Live Teenpatti 20-20 Online Casino

Live Teenpatti 20-20 Online Casino

Teenpatti 20-20 is played with one deck of 52 cards and against players. The game begins when the players place a bet on either of the bet spots which must be equal to the minimum amount indicated for that particular table.

Teenpatti 20-20 Game Introduction

Teenpatti 20-20 is played with one deck of 52 cards and against players. The game begins when the players place a bet on either of the bet spots which must be equal to the minimum amount indicated for that particular table. Once the player has finished placing his bets, the dealer distributes one card to player A and one card to player B placing it face up. On distribution of 3 cards to each hand, cards on both hand A and B are compared and the hand which has highest card combination wins.

Teenpatti 20-20

Teen Patti is highly regarded as one of India’s most famous card games of all time. Even though it has some similarities with the English game of three-card brag (one of the ancestors to poker), Teen Patti has evolved from its Indian and South-Asian origins. Although Teen Patti is simple to learn, there is an overt element of skill involved. It is entirely possible to play Teen Patti in an online setting (even if the online version has some significant differences to the physical version). On this page, we have thoroughly reviewed the best Teen Patti websites and provided you with in-depth information to help you understand the rules and winning tips of this exciting game!

How to Start Playing Teen Patti In An Online Casino

  1. Choose an online casino from our list of recommended online casinos, Esball Eu.
  2. Sign-up and register an account (if you haven’t done so yet). If you are a rookie you can claim a juicy casino bonus.
  3. Visit the section Live Game and click on Teenpatti 20-20.
  4. Click on Play Real to play with real money.

20-20 Teen Patti Game Rules

Card games use a standard deck of 52 cards, which include four suits of Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. Each suite has 13 cards. There are a large number of card games and their variants played around the world. Some games are for pure entertainment, while others involve betting and are for financial gain.Teen Patti is highly regarded as one Teen Patti has evolved from its Indian and South-Asian origins. Although Teen Patti is simple to learn, there is an overt element of skill involved. It is entirely possible to play Teen Patti in an online setting (even if the online version has some significant differences to the physical version.

Teen Patti game is a rather simple design Poker game variant. Its simplicity is one of the reasons why the game is so popular among the Indians and elsewhere. Teen Patti can be played both online and offline with a similar set of rules for both formats. The ultimate Teen Patti game has the objective of showing the best 3-card hand after maximising the pot among players. This is done after betting on your hand or anticipation of another player’s hand.

In the game of Teen Patti, aces are ranked the highest and 2’s come at the lowest rung in the ranking. As mentioned before, the aim is to have the best 3 card combination and increase the pot as much as you can, before the time of a showdown. To help you determine if you have a high-ranking combination we have prepared a table that enlists the highest to the lowest rank. To give you a clear idea of how rare these combinations can be, we are also mentioning the probability and details of the sequence.

Type of combination Description Probability(in a deck of 52 cards)
Trail A trail is the highest-ranked combination in a Teen Patti game. If a player has three cards of the same rank, i.e. three A’s or three 8’s etc. it is called a trail. Among the trails also the highest trail is of Aces’ followed by King’s trail and Queen’s trail. Such a combination is quite rare as you can see in the probability column. 0.24%
Pure Sequence The second-highest rank is that of a sequence which has three consecutive value cards of the same suit. For example, if a player gets 6,7 and 8 of Clubs it is called a pure sequence. The highest pure sequence is A-K-Q of any colour. 0.45%
Straight/Sequence If a player gets a combination of cards that are consecutive in value but belong to different suits, it is called a sequence or a straight. The highest and lowest value straights are similar to that of pure sequence, A-K-Q highest & 4-3-2 lowest. 3.71%
Flush/Colour You might have noticed that the game gives special importance if the cards are of the same suit. A flush is when the combination of cards are from the same suit regardless of if they are in sequence or not. If two players happen to have flush combination at once then the one with the highest value card is called the winner. For example, a flush of spade with cards J-6-9 will be the winner to a flush of hearts with cards 10-8-7 as the first combination has the highest card among the six. 8.67%
Two of a kind You might not always be lucky enough to find a trail, but you might find yourself with two cards of the same value. In Teen Patti, a pair of same value cards also holds importance is called a Pair or Two of a kind. Double A’s has the highest value while two 2’s has the lowest value among the Pairs.  25.61%
High card If none of the above combinations come into future but you still manage to play till the end of the game, the result is then decided by looking at the player with the highest card. For example, if two players have cards 7-3-Q and 7-K-5 where none of the combinations are from the same suit, the second player with the cards 7-K-5 will win the game as he has the higher value card among the two combinations. 74.39%

