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8 Roulette Strategy for Online Roulette Real Money India Ep2

8 Roulette Strategy for Online Roulette Real Money India Ep2

We will continue to introduce the remaining 4 betting skills of roulette strategy for Online Roulette Real Money India. Among all roulette strategy, straight number betting is what players focus on.

Online Roulette Real Money India 2 Game Introduction

I believe you have a deeper understanding of Online Roulette Real Money India betting since our last episode of 8 roulette practical skills.

Now that we are trying to beat a game in which luck takes a big part of it, we need to set our roulette strategy correctly so that we can reduce our risks.

We will continue to introduce the remaining 4 betting skills of roulette. Don’t miss out otherwise, your strategy will be incomplete!

8 Roulette Strategy for Online Roulette Real Money India Ep2

Roulette Strategy 5:Straight Number Bet, High Risk High Reward!

Among all the betting options of roulette, straight number betting is one that all the players are working on for Online Roulette Real Money India. It’s odd is 1 to 35 while we have to pick a number from 37 numbers. The chance of hitting it is less than 3%. With such a low win rate, why is everyone still obsessed about it?

Most roulette players focus on odds, risks, and chances. These three elements are the main elements for other games as well. Though with straight-number betting, we need to ignore the risk analysis and invest in small amounts.

Those pros will always choose a straight number to bet on no matter which strategy they choose to use. That’s the amount they prepare to lose and sometimes when it hits, they may win big from that. This might be a high-risk-reward investment, though it is playable.

Roulette Strategy 6:Black ON Third Column, Red ON Second Column!

Those who have read the previous articles for Online Roulette Real Money India must be familiar with our R/B betting strategies. This was originally designed for the newbies, though with a little modification, we may make it an advanced betting skill.

The modification we are making is to focus on the blacks in the third column and the reds in the second column. This makes a 50% winning strategy into a high-confidence betting strategy.

This modification makes the return slow but steady. We suggest this per column was due to the different positions those black and red were placed.

Take the third column for example, there are 8 reds and 4 blacks, while in the second column, it’s the opposite... You see the contrary part. Why are we picking on the ones that are less on the column?

It is the right move no problem, it’s the betting areas that are confusing.

The first betting area is the red or black we choose in general, the second is the one this skill suggests so that the odds on R/B is 1 to 1, which we have a 50% chance of winning, while the second option we bet on has the odds of 1 to 2 with a decent win rate.

This strategy allows us to gamble for the prize with two different chances. This reduces the risk and may increase our stake over time steadily.

Roulette Strategy 7:Combinations that Increase Roulette Win Rate

A lot of us are thinking about which number to bet on while looking at the ball rolling on the spinning wheel. Are there any connections between the numbers that show in the results?

Many were dying for the secret of it. That’s why we are going to tell you how to bet on areas with clear logic. You may divide the wheel into 6 parts, front red, front black, middle red, middle black, back red, and back black. 

Perhaps it’s still a little hard to understand, but I will let you know how to identify these areas faster.

  • Front red: the upright part of the wheel. Front black: right bottom of the wheel.
  • Back red: the left bottom part of the wheel. Back black: up left of the wheel.
  • Middle red: up left and bottom right.
  • Middle black: upright and bottom left.

Though separating the actions into these areas, we may estimate our risks and chances to hit the number. We may apply our old betting strategies to it so our betting options will be more specific. 

Roulette Strategy 8:Picking Your Number

Finally, the 8th skill we are introducing here. This is the one that most players want to learn about when playing Online Roulette Real Money India, the picking number strategy. This one is the elite part of the multiple number betting, column betting, and line betting strategies. Using all these tactics to choose our betting number.

This skill focuses on the numbers in the middle. According to the EV and probabilities, the middle number has more chance of hitting compared to the number on the side.

Also, we may combine this with R/B betting or column betting to increase our win rate. Picking a number and betting on a small amount may increase our cost, but the reward will be far higher.

That’s all for today. All we have to do is to get to know the concepts we introduce today and put them into your betting strategy.

Remember, we can’t change the game, but we can change our play style. Learning all these strategies is a way for us to adapt to the situation in the future to increase our win rate and reduce our risks.

You will know how to bet if you are already familiar with dozens of strategies in mind. You will even be able to tell if there’s any pattern forming. Till then you have become a pro of roulette.

Thank you all for participating in Online Roulette Real Money India, have a nice day.

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