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Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming, Live Game Show Online Casino India

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming, Live Game Show Online Casino India

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming is very different from Evolution’s smash hit Crazy Time Live. The Coin Flip feature in Crazy Time ties them together in a certain sense though, but these are 2 very different animals overall.

Crazy Coin Flip Game Introduction

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming is an original idea based on the mega-successful Crazy Time game show. Live Crazy Coin Flip combines online slots with live dealer features borrowed from Crazy Time. It’s a fairly interesting idea – you play online slots to qualify for the live bonus round. It’s a clash of two worlds of sorts. Fans of online slots and those of live casino games don’t often mix, after all.

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming is a unique fusion of the slots and live gaming experience, blending the best of both into one exciting game. Crazy Coin Flip features three game phases – Qualification, Top and Coin Flip Bonus round. To enjoy the Coin Flip Bonus round, players must qualify by spinning the Qualification slot and collecting three scatter symbols. Additionally, players have the option to boost their multipliers in Top Up before heading to the Coin Flip Bonus round for the chance to collect the big win.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Evolution

Crazy Coin Flip is very different from Evolution’s smash hit Crazy Time Live. The Coin Flip feature in Crazy Time ties them together in a certain sense though, but these are 2 very different animals overall. Crazy Coin Flip Live plays out in 3 different phases, and you’ll spend most of the time in the phase 1 slot game.

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming Features

Crazy Coin Flip Live is best described as an amalgamation of online slot and live casino gaming. The game is divided into three phases, a qualifying round, an extra bet round to gain win multipliers and the coin flip bonus. Let’s examine each stage in closer detail.

Phase one is the qualifying round played on a traditional slot with five reels, three rows, and ten fixed pay lines. Wins are awarded for matching symbols along pay lines from the leftmost reel to the right. Land three coin flip scatter symbols to qualify for the next round.

Phase two is a classic 3×3 slot with a single win line across the middle called the Top-Up Slot. The reels feature red and blue coin symbols with multipliers from x1 to x50. You can choose to spin from more credits, and the multiplier values increase for higher stakes. This phase is a time-sensitive round, and the time allowed depends on when you qualify within the schedule of live coin flips.

Match three coins of the same color along the win line on a spin to add the sum of all values to the corresponding red or blue Top-Up meters. You may spin as many times as you wish within the time allowed, The red and blue multiplier totals are taken into the final round when the time expires. This round comes with a 95.06% RTP.

The Coin Flip Bonus is the final phase and begins with a random assignment of a 5x to 100x bet multiplier to the blue and red sides of the coin. Any multipliers gained from the Top-Up round will be applied before the host flips the red and blue-sided coin to determine the final multiplier of your initial stake. For example, an initial 1 credit stake with an x10 Top-Up multiplier plus an x10 coin flip will pay 100x your bet.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Evolution

Key Features

  • Two distinct game phases with online slots and a coin flip bonus round
  • Three spin modes in the slot phase can increase your chance of winning the bonus
  • Flashy dedicated live studio inspired by Evolution’s Crazy Time
  • Appeals to both slot fans and live casino players
  • Multiplayer-based gameplay with exponentially increasing payouts
  • 96.05% RTP across all stages, ensuring relatively consistent returns

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming is a Live Casino game with three stages. The show begins with a 5×3 slot, featuring 10 fixed pay lines and awarding wins for matching three to five symbols on a line. Hit three scatters to progress to the next round and spin a 3×3 slot to add potential multipliers before finishing with a coin flip bonus to determine your prize.

Upon loading the game, you are presented with a classic-style slot machine, and an obscured studio feed of the current host entertaining players who’ve qualified to join them. A red and blue coined curtain provides the blur, ready to pull back and reveal the studio. Rounds two and three bring the game show production into view, in dazzling red and blue, laced with gold, to catchy organ music.

The first phase of the game on the qualifying slot contains seven pay symbols of 10, J, Q, K A, Cherries, and Bells, which pay from 0.2x to 5x your stake for five of a kind. The game logo acts as the scatter symbol that can appear with multipliers attached up to x10 on reels 2, 3, and 4. Land three on a spin to win entry to the next game phase.

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip

The reels found on the second phase Top-Up slot contain blue and red coin symbols only with multipliers that start from x1 and reach up to x50. Increasing your bet size during the optional Top-Up betting will increase the multiplier range.

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming consists of three game phases – qualifying slot, against-the-clock Top-Up slot, and the live Coin Flip bonus round with entertainment guaranteed. In the qualification slot, collect three scatter symbols to qualify for the live game. If you are lucky, those symbols might come with multipliers, which you will take with you to the Top-Up phase. The Top-Up phase slot allows you to boost your multipliers by collecting three coin symbols of the same color in the middle row. The won multipliers are again summed together and brought over to the next game phase.

