Plus, the studio the game is broadcasted in has an overall more relaxed and traditional atmosphere, making it a new experience that many players have not experienced.

This game is played using an eight deck shoe while one card is dealt for the dragon and the other for the tiger. The player must them decide and choose which card will be the higher out of the two drawn, and if guessed correctly, the payer wins. Overall, it is a very simple game to pick up, and novices and experts alike have enjoyed it greatly.

8 Decks of cards are shuffled and placed in a manual dealing shoe.

The Player place a bet on the Dragon or Tiger position on the table. The dealer deals one card to each position and reveals them at the same time.

The position that has a card of the higher value wins.

If the hand is a Tie, 50% of your initial bet is returned.

3. Ezugi Dragon Tiger

Ezugi is one of the game providers that have supplied numerous online casinos with one great live baccarat game. It goes by the name Live Dragon Tiger. Thousands of players around the world have praised this game which is why it deserves a closer look.

Live Dragon Tiger from Ezugi boasts several great features. It has a 24/7 live stream with high video and audio quality. That means that you can access it at any time and place and enjoy it to the fullest.

Furthermore, it is optimized for both mobile and desktop use and it is open to an unlimited number of players. The dealers are and the graphics are made to create a friendly and soothing atmosphere and make every player feel welcome.

Live Dragon Tiger from Ezugi can be found at sites that target Asian audience, but thanks to its simplicity, numerous players from around the world tune in to play it.

In the past period, this game has recorded a spike in popularity which is why it is becoming a standard live dealer game at numerous online casinos.

The game is streamed from Columbia and it is fully licensed and regulated by the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. All bets are safe and secure and players can play it without any worries.

4. XPG Dragon Tiger

Choose which is the fiercest beast in XProGaming high stakes game - Dragon Tiger. Explore this live casino game while comfortably seated at home and walk away with amazing prizes. The game is loaded with amazing bonus bets and features which will have you hooked on this game. Dragon Tiger is an interesting live casino game which will have you at the edge of your seat waiting for wins to land. So get ready for a fierce battle and place your bets for the big wins.

XPG Live Dealer Dragon Tiger

The library of games at XPro Gaming is filled with titles that showcase the developers’ time and effort put into them. For this reason, these games are part of libraries on plenty of LIVE Dealer online casinos. The provider made sure to produce high-quality LIVE versions of classic games so players can enjoy LIVE versions of the classics like poker, blackjack, baccarat and from recently, Dragon Tiger.

Like Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger is also a popular game among Asian players. The only difference is that Dragon Tiger is strictly a card game and it’s really similar to baccarat. Thanks to XPro Gaming, players can enjoy a LIVE version of this game from to comfort of their homes.

The game is played with 8 decks and only 2 cards are drawn per round. One card goes for the Dragon and the other one goes for the Tiger, and the higher card wins. Players can bet on both cards or opt for a tie. If the result is a tie, then half the bet is returned to the player. There are no commissions on wins and roadmaps can be displayed to aid the player.

This version of LIVE Dragon Tiger also features some side bets the players can place. These include the Big and Small bets placed on cards with a value bigger or lower than 7. Other side bets are the Dragon or Tiger Diamond, Hearts, Spades and Clubs.

5. Pragmatic Dragon Tiger

Pragmatic Dragon Tiger is probably the easiest of Pragmatic Plays, live dealer games to play. It is one of those coin-flip type games, similar in appearance to Baccarat, but without the complexities.

Quite simply, two playing positions Dragon and Tiger receive one card each. You bet on the hand you think will have the higher value when they are revealed by the dealer.

There is also a range of side bets that can be played alongside the main hand, which adds a bit of additional excitement while playing.

This isn’t a game where you’ll be able to win large amounts for small stakes. Most of the bets, including the side bets pay even money, 1:1. Only one bet, the Tie, pays more at 11:1 or 50:1 for a suited tie.

As Dragon Tiger games go, this version from Pragmatic is comparable with the best that Evolution and Playtech have to offer.

You won’t get short-changed if you choose to play Pragmatic Play live dealer Dragon Tiger.

Live Dealer Dragon Tiger Comparison

Dragon Tiger is available at 5 Live Casino Providers (if you exclude the Asian providers like Asia Tech Live).

For European players Evolution, Playtech, Ezugi, XPG and Pragmatic have versions, so here’s a quick rundown of the differences between them.

Side Bets

If you want a good selection of Side Bets then pick one of the Playtech Casinos or XPG Casinos to play at. Their games have more side bets than anyone else. The suited side bet is only available at XPG casinos.


The Evolution and Pragmatic versions pay Ties at 11:1, while at Playtech you get 10:1, and XPG & Ezugi you’ll only see 8:1.

Playing Interfaces

If you like a slick modern-looking environment then head to an Evolution Casino. The Playtech one is a bit dark.

Road Maps

All versions come with Roadmaps. In my opinion, the ones from Evolution and Pragmatic are easier to read.

Game rounds are quick wherever you play.

Bet Type Evolution Payouts Pragmatic Payouts Playtech Payouts Ezugi Payouts XPG Payouts
Dragon / Tiger 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1 1:1
Tie 11:1 11:1 10:1 8:1 8:1
Suited Tie 50:1 50:1      
Dragon / Tiger Small     1:1 1:1 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Big     1:1 1:1 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Odd     1:1 1:1 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Even     1:1 1:1 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Heart         3:1
Dragon / Tiger Diamond         3:1
Dragon / Tiger Spade         3:1
Dragon / Tiger Club         3:1

Live Dealer Dragon Tiger FAQ

Can I Play Dragon Tiger Online For Free

No, Dragon Tiger is a live casino game only and so there is no chance to practice for free. However, you can watch the game for free to understand how the betting rounds are played out.

Is Dragon Tiger Casino Game Worth It

es, if you enjoy fast-paced casino games then Dragon Tiger is perfect. The betting options are simple and winning streaks are also possible for lucky players.

Can I Play Dragon Tiger At A Casino Online On Mobile

Yes, absolutely. You can play Dragon Tiger on mobile phones and tablets via many of the recommended casinos on our site.

How To Beat Online Dragon Tiger

There is no 100% guaranteed way to beat the Dragon Tiger game. Our advice would be to stick to the lowest house edge options which are based on the Dragon and Tiger bets.

Where To Play Dragon Tiger Online

You may find slightly different game rules but sites such as Esball Eu are great options for Indian players.

Live Dragon Tiger can be a fun game to play. It sort of falls between Hi-Lo and Baccarat in terms of what it offers. It’s a simple game, with easy to understand rules and betting options.

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