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Treble Betting in Baccarat: Shortcut or a Forbidden Path?

Treble Betting in Baccarat: Shortcut or a Forbidden Path?

Treble betting in Baccarat is a betting strategy that a lot of players have been asking for. The three objects we are betting on while treble betting is Tie, Pair in banker, and player. Read more...

Treble betting in Baccarat Game Introduction

Today we are going to talk about treble betting, a betting strategy that a lot of players have been asking for. So what are the three objects we are betting on while treble betting strategy?

They are Tie, Pair in banker, and player in the baccarat game. So was it considered a shortcut to profit betting on these or was it a forbidden path? Let’s find out

This article will start out with a treble betting strategy introduction. Then move on to the betting details of the baccarat game. For those who wish to make a breakthrough in playing baccarat, this is a betting strategy you can try out.

Though you must learn the basic concept and betting logic before you actually put it to practice. The following introduction will help you while playing the baccarat game.

Treble Betting Strategy in Baccarat Game: Shortcut or Dead End?

Concepts of Treble Betting Strategy

Looking back, almost 99% of the strategies we introduced are about betting on either Banker or the Player. Some even advise us to ignore the result aside from Banker or Player, since those only make a tiny impact on the game.

As we know, the odds for treble betting are 1 to 8 for a tie and 1 to 11 for pair on either side. The odds have already told us that chances for these scenarios to happen are low. Hitting these results does increase our stake amount rapidly, though why do most of the strategies tell us to avoid betting on them?

To keep it simple, just as the odds stated earlier, the chances for these to happen are way too low. No matter which strategies we are practicing in the game, we must follow the steps and the signs for what’s coming next.

Yet there are no signs for treble to happen in the game, in order words, hitting them is actually pure luck. That’s why most of the strategies avoid treble betting.

Double-Edged—Treble Betting

Hence, what if we want to know the actual chances of all these three scenarios happening? Well, the probability for the tie to happen is about 9.5%, which means in order to win the bet of odds 1 to 8, we need to bet consecutively 10 times, and sometimes, it won’t happen even once in our consecutive betting.

The probability for a pair is even lower, only around 5%, meaning it might happen every twenty rounds that we win a bet of odds 1 to 11.

Now we know the exact probability and the reason why most strategies don’t include them in the result scenarios.

Though for those who are experienced players, some may consider that treble betting as a little shortcut for their own betting path. If we manage our mindset correctly and be careful with our bankroll, we can increase our winning chances and avoid unnecessary losses.

The following are the execution steps and details we ought to look out for when we are practicing this strategy.

Treble Betting Strategy Execution

According to a senior player in poker, he said that once we seize the opportunity for treble scenarios to happen, it may increase our stake size efficiently. We have to pay attention to the number 7.

The calculation behind this conclusion is rather complicated so I am not going to show it here, though 7 rounds are the magical number we have to focus on.

There are about 55 to 65 rounds within a complete deck of baccarat, so in theory, tie or pairing should be occurring in about 7  to 9 rounds. So we need to calculate the rounds of treble happening in each round.

For instance, if there has not been a round of treble happening over 7 rounds, then we can try and bet on treble for one round in the baccarat game. This increases our winning opportunity. However, please remember not to increase your betting amount, since most treble events are still out of luck.

Hence, we know that treble betting is not a forbidden zone, it’s just a betting method with high reward and high risk.

We need to have enough experience to know the timing of doing so. To be able to survive in the game of betting back and forth between Banker and Player, we already need to have precise control over our bankroll.

Hence we need to be very careful about how we treat each of our betting units. Hitting a treble does give us a confidence boost, and we will be able to use it with ease when we have played enough games in baccarat.

That’s all for today. I hope you win more by betting on the treble with this baccarat betting strategy while playing a baccarat game. See you next time!

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