Online Baccarat 101: 6 Baccarat Rules and 7 Baccarat Tricks

Online Baccarat 101: 6 Baccarat Rules and 7 Baccarat Tricks

6 Baccarat Rules and 7 Baccarat Tricks in general use, though some said they’ve heard of a 100% winning strategy. No matter which strategy you wish to take, you need to know how the game is played.

6 Baccarat Rules and 7 Baccarat Tricks Game Introduction

Baccarat is the most popular game around the world, especially played online baccarat on internet.

Nowadays more and more casino expand their business onto the internet and hold more and more gaming websites, baccarat followed this trend too, and now numerous players may play the game by looking at the online baccarat screen where it shows the table and the dealer who dishing out cards.

Online Baccarat 101: 6 Baccarat Rules and 7 Baccarat Tricks

The game expanded its amount and now has the same volume as sports betting.

Some players said that they’ve heard of a 100% winning strategy. Though no matter which baccarat tricks you use, you need to know about the baccarat rules and how the game is played.

The following are the 6 basic baccarat rules that you need to know before you became an online baccarat player.

6 Online Baccarat Rules

1、Baccarat has the Lowest House Edge

House edge means the house has a higher chance to win over the players. There’s an EV that you may get from the games in the casino, meaning the expected value you may make with a 1 dollar investment. The house edge is 1- your EV per dollar.

The reason why people are playing in baccarat is that it’s the game that’s closest to fairness. Even if the result is a tie, the house allows you to take your bets back instead of declaring a loss on your part.

The house edge of baccarat is 1.2% after the calculation, meaning you expect to get back 98.8 dollars with a 100-dollar investment. The house edge of Blackjack is 2%, craps are 1.4%, and roulettes are 5.3% to 2.4 % depending on its 0 or 00.

2、Banker Side Winning Odds are Higher than Player Side

The first question a player normally would ask is why there’s a 5% rake on the Banker side but not on the Player side. To keep the profit, Shouldn’t we be betting on the Player side?

The win rate percentage is different due to the card dealing rules being different between the sides. With an 8-pack poker deck of baccarat, the win rate on the Banker side is 45.86% and the Player side is 44.62%.

The rest is the odds for a tie. Though since you may still get your betting money back, the percentage not to lose on the Banker side is over 50%, so the house takes a 5% rake to reduce the payout ratio on a side with higher winning probabilities.

Since it’s a rake for balance, then there’s no need to put a rake on the Player side.

3、Ignore the Pair and Tie Betting Option

The payout doesn’t match up to the odds for ties and pairs to show up in games. The odds for a tie are 9.51% and the odds are 1:8, meaning the EV is only 85.56%. In short, the house edge for ties is 14.44% and it’s 12.15% for the pairs.

Here’s a little tip for you. The options with big payouts normally contain a bigger house edge. Such as multi-option betting in sports betting.

The only exception is roulette, all the odds and house edge are the same for each number. So if you wish to gamble for big money, you should be playing roulette.

4、Don’t Use Road or Line Betting if You Are Not Familiar

I believe you’ve all seen some people drawing things on a piece of paper beside the table baccarat. Some of them might even exchange opinions with each other. That’s what we called road identification and line betting.

There’s the record that you may check on the casino’s sides. Though there are no real roads aside for long consecutive winnings or long switches. Though these are only statistics scenarios so the value for reference of strategy is limited.

One may only tell certain things in the future for the data one collected in the past. It wouldn’t even matter if those events are all independent. So the baccarat rule is, if you are not familiar with the logic behind these strategies, don’t follow them.

5、You May Count Cards in Baccarat

In movie 21, the protagonists gain profits from betting on Blackjack. The card counting system is to assign a value for each card and then sums up the cards that have been dealt to know whether it’s an advantage to the players.

The same system may be applied in baccarat as well. Since we know the rules for distributing cards are different between sides. The importance of each card is different for each side as well.

In short, the cards that would make more difference are the cards that are close to 4, so we assigned the card value for 4 as +3,3 as +2, and A and 2 are +1. 5,6 and 7 are -2. 8 is -1 and 9 and 10s are 0. When the total value is smaller, it’s better for the Banker, and if it’s bigger is better for the Player.

The card counting method is focusing on the exact cards that may come, so it surely is more accurate compared to road identification. Though it’s not common to see the results are different from the counting value.

6、One Should Never Use the Double Betting Strategy

The double-betting strategy is one that only amateurs use. This is the advice given by those who haven’t been playing the games. I would only state two things that it’s impossible to carry out.

1. all the casino’s capital is way bigger compared to yours, so no one can out bet the casino.

2. From a statistical point of view, all events are independent therefore the possibility that you lose each round won’t get influenced by the previous round’s result. In a normal distribution, it’s common.

If you start betting from 100 dollars, you will be betting over 12800 if you have lost 7 in a roll, risking 12800 for only 100 dollars is no smart investment from every perspective.

If you are looking forward to increasing your betting size, it should be a ratio of 2:3.5, and for it with every 3 rounds only.

These are the 6 basic baccarat rules one must learn before start playing in the game. A lot of casinos offer a referral bonus for those who introduce tourists to the casinos.

The same system now appears on gaming sites as well. So if we can get those rebate-free games or collect the rebate ourselves, then we reduce the house edge and increase our win rates.

7 Online Baccarat Tricks

1、Ignore betting on ties

Based on the EV calculation for betting on these three options: Banker, Player, and Tie, the house edge is 1.06%, 1.24%, and 14.4%. This percentage times the money is what you would lose on average for betting on that side consecutively.

As you may see, the house edge for ties is 14.4%, which is huge compared to the other two. The Baccarat Tricks is to ignore betting on the ties unless you don’t mind losing your money to the house.

2、Bet on the Banker side if you wish to win

According to Baccarat Tricks 1, Banker is our best betting option since it has the lowest house edge. The win rate on Banker is over 50% according to statistical analysis of this game.

Though there’s a 5% rake if you have won betting on it because the house also knows the mathematics and they wish to balance it in between the options.

3、Increase your bets while consecutive winnings on the Banker side

To win big in baccarat, one must raise his betting amount. Though the odds between rounds don’t interfere with each other, meaning all of them are independent events. So don’t bet on too much just because you have won a couple of rounds ahead since there’s still a 1.06% house edge in the game.

4、Road identification

Also, don’t rush on betting on the other side if you have lost your bet previously. Slow down and observe for the right moment to enter the game again.

5、Ignore the ties

Since the ties return the betting amount to each player, then we don’t need to bet on this to get money anymore. Therefore when we are forming our strategies, it’s best if we ignore the conditions of ties.

6、Exchange Between Banker and Player Side

If you were betting on the Player and resulted in a loss, you may choose to bet on the Bankers side due to a higher winning percentage. Sometimes you may even benefit from consecutive winning.

7、Bankroll Management

The last Baccarat Tricks is on Bankroll management, this is the most important thing if you wish to survive within not only the game but also the investment industry as well. Those who don’t have a plan to manage are not suitable to put their money away from their bank account since they will only lose them all.

So how should we manage our bankroll? Say we have 200 dollars and we wish to play, then we can set our betting amount to 10 dollars per round. That way we can play 20 rounds of games.

If we are unlucky and lose it all, then we leave the casino. We may come back some other day if we have more spare money and wants to play the game again.

Also this time we can start by playing half of our original amount so that the risk reduces in half.

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