How To Play Crazy Coin Flip

Qualification Phase

The first phase consists of the main slot, and the goal is to qualify for the coin flip. It’s still a fully functional online slot, though. This means you can win and lose money without ever progressing to any other phase.

The Crazy Coin Flip slot keeps things simple. It’s a 5×3 board with 7 symbols. If you arrange 3 or more along pay lines going from left to right, you’ll get a payout.

Ultimately, however, the goal is to hit 3 Scatter symbols in one spin. This qualifies you for the following two phases. Scatter symbols can win anywhere on the board, and some have multipliers attached. Any multipliers won this way are added together and affect the last phase.

Crazy Coin Flip Qualification Phase

Spin Modes

The qualification slot has three spin modes: Normal spin, XXXtreme spin and Super XXXtreme spin. The bet selected in Normal spin mode becomes your base bet and is used for calculating your winnings. To help you qualify faster, you can activate any of the two XXXtreme spin modes. With the XXXtreme spin mode, you’re guaranteed one scatter symbol in each spin at the cost of five times your base bet. Super XXXtreme spin mode costs 50x your base bet but guarantees two scatter symbols for each spin. XXXtreme spins also offer more frequent multipliers.

Top-Up Phase

Once you have qualified, you enter the against- the-clock Top-Up phase where you can boost the multipliers. This phase features a three-reel, three-row slot machine, with red and blue coin symbols, each containing a multiplier value. If you wish to increase the multiplier values, you can choose to increase your Top-Up bet amount. You win multipliers by collecting three coin symbols of the same colour in the middle row. The values of the won multipliers will be summed together and added to the total Top-Up multiplier for the won coin colour, red or blue. Once the time has run out, you will be transferred to the live Coin Flip bonus round. If you have qualified just before the bonus round begins, you can choose to stay in the Top-Up round and continue to top up and spin the Top-Up slot.

Crazy Coin Flip Top-Up Phase

Coin Flip Bonus Round

Once the Coin Flip Bonus round starts, sit back and enjoy a show led by a game host. The Coin Flip multiplier for each coin side will be randomly generated to contribute to your total winnings. Coin Flip multiplier values range from 5x up to 100x. These multipliers will be common for all players.

Coin Flip multiplier for each coin side will be randomly generated to contribute to your total winnings. These multipliers will be common for all players. After receiving the Coin Flip multipliers, all multipliers (Scatter multiplier, Top Up multipliers and Coin Flip multipliers), will be calculated together and displayed as final multipliers separately on the blue and red side of the coin.

The game host then pulls a Coin Flip machine lever to flip the coin. After the coin lands, whichever coin side is facing up is considered the Coin Flip Bonus round result and each player will be paid out according to the multiplier on the winning coin side.


Autoplay is available on the Qualification Slot. Set it up for the amount you want to play each spin and the number of spins.

Autoplay ensures you can keep spinning and helps you keep track of how much you’re betting over a specific number of spins. I find this is helpful when calculating your loss level and the multiplier you’ll need to at least break even during the Coin Flip.

Place Bets

The bet limits panel shows the minimum and maximum allowed bet limits at the table, which may change from time to time. Open the bet limits to check your current limits.

Crazy Coin Flip 10 - 150,000

Return to Player

The optimal theoretical return-to-player (RTP) is 96.05%.

  • Normal Spin – RTP 96.05%
  • XXXtreme Spin – RTP 96.00%
  • Super XXXtreme Spin – RTP 96.05%
  • Top Up – RTP 95.06%

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming Payouts

The Crazy Coin Flip slot during qualification is typical for online slots. Any payouts depend on the symbols matched during the spin. There are 7 symbols in total, and their payouts depend on how many are matched in a payline. All of these multiply your initial stake for that spin.

Crazy Coin Flip Payouts

Symbol 3x Payout 4x Payout 5x Payout
Crazy Coin Flip Qualification Phase Slot Payouts
Bell 5x 10x 20x
Cherry 2x 6x 12x
Ace 0.6x 1.5x 3.5x
King 0.5x 1.3x 3x
Queen 0.4x 1x 2.5x
Jack 0.3x 0.7x 2x
10 0.2x 0.5x 1.5x

Crazy Coin Flip Betting Strategy and Tactics

We are not sure how this game works, so we can’t tell you more about the winning strategy. There definitely will be a strategy that some players will use when Crazy Coin Flip is live. If this game goes live, we will try this game and tell you more about a possible strategy.

