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Sando System Of Baccarat: Increase The Win Rate Method

Sando System Of Baccarat: Increase The Win Rate Method

Sando system is a relatively complicated system.We need to be familiar with the ways of calculation and execution steps. It also requires a decent amount of bankroll. Otherwise it’s hard to beat the house.

Sando System Of Baccarat Game Introduction

Sando system is a relatively complicated system.We need to be familiar with the ways of calculation and execution steps. It also requires a decent amount of bankroll. Otherwise it’s hard to beat the house. A strategy without numerous tests and research is hard to make sure that we may use it to beat the game with only limited bets and bankroll. It’s an illusion as a monkey fishing on the moon.

Sando System Of Baccarat: Increase The Win Rate Method

In the long run, the law of large numbers implies that we face an obstacle while we try to acquire an effective sample out of a big population.

In the short run, within a small sample size, or more specifically, within a deck, an unequal discrete distribution may cause serious damage to the game. It’s not only showing on the Banker and Player side winning percentage, but also showing on the combination of cards as well. Within a hand, Banker’s value mostly floats from 30% to 78.33 percent, while the Player’s hand  floats from 21.67% to 70%. This is far different from what we assume of a 50/50 ratio.The randomness of independent events implies that the result of the game is unpredictable, which means how the game might go is also hard to tell. Whether it’s a good, bad or neutral event, it will appear again and again in the future repeatedly. One may get a certain percentage of correctness even just by random guessing. This illusion may get you started to analyze the connection in between the events which didn't exist in the first place. This is what we called data mining bias.

No betting method can increase our hitting percentage since it’s all the same. That means the odds of every hand within a deck of a dozen cards may shift from time to time, though it would remain as a constant in a big sample of possible combinations. Therefore don’t trust the conclusion we get from the results of a small sample. It’s just a small possible combination that’s all.

How To Profit Under The Law Of Large Numbers

It may seem ridiculous that we tried to profit using the law of large numbers. Although it is considered an impossible task, it’s actually the opposite.

The laws of big numbers tell us that the final result ratio between Banker and Player is about 50.68:49.32. The Ev of Banker would be 50.68*1.95=98.826, net loss of 1.174. The EV of Player would be 49.32*2=98.64, net loss of 1.36. If we bet on an equal amount each round, we will eventually end up losing. This changes when our betting amount changes. Since it’s hard to tell whether we will end up winning or losing while the betting amount changes, our goal is to get us a higher winning ratio with straight line betting. Meaning we lose on relatively small bets and win on relatively big bets. Once we are capable of doing so, then we may profit in the long run.

No matter which number we choose as the multiplying factor, the line still has a breakpoint. Say we set a M breakpoint in our line betting, like 7 rounds in line 3, 15 rounds in line 4, 31 rounds in line 5. Once we hit the breakpoint, we should bet with step strategy and continue it with a certain amount of compensation.Say we have done N reminiscing after the breakpoint, then we have already lost N*M times. Once we have won, we have done 0.8*N*M of reminiscing , so N*M-0.8*N-M =0.2*N*M. This is our profit.

So is the problem solved? Not just yet, we still have to face the issue of random distribution of winning. There are times that winning or losing comes consecutively. This happens from time to time as some players may refer to it as “ waves”. The peak and bottom of the wave is unpredictable, therefore we need to buffer it with a decent amount of step betting, along with a reasonable stop loss. This requires a high amount of bankroll indeed. After numerous tries out of Monte Carlo testing, applying the results to math functions and analyzing if with limit and calculus, we know that the buffer level is about 9. without a decent bankroll, one would lose all the money and drop out before one can see profit.

Sando system may only provide this type of solution, as for the rest, we need to look at it with the K system.

Little Tips For Increasing The Win Rate

As a matter of fact, 50:50 is the ratio of winning between each round in the long run.

Yet it’s still possible to raise the hitting percentage in a limited sample size. This is the key concept.

I saw a player the other day who played from the beginning till the end of each deck. This makes me sad because I know that according to the law of big numbers, he will eventually end up losing.

Lots of bloggers try to test some decent betting strategies on big data bases and road maps. This is meaningless since according to the laws of big numbers, they will never work.

So how can we tip the balance of 50:50?

As I have mentioned, we can do it by manipulating our sample size.

I'm not going to address the entire theory here otherwise you will all be asleep before I’m done. Instead I will give you a daily example. I have a foreign friend who’s almost 50, still single. He once told me that he planned on marrying a pretty woman. He thinks that there’s 1.3 billion people in China, so it should be easy for him to find a pretty woman. Since prettiness only takes a small portion of the entire population, I suggest trying it in Chongqing, which is famous for pretty ladies. In the end he did find one and get married.

Optimizing your sample size is a base for a good betting theory because of these three characters:

1、Good Baccarat Strategy

The example here I will bring on is General Tian Ji in a Horse Racing. The three horses of Sun Bin were all a bit slower than the King’s, yet he managed to win it by competing in a different order of horse matching. Although there’s a loss he suffers , he won the entire competition in the end.

2、Good Luck And Avoid Disaster

There are a lot of refugees seeking shelter in the middle east due to the ongoing military conflicts in recent years. This is an example of avoiding disasters. We’ve heard quite a lot of pros and experts telling us not to bet on Player while the Banker has consecutively, and vice versa. This is also an example of going with luck and avoiding disasters.

3、Trending And Balancing

“Trending for short run, balancing for long run.” This is a valuable phrase of a famous pro Chen Pei Chuan. The book is called Casino Bank Book.
In short, we should not be betting randomly, that’s gambling and we will get stuck in the 50:50 standoff. We need to have a good strategy to avoid the disaster and take actions while we seek an opportunity. Learn about trending and balancing, then your win rate will increase definitely.

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