Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat Advanced Betting Strategy: One Sided Baccarat Strategy

Baccarat Advanced Betting Strategy: One Sided Baccarat Strategy

Most baccarat strategy options do not always minimize the house edge or provide net profits of 100% in all Baccarat shoes you bet on. Yes, this is the real truth about the one-sided baccarat strategy but it is also true for the house.

One Sided Baccarat Strategy Game Introduction

The online baccarat game is best played when you understand the strategy involved. First, in case you don't know what baccarat is all about; it is a betting game that involves the application of strategies. There are various baccarat strategy options available to players to choose from. However, in this article, we will look at One Sided Baccarat Strategy to help you make the best of your betting game.

One Sided Baccarat Strategy

One Sided Baccarat Strategy

In Baccarat game, there is a small advantage on the side of the Dealer due to how the cards fall. However, in Baccarat practice there is a more-or-less equal chance of Player or Dealer winning any given hand. Players using the One-Sided Strategy pick one side – Player or Dealer – and always bet on that outcome.

The logic of this is as follows: there is an almost equal chance of either outcome, so you're unlikely to run up a catastrophic run of consecutive losses by always choosing the Player of the Dealer. The probability of the various outcomes in a hand of Baccarat is that the Dealer will win 45.9% of the time, the Player 44.6%, with the remaining hands ending in a tie. In other words, across 100 hands of the game, roughly 46 can be expected to be won by the dealer, 44 or 45 by the Player, and around nine or ten will tie.

The Dealer and the Player, in other words, will win a nearly-equal number of hands, and the One-Sided Strategy is based on the reasonable assumption that these hands will not go “Dealer-Player-Dealer-Player”. Instead, at any given time, there is a decent chance of each side winning several hands in a row. There is always the risk of choosing one and seeing the other go on a hot run, but this should be evened out over the course of several hands; if you can hang in the game, you should eventually see the luck swing back your way – and hopefully, deliver profits as it does so. Better yet, there may be no need to wait for the swing; if the first hot streak is on the side you have chosen, you can walk away with a profit without needing to wait for the variance to level out.

Of course, this strategy raises the question over which is the best bet to choose. Yes, the Dealer will win more often, but remember that there is a commission applied to Dealer wins at all casino Baccarat tables. As Baccarat odds are set at Evens for Dealer and Player, and at 8 or 9/1 for the Tie, most bettors who use this strategy prefer to stick with Player bets – where the house edge is at its lowest thanks to the commission.

Finally, it's worth noting that the Tie is never the right choice for this strategy. While the Tie does offer larger payouts, they typically aren't large enough to compensate for the rarity of a Tie actually occurring; you'd need to play for a long time – and get very lucky – if waiting for a run of Ties in a row.

One Sided Baccarat Strategy

How to Use One Sided Baccarat Strategy

Start betting at the beginning of a new Baccarat shoe. When you notice that the outcomes are against you; stay put and stand your ground by activating a stop loss. Do not let yourself lose more than three in a row of double down units or flat betting units. When you have lost up to three times, it is recommended that you stop betting. Wait until your side shows up again and let this be your indication to start betting on your side again. At the beginning of the game, set a target that you want to reach in a single shoe. You might want to consider 5+ unit wins. If you can, you may push for more but for a start, target 5+ unit win.

You should be prepared and expect the opposing side to make a comeback. So you need to be sure how far you can go and how much you can afford to lose. Do not fight against a tide when you do not really need to. Instead, take the profits you have made and look for another Baccarat table. In case you are backing the baccarat Banker side, have it in mind that there is commission to pay when the Banker wins on most of the Baccarat tables. Although this might not have any effect on your objectives of earning money, it may definitely add up if you come upon a powerful Player overriding shoe.

The Limit of One Sided Baccarat Strategy

Most baccarat strategy options do not always minimize the house edge or provide net profits of 100% in all Baccarat shoes you bet on. Yes, this is the real truth about the one-sided baccarat strategy but it is also true for the house. Casinos do not always win at baccarat tables. Furthermore, casinos do not win when there is a group of players using the same strategy working well on any particular shoe. This happens both at live and online baccarat games. In general, you should take advantage of good shoes. When your side of the shoes is happening in bands of three or more game wins in a row, and you also have doubles against the singles, then ride the winning wave and make as many winning units as possible. There are many online casinos that you can explore to try out this strategy.

As you play at a casino, take notes of the outcomes in order to try to work out how well the strategy works. As you play, try to make some adjustments as you deem fit. For exam, when you double down for outcomes, you may feel like you have a higher possibility of having an edge after some lost outcomes. This can increase the quantity of units you are able to profit. Patience as well as baccarat strategy experience will be of great help to you in the long run, so practice this strategy and understand how it works to have the best of its benefits. The one-sided baccarat strategy has a lot more to offer advanced baccarat players but what has been discussed so far pretty much cover the basics. As you continue playing, you will learn the rope and get better at applying this strategy to your game.

No strategy works absolutely in any game of chance – which Baccarat is, perhaps more so than any card game. The strategies above will not increase your chances of winning a hand of Baccarat. Nothing will, but using the above strategies can allow you to use the quirks of the game to your benefit.

Know more information about baccarat strategy that help players to increase winning chance at online casino.

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