Teenpatti 20-20

Live Teenpatti 20-20 Payout

Pair or Better

In Pair or Better, also known as Pair+ or P+, you bet if the selected cards will be a pair or better. If you play Live Teen Patti (against the dealer), you bet if your own cards will be a pair or better. If you play 20/20 Live Teen Patti you can bet if either player A or Play B will have a Pair or Better, also known as “A P+” and “B P+”. You can also bet on both in the last example.

You must place this bet before you see the cards. The better hand your selected cards will have, the higher the payout will be. You can see the payouts below:

Hand Payout
Mini royal 200:1
Straight flush 40:1
Trio 30:1
Straight 6:1
Colour/ Flush 3:1
Pair 1:1

3+3 Bonus

3+3 Bonus, also known as 6 card bonus, uses the 3 best cards from each hand to create a 5-card poker hand.

If you play against the dealer this side bet will use the 3 best cards from the player (your hand) and the 3 best cards from the dealer. If you play 20/20 Live Teen Patti, this side bet will use the 3 best cards from Player A and the 3 best cards from Player B.

You must place this bet before any of the cards are being dealt.

The system will create the strongest hand possible. The better the hand that is generated the higher the payout will be. The ranking of hand follow the standard rules of Poker. You can see the payouts from 3+3 bonus below:

Hand Payout
Royal flush 1000:1
Straight flush 200:1
Four of a kind 50:1
Full house 25:1
Flush 20:1
Straight 10:1
Three of a kind 5:1


A tie happens when both player A and player B get the same card. The payout for this is 50:1.

This side bet is only available when you bet on either player A or player B.

Winning Strategy at Live Teenpatti 20-20 Online Casino

Skill and chance come into Teen Patti, turning the real players into champs based on their bluffing skills, while chance only plays a minor part. Many casino games come down to chance, but Teen Patti involves an element of skill. Like any game, Teen Patti takes patience and practice. Playing blind can help win as fewer chips are at stake and it allows you to place the smallest bets. Chance comes into play as those not playing blind are more likely to fold due to weaker hands.

Teenpatti 20-20

Bluffing by placing bets often could make players believe your hand is stronger, making their folding chances higher.

Choosing sideshow is helpful when a previous player is not blind and has a weaker hand. You can weigh up cards against the previous wager leaving the better hand to continue play.

Low-value stakes are good as you can then raise if you have a good hand.

Watch your opponents keep a neutral composure. If you get a decent hand, keep some chips back and stay strong. Let others increase the pot to ensure others don’t fold.

In any case, always stand with Q-6-4 or anything better.

In Teen Patti, players can choose to either see their three cards or play blind, and can also move from playing blind to viewing their cards. Only a single deck of cards is used with no jokers and the game continues as long as the players place bets. When playing Teen Patti in real life, you can pick up on behavioural traits of the other players by observing them, however, when playing online, that isn’t possible, so there are other tips you need to use to win the game.

Understand the Variation

The game of Teen Patti may be relatively simple to understand but even within Teen Patti, there are multiple variations including best-of-four, lowball, wild draw, low wild, high wild, community, draw, high-low split, cobra and bust card draw. Before you play, and especially before you bet money, read the rules thoroughly so you know the nitty gritty specifics of that particular game.

Practice for Free

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you are new to the online version of Teen Patti, or if you are playing after a break, try a few games for free. There are many top sites available that will offer free games. By practicing for free you will become more comfortable and familiar, making it easier for you to win when you play with money.

