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6 Advanced Blackjack Strategy to Become a Pro Ep.1

6 Advanced Blackjack Strategy to Become a Pro Ep.1

We are going to introduce some advanced blackjack strategy today. Some of you may already know the basic concept of the game, and here are 3 of the 6 advanced strategies to help you become a pro.

6 Advanced Blackjack Strategy Ep.1 Game Introduction

If you are still looking for strategies to conquer blackjack, today is your lucky day. We are going to introduce some advanced strategies today. Some of you may already know the basic concept of the game. yet were you able to wield it with ease? 

We will do a complete introduction about all these advanced strategies so you may have more confidence to use them in your games. Since we are all players who are seeking to increase our win rate, this article is going to be to our benefit.

6 Advanced Blackjack Strategy to Become a Pro Ep.1

Advanced Blackjack Strategy 1: The Myth of 12 and 16!

I need to ask you all one question before I start the introduction. Which starting hand point is better, 12 or 16?

The experienced players may say that there are no big differences since both hands go bust if all the hitting cards were face cards. It’s true, though if we take odds and actions into consideration, then point 12 is in the player’s favor more.

The first strategy we are introducing is the possible cards that may make the hand go bust.

Needless to say, there’s only 5 point range between point 16 to point 21 while there’s 9 point range between point 12 to point 21.

So in the aspect of which hand is easier to go bust, it’s the 16. Normally players choose to stand when they’ve got  16.

On the other hand, the hand 12 points give the player more advantage to the players. We can choose to stand and expect the dealer to go bust, or we can gamble and hit, as long as the next card is not a face card, then we are good.

As for whether we should stand or hit, we need to consider the house’s hand as well.

When the house’s face-up card is one of the Ace, face card, 9, 8, or 7, then we would suggest the player hit since the house will win with one more face card and stand while the face-up card is other numbers.

Advanced Blackjack Strategy 2: Face-up 7 

The second advanced blackjack strategy is a unique one that most new players might not know. It’s the House Face-up 7 theory. So what is it all about?

This theory is used when the face-up card the house has is 7. This theory gives us a higher win rate and a lower risk.

First of all, this theory is based on the rules of blackjack, which stated that the house’s hand can not be lower than 17. 7 is a card that fits one of the requirements.

However, we as players should know that the house will meet the standing requirement once the other card of theirs is one of the face cards. So we should be making decisions according to what hand we have. If our hand is 14 or less, then we should hit since there’s a 7-point range between 14 points to 21, which is half of the 13 range so the odds are 50%.

As long as our hand is above 17 then we should stand since the possibility of the house going bust is high. It’s really hard for the house to win by hitting the card and it would be a draw if the house hit a face card.

If we got 15 or 16 points, it’s a rather awkward situation. There’s no suggested play for this type of hand so you may find it on your own.

Advanced Blackjack Strategy 3: Pros Betting Multiple Hands Simultaneously

Next is a more unique strategy. In the past, we all focus on the skills of playing one hand, but the third strategy is to suggest the players bet on multiple hands.

It might be confusing since there are already tons of concepts and adjustments we need to learn in a single hand, wouldn’t it drive us crazy if we play multiple hands at the same time?

The answer is no. As long as we are flexible with our actions, we can be increasing our stake size with a much faster velocity while playing multiple hands.

Say we start with two hands. Although we need to play with an extra stake, it didn’t state that we need to bet on it with the same size. So we get to choose which hand we want to bet more firsthand.

Then we also have more room to think when we enter the hit/stand procedure. When we are facing a rather deficit situation, we can choose to sacrifice one hand to change the possible cards that may come next.

This is a high-class and depth strategy in blackjack. I’ve seen pros winning huge stakes by playing multiple hands. I’ve seen someone plays five hands at once.

As long as the concept is correct and he executes the strategy properly, the speed he increases his stake is 5 times what other players did.

That’s all for today. There are 6 advanced blackjack strategies we are introducing, though we don’t want to drag the article and make you feel bored while reading it, so we split it in half.

There will be an episode 2 but if you are already pumped and want to try it out in your game, you may test it in one of the game sites online.

Thank you all for today and I will see you in the next episode where we will introduce the remaining three strategies.

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