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Baccarat Lucky 6! Baccarat Online Betting Skills for Pro!

Baccarat Lucky 6! Baccarat Online Betting Skills for Pro!

Have you ever looked at the Lucky 6 bets for baccarat and wondered what it does? Or maybe you have tried it but don’t have a clear clue about it, today we will look into the Lucky 6 winning strategy!

Baccarat Lucky 6 Game Introduction

Have you ever looked at the lucky 6 bets for baccarat and wondered what it does? Or maybe you have bet on it yourself before but you don't have a clear clue about what it is.

Almost everyone focuses on the winning of the two sides that even the result tie is ignored. Therefore it's not surprising that most of the players don't care about Lucky 6 or Super 6.

Though to the pros, it's actually a way to break the game and gain profit as well. If you love playing baccarat, you need to know about this Lucky 6 winning strategy.

Baccarat Lucky 6! Baccarat Online Betting Skills for Pro!

What Is Lucky 6 in Baccarat

We all know that among all the games, baccarat is a game that has less house edge.

The winning percentage of each side is around 50% as well. Since there aren't as many betting options as in other games, only pairs, dragon bonus, and lucky 6 are left if we left out betting on Bank, Player, and Tie. Though how should we determine when lucky 6 will appear? We need to know what lucky 6 is first.

Lucky6, also known as super 6, means we bet on the Bankside and it wins by holding 6 points, with odds 1 to 12. If Bank wins with lucky 6 holding three cards, then the odds rise to 1 to 20. Easy to understand, the rules are. Though why are the odds so high?

It's actually easy to understand. Since in baccarat, holding natural 9s and 8s won't need to ask for extra cards.

The result is set once the holding cards are revealed. Only when the holding cards of both sides are lower than 8 points will we enter the extra card dealing condition? Then according to the third card, if it's 6 against 6, 7 against 7, 7 against 6, or 6 against 7, are all considered no extra cards needed as well.

So the chances of holding a six and gaining an extra card that makes it below 6 are low, therefore this betting option is invented. Also, we need to be aware that lucky6 exists only in Bankside, there's no lucky 6 on the Player side.

Now the odds, Bank odds are 1:0.95, Player odds are 1:1. Tie odds are 1:8. Pair odds are 1:11. Lucky 6 and super 6 odds are 1:12 and 1:20. In conclusion since the chances that Bankside wins holding a six in a complete 52 cards deck are low, therefore the odds should be higher than the pairs and ties.

Also in the road list, we record mostly the winning side as the result. Lucky 6 is somewhat of a symbol of how the trend may continue. Though there are some players who're capable of predicting a lucky 6 and hence profit from it.

Lucky 6 Winning Strategy

We need to know about the chances for Lucky 6 before we start betting on it. The probability of this happening is around 3% to 6 %, which means there are only about 3 to 6 times we may hit lucky6 in 100 rounds.

In other way of speaking, only 3 to 6 lucky sixes will appear in 100 players' betting. This explains the low odds perfectly for the Lucky 6 winning strategy.

Now comes the core part. We all know how important Aces and 8s are to baccarat. Since these two cards are the one that alters the card's value the most in the game.

Statistically shows that when there are more 8s at the beginning of the round, the chances for lucky 6 to show rise drastically. Aces' condition is exactly opposite of the 8s.

Therefore, the key factor for Lucky 6 winning strategy is the amount of Aces and 8s remaining in the deck. Since there are only 4 to 6 cards dealt in a round of the game, we can calculate how many rounds are left in a game and also keep a record of how many Aces and 8 have appeared already.

Then we will be able to increase our hitting percentage. Also don't bet on a big amount of this cause even with the gesture we did above, the chances for it to show are still low so we might need to try betting for multiple rounds for it.

That's all. Keep in mind that when you are playing baccarat with the Lucky 6 winning strategy, even though the odds for Lucky 6 aren't high, it doesn't mean that it will never happen.

We just need to find the right time to seek it. I suggest that you guys may try this out with a small amount in your game and see if the goddess of luck smiles on you or not. Thank you and wish you all the best.

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