Baccarat Strategy

House Edge, Pair Betting, Tie Betting and Rakes in Baccarat

House Edge, Pair Betting, Tie Betting and Rakes in Baccarat

The House edge in baccarat is about +0.25. Though house edge shouldn’t be making too much impact in the game, most gamblers end up losing the entire stake, here are some reasons why.

BaccaratHouse edge, Pair betting, Tie betting Game Introduction

The house edge in baccarat is about +0.25. Though they need to cover the fee for transactions, the salary of employees, fees for the environment etc.

In theory, house edge shouldn’t be making too much impact in the game, and yet most of the gamblers end up losing the entire stake. So I think the reason why this happens still originated from the players.

House Edge, Pair Betting, Tie Betting and Rakes in Baccarat

  • Profit percentage, the winning percentage of your game wasn’t high enough to make your EV go positive.
  • Bankroll issue. This is what matters the most. All businesses require a start-up fund, not to mention investment. Some said that it’s about how much money you have in all, but what really matters is how long can you support this funding.
  • Punch from the house: Even though you may be carrying enough bankroll. One miss judgment may tilt you from calm to furious. So remember, there’s no strategy or road that’s unbreakable. Many of them may make you win at first and then tilt your mind in one round when it fails.
  • Rushing. Winning your fortune from the casino in one night is a dream. So is making your living betting against it.
  • Unlimited betting amount: the house has its own limited betting amount in each round to protect itself from losing.

how about you? Since beating the house is impossible, why not make it our edge also?

What is Betting on Pairs in Baccarat?

Betting on pairs, meaning betting on Bank or Player side for the initial hand to be two cards that have the same point. The odds of betting on the right side for this to appear is 1 to 11.

A lot of us would prefer betting simultaneously on Bank and Player side for pairs to appear. Even more like to bet on what we called “sambow”, meaning pairs on both sides plus the resulting tie. Hitting on all these results will have an enormous return. Even if hitting in one still gives us good odds.

I’ve explained earlier that tie will show up one in ten rounds on average. Even more, rounds will be required for pairs to show up, otherwise, the house will give different odds lower than 1 to 11.

Betting on sambow, hitting a pair on one side in every four rounds will still make you lose one betting amount. I think you know whether this is a suitable strategy or not.

I personally think this is a worse strategy than betting on ties only. Instead of betting on pairs, why don’t you increase your betting amount on just sides? 

This is an alternative betting. I’m sure that you know all the betting targets after reading through all the introductions in the articles.

What is Betting on Ties?

Aside from the sides, there’s another point result, ties. It means that the points of both sides are the same.

It’s a result that may appear from time to time between the rounds. On average, there will be 7 to 8 rounds of ties within a deck. According to computer simulation, 1 tie will show up in about 10 rounds, therefore the house sets the odds for this result is 1 to 8.

Betting simply on ties is the most inefficient bet. You will for sure be losing if you only bet on ties every round. Though for those experienced players, they know that this kinda result shows up in a regular pattern.

Seems like there’s some rules we may follow if we aim for this kind of juicy payback. They suggest that if we want to bet on ties, we might as well bet on consecutive ties, meaning that betting on ties when the result of the previous round is a tie.

Consecutive ties show up often in the round of ties, though there’s no real mathematical logic behind it so it’s hard to explain.

When you lose, you lose only a little, but when you win, you win big. Some asked me if this is an accountable strategy. I would say this is only a test of luck, but it shouldn’t be a main strategy since we can’t be lucky all the time.

So betting on ties may definitely not be the main strategy for playing baccarat.

Why is there a rake on Bankside?

Many new players in baccarat ask why there isn’t a rake on the Player side, yet there’s a 5 % rake on the Bank side. I don’t want to give the house my money so I will play on Player's side only.

The truth is, the Player has a less winning chance due to the extra card coming rules. If we play baccarat in a full deck of 8 decks of poker cards, the winning rate of the Banker side is 45.86%, while the Player side is only 44.62%, the rest is the chance of ties.

Since the house returns the gambler their money when there is a tie, the chances for not losing on Bankside is over 50%. Hence the house reduces the total winning to under 50% by taking a rake of 5% winning amount. This was added due to the house balancing the EV between sides.

Result From Computer Simulations

  • Probability of Bank, Player, and Tie:45.860、44.625 9.516
  • Win rate of Bank, Player, and Tie:49.471、49.382 42.820
  • Profit percentage of Bank, Player, and Tie:-1.058、-1.235 -14.360

Calculation Process

  • Profit percentage of Bank=0.95×45.860-44.625=-1.058
  • Profit percentage of Player=44.625-45.860=-1.235
  • Profit percentage of Tie=8×9.516-44.625-45.860=-14.357

So you see, the rakes of 5% doesn’t mean that the house is hungry for that little money, it’s a gesture that the house executes in order to realize the expected value of the game. In reality, we all lose betting on one of the three results, only that it’s less we lose when the side is Bankside.

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