At most slots, it’s just spinning and winning and I believe that will be the same with this new game because it’s a Live Slot. Just keep hitting the reels and win together, I can’t think of a better way to win money. You win all together or you lose all together, how amazing is that!?

Most of the time slot games are just about the value of the bet. Maybe this game is also about spinning and winning. We don’t know yet. We hope it’s more about strategy, but we have to wait for it.

It’s not easy to win significant amounts on Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming unless you enter the final stage with an active Scatter multiplier.

There is a cost to qualifying and topping up in this game. If the amount you’ve invested is less than the sum of the final multiplier and our qualification bet, you will lose.

The strategies and examples I will show you are real-life ways of playing and are intended to show you what will happen. They won’t guarantee a win, but they will help you understand the impact of how you bet on whether you’ll be able to achieve a winning payout.

  • The initial coin flip values at the end game will be between 5x and 100x. You’ll need the multipliers in the top-up phase to win any decent money.
  • Decide how much you want to invest (bet) on each game round. I mean the total amount of bets you’ll place, including bets during the top-up phase.
  • Decide whether to use a high or low bet amount during the qualification stage. Your tactics for the Top-up Phase may influence your choice.
  • During the top phase – if you have bet a high amount in the previous round, it’s not essential to place big bets here to get the bigger multipliers.
  • There is no need to bet big during the top-up phase if there is a Scatter multiplier on the final coin flip.
  • If you have bet small during the qualification phase, you can bet bigger during the top-up stage to get more multipliers.

Crazy Coin Flip Coin Flip Bonus Round

Crazy Coin Flip Coin Flip Bonus Round

Crazy Coin Flip Evolution Gaming FAQ

What is Crazy Coin Flip?

Crazy Coin Flip is a live/RNG Entertainment from Evolution. Based on the Coin Flip Bonus Round from Crazy Time, the game has a qualification phase, multipliers and a top-up process before the final Coin Flip. After being flipped, it’s all about multipliers and on which side the coin will land.

What is the maximum Multiplier on Crazy Coin Flip?

There is no cap on the maximum multiplier. A large multiplier is achievable if the three scatters come with multiplier boosters during the qualification phase using the Super XXXtreme Spins mode. Another way to boost the multipliers is during the Top-up phase. The maximum payout is 25,000,000.

What is the RTP for Crazy Coin Flip?

The RTP is 96.05% for Normal Bets. Using the Top-Up phase, the RTP drops to 95.06%.

Is there a strategy for playing Crazy Coin Flip?

There is no strategy for influencing the outcome of the game. RNG controls the game except for the final coin flip, which the presenter performs. There are strategies for betting on Crazy Coin Flip, but you need to be careful with how you apply them, as it’s easy to bet more than you could win back!

Does the Coin Flip Bonus on Crazy Coin Flip by Evolution Gaming guarantee a win?

Yes, make it to phase three, the Coin Flip Bonus, on crazy Coin Flip for a guaranteed bet multiplier determined by red or blue associated values.

What happens if I qualify for phase two of Crazy Coin Flip when the Coin Flip Bonus is imminent

If the Coin Flip Bonus is about to be played when you qualify for round two, you will be given a choice of joining the current coin flip or waiting for the next.

What live casino games can I play similar to Crazy Coin Flip Live by Evolution Gaming

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming features a Coin Flip Bonus as one of four possible bonus games.

Where can I play Crazy Coin Flip?

You’ll be able to play Crazy Coin Flip at all Evolution Live Casinos. My favourite is Esball Eu, which has all Evolution Games, plus games from the other leading providers.

With an RTP of 96%, Crazy Coin Flip sits in the sweet spot of games that seem to promise a lot but fail to deliver. It’s a game you must play very carefully, as there is a danger you’ll invest more in a game round than it’s possible to win back. Bankroll management and betting strategies are essential for this game.

I enjoyed the game and got a better return and more extended play sessions by investing as little as possible. I kept my bets low and didn’t play the top Phase, relying on just the coin flip at the end and the multipliers generated by the host. My ambition was to qualify with a decent bet amount and hope to get back from the slot payouts enough to offset some of my bets. Then expect the winning multiplier to cover my overall investment.

Like Coin Flip on Crazy Time, one side of the coin has an initial multiplier that meets or beats your investment, while the other is less generous. The Top Up phase can help address the balance, but this is still a gamble, as you’re investing in both sides, one of which you won’t get back!

The big 1000x + wins will be few and far between. You’ll need to have invested heavily in the game to get them, which is risky. In the long term, more people will lose than win on Crazy Coin Flip.

I expect the chat on this game to be going ballistic most of the time with stories of bead beats and cries of cheating.

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