Cricket History, Basic Rules and Current Cricket Champion


Cricket is one of the most talked about sports nowadays with huge viewership and popularity. Throughout cricket history, England is the pioneer of this game and wherever the Bristishers ruled, they took cricket there.

Nowadays, it has become a global sport and the Upcoming ODI World Cup is just a month away. So, let us get to know more about this game in detail.

Cricket History, Basic Rules and Current Cricket Champion

History Of Cricket

First of all, Cricket was an unknown game that began in 1611. During the Saxon or Norman era, young kids residing in the woodlands of the Weald district situated in southeast England, approximately lying across Sussex and Kent, pioneered the game of cricket.

Actually, Cricket was unknown at first but it developed more than other games.

Two men played a game with the material of a curved shape three-dimensional ball and with a hard wooden piece of square type which is called a bat.

Basic Rules Of Playing Cricket

There is a huge list of cricket rules however we will go through the details of just basic rules to help understand the game.

Two teams participate in a match and batting and bowling are decided on the basis of toss.

In White ball cricket, there are a certain number of overs that the bowling team needs to bowl. The bowling side should get ten wickets of the batting team to finish their innings or otherwise bowl out all the overs.

The batting side has to score maximum runs in that certain number of overs. Then, the chasing team has to get that score to win the match in the same number of overs.

There are many ways of getting a wicket like Bowled, Catch, Hit Wicket, Run Out, LBW, and stumping.

Similarly, for scoring runs you have to hit the ball with a bat, if the ball goes over a boundary line, the batting team gets 6 runs. If it crosses the boundary line with touching the ground, 4 runs will be awarded. However, if the ball is on the playing field, the batsman can run between the wickets to get runs.

Cricket History, Basic Rules and Current Cricket Champion

Popularity Of Cricket Around the Globe:

If we talk about the popularity of the game Cricket in the world. It is most popular, based on online searches for that term, in India. Indians are very passionate about their cricket, and the search traffic numbers are helped by their very large population too. It is clear how well the game of cricket spread to the countries colonised by the English. The Indians played Cricket more as compared to all others.

Different Formats of Cricket

There are four different formats of Cricket. These are as follows:

Test Format

The first format of Cricket is the most played format and is named T20 Cricket. This T20 Cricket match consists of 120 balls. There a 160-170 runs that are common.

One-Day Format

The second format of Cricket games is One Day International named ODI. It consists of 50 overs which is equal to 300 balls. 250-310 runs are common.

T20 Format

The last format is Test Cricket which consists of 5 days and double innings for both teams. Each day of Test Cricket consists of 90 overs but with conditions of weather or management, it may not complete the 90 overs of the day.

Cricket History, Basic Rules and Current Cricket Champion

T10 Format

This is a newly launched format in which 10-over per inning are played. This makes cricket more entertaining and fans love to see raining boundaries and wickets.

Current Champions Of Cricket at ICC

Let us discuss the list of the current champions of different ICC events and trophies.


Current Champion

Winning Year

ICC ODI World Cup



ICC T20 World Cup



ICC Champions Trophy



ODI Cricket World Cup 2019

The last ICC ODI Cricket World Cup was held in England and Wales. This tournament was played in a round-robin format where 10 teams participated and each team played matches with all the remaining participating teams.

Each game has 2 winning points and in case of a draw, the points are mutually shared. India topped the table with 7 wins and Australia, England, and New Zealand were the other three teams to qualify for the Semi-Finals.

England beat Australia and New Zealand beat India in the semi-finals and the final was played between England and New Zealand.

After the most thrilling match in cricket history, England won its first-ever ICC Cricket World Cup title.

First of all, this match ended in a tie because the scores were levelled. Then, super over was conducted again it was tied and then according to boundary count rule, England became the champion.

Cricket History, Basic Rules and Current Cricket Champion

T20 World Cup 2022

The last T20 World Cup was played in Australia and 12 countries participated in this World Cup. These teams were divided into two poles of 6 teams.

Each team played a match with another team from its pole. Similarly, the top two teams qualified for the Semi-Finals. India and Pakistan from Pool B qualified while New Zealand and England qualified from Pool A.

New Zealand was defeated by Pakistan in the semi-final while England thrashed India in the second Semi-Final.

Pakistan and England faced each other in the ultimate Final where England defeated Pakistan after a crunch game and lifted the T20 World Cup.

Cricket History, Basic Rules and Current Cricket Champion

ICC Champion Trophy 2017

The last edition of the ICC Champions Trophy was hosted by England and Wales in 2017. These teams were divided into 2 groups of 4 teams.

Pakistan and India qualified from one group and England and Bangladesh qualified from the second group.

India thrashed Bangladesh in the second semi-final while Pakistan beat England convincingly in the first semi-final.

It was India vs Pakistan in the final where Fakhar Zaman smashed Indian bowlers and won the Champions Trophy for Pakistan.

Cricket History, Basic Rules and Current Cricket Champion

ICC Test Championship 2012-2023

The Test championship is launched to make Test Cricket more exciting and each team plays a bilateral test series with other teams according to their winning percentage, the top two teams qualify for the final.

In the recently concluded test series, India and Australia qualified for the Finals, where Australia just wreaked havoc on team India and won the Test Championship mace in Kia Oval Stadium, London.

Cricket History, Basic Rules and Current Cricket Champion

Cricket as Excitement and Entertainment for Fans

Cricket is the second most popular game and is mostly celebrated in Asia. Each format of Cricket provides its unique level of satisfaction and entertainment.

There are very intense rivalries in the cricket world like Pakistan vs. India and England vs. Australia make this sport more exciting and keep the fans of this sport entertained.