Pyramid Raider Slot Machine

Pyramid Raider Slot Machine

Pyramid Raider is played on 5 reels and doesn’t have standard paylines. With a unique expanding reels feature that can boost your 5x3 reels to 5x6 - that will give you 7776 paylines.

Pyramid Raider Game Introduction

Pyramid Raider Demo

Pyramid Raider is played on 5 reels and doesn’t have standard paylines. During the base game, the size of reels can expand. There are eleven basic symbols in this online slot – a purple decoration, a statue of Bastet, a bird, a statue of Horus, six playing card symbols in different colors, and a statue of Anubis. The wild icon comes in the shape of a scarab. It counts as any missing basic symbol in situations where it can help you complete winning combinations. On the other hand, the decorated book is the game’s Scatter. When you land at least three of them on adjacent reels, you will activate Free Spins. You can select a combo of free spins and reel sizes.

Pyramid Raider Slot

Pyramid Raider is fast-paced exciting game where players are invited to explore the inside of an ancient pyramid tomb, with a unique expanding reels feature that can boost your 5x3 reels to 5x6 - that will give you 7776 paylines. There’s also a free spins round where you can choose your free game reward from five different options.

Pyramid Raider Slot Theme Features

Pyramid Raider has an adventure theme that lets players explore the depths of a great Egyptian pyramid in the search for treasures and riches. The screen is optimised for vertical mobile screens, but you can still enjoy it on any size of screen - larger screens will just show more background with the central game screen mobile-sized in the centre. You’ll find a dark and almost creepy interior filled with moving doors and gem-laden statues. But we all know that pyramids are cursed, so tread lightly or you’ll incur the wrath of the gods.

Pyramid Raider Slot

Get prepared to enter a pyramid where you can find all sorts of valuable things. Pyramid Raider is an online slot game created by CQ9 Gaming with an Ancient Egyptian theme. In terms of graphics, you should expect to find shiny icons in vivid colors, a set of reels covered in interesting hieroglyphs, the logo of the game above the matrix, and a blurred background image that depicts the interior of the pyramid.

Pyramid Raider Slot Rules & How to Play

  • Since it’s optimised for mobile gaming, you’ll find Pyramid Raider particularly easy to play - it only has a few essential buttons on the screen, and the main information is hidden away in expandable menus.
  • As with all slot games, make sure to set your betting amount before you press the spin button. You can do this by clicking on the plus and minus buttons on each side of the spin button. You’ll see your total amount per spin displayed in real time on the lower dashboard.
  • Once you’ve done this, you can hit the large button with the CQ9 logo on it to set the reels in motion. There is an option to speed up animations and an autoplay button just above the Spin button.
  • The reels feature traditional playing card symbols as well as special symbols featuring Egyptian Gods.

Pyramid Raider Slot RTP & Volatility

When you’re looking for a new slots game, there are certain specifications that you will want to look at that will tell you how the game play works. The game specs can usually be found on the main game page. The two most important ones to look at are the RTP and volatility, as these indicate what kind of payouts you can expect to see. The volatility rating is on a scale of 1-5, but you will usually just see low/medium/ indicated. A low volatility means that games hit wins frequently and usually with smaller prizes and less risk, whereas high-volatility games have bigger wins, bigger risk and fewer hits. As Pyramid Raider is a low-rated game, you’ll find plenty of regular wins.

The other important specification to look at on slots games in the RTP percentage. RTP stands for Return To Player, and it will tell you the fairness in the payout rates, as it indicates an average amount that players can expect to win back over the course of many spins. Pyramid Raider has a 97% RTP, which is great (the average for slot games is around 96%), and it means that if you bet 100 on this game, you can expect to win back 97 over an extended period of playing.

Pyramid Raider Slot Payout & Payline

Pyramid Raider Slot Payout

Pyramid Raider Slot Payline

Pyramid Raider Slot Payline

Pyramid Raider Slot Free Spins Bonus

This game has a really great bonus rounds and multipliers and likes to hand them out frequently. A glittering blue scarab is the Wild, and it only shows up on middle reels (2,3,4), and it can substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter. The Scatter is a book with a scarab on the front, and this prosperous symbol can award different multipliers depending on how many you hit: 3=5x, 4=10x, 5=50x. The Scatter triggers free games too, where things get REALLY interesting. When you get three of more Scatter symbols on your reels at one time, the book will open up and allow you to select one of the free game modes. You can choose one of the following rewards:

Pyramid Raider Slot Free Spins Bonus

  • 15 Free Spins on a 5x3 reel screen.
  • 10 Free Spins on a 5x4 reel screen.
  • 5 Free Spins on a 5x5 reel screen.
  • 3 Free Spins on 5x6 reel screen.
  • The Mystery Reward, where the game randomly chooses your Free Spin and then your reel amounts.

Pyramid Raider Slot Free Spins Bonus

Pyramid Raider Slot Free Spins Bonus

Pyramid Raider Slot FAQs

1. What is The RTP of Pyramid Raider

The return to player rate of this slot is 97%.

2. How Volatile Is Pyramid Raider

This game has a really low volatility, with around a 5-10% hit rate.

3. What Is The Biggest Win Available On Pyramid Raider

Since there are so many different reels, paylines and fluctuating variables, we’ve not yet figured out the largest available win.

4. Does Pyramid Raider Have A Free Spins Bonus Round

Yes. You can choose how many free spins and what size of reels you’d like to play on.

Pyramid Raider Slot Super Win

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