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9 Baccarat Line Betting Method: Wins More Lose Less

9 Baccarat Line Betting Method: Wins More Lose Less

Today I am introducing to you a decent betting method. A way that can make you ahead of the house. This is called the 9 baccarat line betting method. It’s not popular among the players since the true way of winning is only acquired by a few of the players.

9 Baccarat Line Betting Method Game Introduction

Today I am introducing to you a decent betting method. A way that can make you ahead of the house. This is called the 9 baccarat line betting method. It’s not popular among the players since the true way of winning is only acquired by a few of the players. 

9 Baccarat Line Betting Method: Wins More Lose Less

This is the reason for the saying that only 1 out of the 10 gamblers wins. Now I will explain to you how this method can be carried out then you can put it into practice and see how much you can earn from it. This is my first homemade strategy of mine after three years of playing experience. It’s not a 100% winning strategy, though it provides you an edge over the game. Statistically, this method goes malfunction once in about 1000 to 2000 rounds of games. The risk-reward ratio is around 233 to 400+.

The longer you use this method, the higher the chance you may win.

9 Baccarat Line Betting Method

1 2 4(6,2,4)(11,3,6)(19,6,12)(33,11,22)(57,19,38)(100,34,66)

These are the betting amount of this betting method.

Way To Apply It

Prepare 233*3 chips before we start playing the games. Make it extra to prevent us from suffering from the bad luck we may encounter to. If the line breaks at the beginning of the game, we need to be patient and keep executing it. It will end up profiting since I have tested in thousands of rounds.

B: Banker
P: Player

Bets on P only, stop when B wins 3 consecutive rounds until P wins again, then we bet on P again. the scenario now is -1,-2,-4 so we have lost 7 chips. We bet 6 chips on the next P, and then 2 chips on the next P if win. We win 8 chips if things go smoothly, minus the previous 7 lost means our net profit is 1 ship. We bet 4 chips if we lost the bet of 2 chips. We will win 6-2+4-7=1 net chip. If we lost on the 4-chips bet then we bet on 6 chips, it will cancel out our previous bet if we win, meaning everything starts over again.
We upgrade the betting amount to 11,3,6 if we lost on the 6-chips bet. The betting logic is the same with the first round of 6,2,4. Remember if there are 3 consecutive Bs then we stop betting till we see another P comes up.

When it’s triple Bs, we lost 1,2,4 then stop betting. If one p shows up, we keep betting. If it’s another triple B then we lost 6,1,33. Then P shows up. If its BP is next, then our results will be -33 and +57. If another BP shows up then our results will be -19 and +38. If we add up all the results then the total sum is 0.
The advantage part is that you may earn a profit if you start with a hit within the first three rounds. Then you only need to hit two rounds afterward to keep going, and the two rounds need not be consecutive. This is powerful for every road.

The disadvantage part is that it encounters BBBPBBBPBBB, BBBPBBBPBBPBBB is ok because we hit this P, which makes up with the previous two Bs, so the only death situation is BBBPBBBPBBB.

The Theory Lies Behind The Line Betting Method

The probability of BBBPBBBPBBB happening is 0.5 to the power of 11. So in theory, it will only occur every 2048 rounds. There are about 1000Ps in between the rounds so we can get about 800-900Ps to hit. So the approximate winning is around 400+ chips before we run it to this death scenario. So it means we can still win and keep playing even if we encounter this. We will still be ahead.

There’s another math logic that’s applied here. Which is the standard normal distribution and normal regression. We all know that if we bet on B and P on average, then our winning and losing rounds will be the same, and end up losing the rakes till the end. The cosmo is balanced by the same random chances with mutually exclusive and exhaustive events. So the samples will all shows in the same amount. Therefore if we run into consecutive Bs then it’s normal we will run into consecutive Ps in the future.

We are up ahead by two points. 1. we profit from long Ps and avoid long Bs except for the first three rounds. 2. When we are under normal regressions, we are betting with big amounts, showing we will be willing big. Say we lost 3 rounds when it’s normally distributed, then when the regression starts, we won 3 times each time by betting 4,5,6 chips. So we will have extra chips when we ran into regression.

According to the result we tested out from big data, there’s always a regression after several rounds. So I designed a way that only requires us to hit two rounds within the regression. So it’s safe for us to use it.

Please remember, we need a long-term profit goal playing baccarat, and we need to execute it sharply to get a nice reward. If we are betting randomly with big amounts, then we will end up with nothing left.

Only the ones who are capable of leaving while they hit their target can profit from this game in the long run.

Baccarat Line Betting Method Modified Version

5 2 4
8 3 6
13 6 12
21 12 24
34 20 40
55 32 64

  • win1 bet 1, win 2 bets 1, win 3 bet1
  • lose 1 bet 2, lose 2 bets 3, lose 3 bets 5
  • Start with 5, win 5, bet 2, win 2, back to original, lose 2,back4。back to original if wins
  • lose 4, bet 8
  • win 8, back to original, lose 8, bet 13
  • win 13, bet 6, win 6, back to original, lose 6, bet 12, if win then go back to original, lose 12, bet 21
  • Win 21, back to the original.
  • Loses, bet 34,
  • win 34, bet 20, win 20, back to the original, lose 20, bet 40, go back to original if wins.
  • Lose, bet 55
  • win 55, bet 32, win32,back to the original, lose32, bet64, go back to original if wins.
  • The modified version increased the allowable times for small loses and betting opportunities so that we can survive longer in the game.

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