Start with Low Bets

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to Teen patti. Increase your playing time by starting with bets of lower amounts so that you can play more hands at a lower expense. Try to notice patterns in the game and in the way your opponents are playing. This is especially important when you are playing online and cannot directly observe the body language of other players.

Raise your Betting Amount Slowly

Once you get an idea of the other players and how they are betting, you can slowly raise your own betting amount. Players with weaker hands will typically start to fold. So if you have a strong hand, you can add more risk to the game by increasing your betting amount. This also helps in spacing out your bets, preventing major financial losses in case you do not win.

Play Blind

In Teen Patti, you can play blind as long as you like and see the cards when you want. By starting off with blind, you can focus on the game and analyze its progress by studying the way the other players are betting before deciding if and when you want to see your cards. When you start a round having small bets, playing blind is possible with reduced risk.

Use Sideshow

The option for sideshow is very useful in Teen Patti, particularly if you have seen your cards as this allows you to request to see and compare the cards of the last player who placed a bet with seen cards. The person with the weaker hand has to pack. A player can reject a sideshow request only thrice, and then will be forced to accept. Sideshow has its risks, so use it only when you are confident of your hand.

Know When to Pack

At the end of the day, luck does play an important role in Teen Patti. If you notice that you are on a losing streak or simply having a bad hand, then sometimes it’s better to play smart and pack. By packing or folding, you may lose the bets you have placed, but you would have only lost that money bet so far, and you can regroup and try again later.

Using tips and tricks can always help you up to your game when you are playing Teen Patti, but at the end of the day, it is your experience and instincts that will make a winner out of you. Whether you are winning or losing, remember to have fun, and that a win is always just around the corner.

Teenpatti 20-20 Terminologies

Although the game of Teen Patti is one of the most famous card games in India, a player might come across terms that may perplex his/her mind. Therefore, we present a list of terms that are commonly used in a game of Teen Patti, so that you understand the game better than ever before.

Call (Chaal)

When a seen player places further bets on his cards, it is called a ‘Call’ or as Indians call it ‘Chaal’.

Boot (Ante)

The total of the money collected by all the players before the cards are dealt with in the game is called Boot or Ante. However, the boot may be fixed on, it becomes the base bet for the rest of the game. Every bet following the Boot should be equal or more than the Ante.

Fold (Pack)

Teen Patti is a game that lets the player make a last call to leave the game without having to lose much on the board. If the player feels that his cards are not strong enough to fight with others on the board, he can opt to Fold or Pack his cards. However, Ante is nonrefundable.


‘Show’ is a move which compels the last players to face up their cards to each other. The game cannot be continued any further for the two individuals.

Blind Player

A blind player is someone who has not yet seen his cards up-faced in the game but decides to continue placing bets on his cards. Other players on the board can also stay blind by placing an equal bet or by increasing the bet value not more than twice the current stake.

Seen Player

A seen player is exactly the opposite of a blind player. A seen player has seen his cards and if he wishes to continue he will have to bet 2-4 times the stake placed by the blind player before him.

Spread Limit

There are limits to the highest bet that can be placed in Teen Patti game. The spread limit is limits fixed by the game provider in advance. A player can increase his bet only to those preset limits.

Pot Limit

There are games that do not have preset limits, rather the limit in such games can be to place a bet which is equal to the whole pot.

Fixed Limit

Fixed limits are different from Spread limits. A fixed limit game follows a fixed structure of doubling or quadrupling the previous stake. There are no presets, rather just the structure is to be taken care of.

No Limit

Not all games have structural or functional limits, you may find games that have no limits. The player can increase the stake as much as he wants.


The game also has a policy to take breaks during the gameplay. However, there are rules that the player must follow in order to take a break. The Ante at the time when the player re-enters the game should be equal to the Ante when he left. Also, when he re-enters the game it is a compulsion for him to post or pay the next deal’s Ante. This compulsive amount is called Post.

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