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How to Play Baccarat and Win? Baccarat Valid Betting Tips

How to Play Baccarat and Win? Baccarat Valid Betting Tips

When it comes to how to play Baccarat and win, what’s your favorite strategy? If you want to know how to play well in baccarat, one must know to use valid bets to their benefit. This will affect how they make their moves of betting.

How to Play Baccarat and Win? Game Introduction

When it comes to how to play Baccarat and win, what’s your favorite strategy? If you want to know how to play well in baccarat, one must know to use valid bets to their benefit.

This will affect how they make their moves of betting.

However, if you have not set the correct betting amount, then it’s hard for you to bet in the long run.

So how should we use valid bets to our benefit? We will give you several examples here to show how one should execute it in real life. Don’t miss out

How to Play Baccarat and Win? Baccarat Valid Betting Tips

How to Play Baccarat and Win With Valid Betting

First, we need to define what a valid bet is to put it into use. In short, a valid bet is a rollover, which means the bet that’s valid counts due to that it’s the amount that you have won or lost. If I bet on baccarat for 100 dollars and win 100 dollars, then my valid bet is 100 dollars.

Next, we need to know how the game site keeps a record of it. Different sites may modify how it is counted slightly and also the cap of it. Every member has to have enough valid bets to be able to withdraw, this is what we call completing the wager or meeting the rolling requirements. Therefore, we are focusing on the separated and total betting amount.

Wager multiplier explanation

Some sites will offer this to provide a better gaming experience. This can be considered a bonus promotion. What is a wager multiplier, this is the gifted wager from the site. Say if a member bets 500 dollars in one round and the wager multiplier is 3, then the system will recognize that this player has already reached 500*3=1500 dollar wager. This multiplier increases the completed wager rapidly and so it will be easier for members to withdraw their money once they have reached their wager. So keep this in mind, always check for promotions when you are playing on sites. Use the promotions to our advantage so we can gain profit easily.

Baccarat Rebate system

Now we have come to the part of the rebate. Rebate is cash back, meaning the sites return a certain amount of money to the player as a gift showing graciousness. It’s like the one we often see on the shopping site saying no shipping cost if the purchase amount is over 500, 300 deduction if the amount is over 3000, etc. Game sites tend to give back a percentage of the cashback to the players so that they will want to keep playing with them.

So how was the amount calculated? It’s not complicated at all. All you have to do is multiply the valid bet amount by the rebate percentage, then you will get your rebate amount. Say one member has a valid bet of 50k, and the system will distribute the rebate to him with a percentage of 0.5%. The rebate is 50000*0.5%=250 dollars.

How were the valid bets counted in Baccarat?

Since we have a basic idea of how valid bets were counted on a gaming site, now we need to know how it was counted in baccarat. First of all, the betting amount in a single round equals the valid bet amount, though the total betting amount is not the sum of all the bet amounts. Since there’s winning, losing, and tying in every game, the amount of the valid bet was counted differently according to all three scenarios.

For example, say a member is betting 100 dollars in every round, then his valid bet for a single round is 100 dollars. Though when the player has won the bet, the system will multiply the player’s betting amount with the odds of the option and record it as the final valid bet amount. If the member bets on the Bankside and wins. then the valid bet amount is 100*0.95=95 dollars. If the player lost, then it’s the lost amount, which is 100 dollars. If it’s a tie, then the bet is revoked and the betting amount is invalid.

Valid Bets in Baccarat

After knowing the basics of valid bet conditions, wagers, and rebates. Now we are looking into how exactly we should set our baccarat betting amount. We will be looking at it in two different aspects, total amount and single betting amount.

Initially, we should be considering an amount that would let us last in the game for at least 3 hours. Since we all know that it’s a game that requires long time observation to gain rhythm. So a 3-hour gaming time is a minimum we should be considering playing to profit.

Then we consider the first 30 rounds of games. We have counted out the dealt cards and the EV of the following round so the first 30 rounds are harder for us to tell how the game might be.

So most of the players tend to bet conservatively for the first 30 rounds until we have enough results recorded for our analysis. So the total betting amount has to be counted as a sinking cost to play it more efficiently.

Therefore, the single-round valid bet is the total betting amount divided by the rounds we are going to play in total.

Say we are betting for 100 rounds and the total amount is 10000, then our single round betting amount is 10000/100=100 dollars. Once it is all set, we decide what our stop loss and take profit is so we can be even more effective.

Bonus introduction: CW/DCs ratio

There’s an extra introduction here to the advanced concept of baccarat valid bet strategy. A term called CW/DCs ratio is also known as the killing ratio.

It shows the relationship between the casino wins and the players’ chips amount. The formula was written in short teams, CW means casino wins, and DCs means the dead chips amount.

The formula is Player’s disadvantage = CW/DCs.

According to the statistic from The Venetian Hotel, the CW/DCs is around 2.8%. In baccarat, the win rate for the bank side is 45.4% and the player side is about 44.6%, a tie is about 9.5%.

Say a member brought 100k chips to the game, to lose 100k betting on the bank side, he will have to bet 100k/45.4%=220264 dollars

That’s all for today. The valid bet setting is what we are using when we are already familiar with how the game is.

So to apply this in your game, you must know thoroughly about the rules, odds, advantages, and cash/ship conversion cycle to benefit from it.

Knowing all this info can help us deal with the game and maximize our profit in the long run. Thank you all for today and I wish you all the best.

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