Understand Exchange Market Betting and Exchange Match Odds


Exchange market betting on cricket, also known as cricket betting exchanges, involves a platform where individuals can bet against each other on various outcomes of cricket matches. Unlike traditional betting where you bet against the bookmaker, in a betting exchange, you bet against other users.

Understand Exchange Market Betting and Exchange Match Odds

What Is Exchange Market Betting

When you want to bet on sports, you need to choose which kind of sports betting form you want to bet on. One of the common sports betting options is exchange market betting, which means you will need to understand what exchange market betting and exchange match odds are to place bets on the exchange market.

Here's how it typically works:

  1. Platform: Betting exchanges provide an online platform where users can place bets on cricket matches. These platforms act as intermediaries, matching users who want to back a certain outcome with users who want to lay (bet against) that outcome.
  2. Back and Lay Bets: Users have the option to place both "back" bets and "lay" bets on cricket matches. A back bet is a traditional bet on a particular outcome to occur (e.g., Team A to win the match). A lay bet, on the other hand, is a bet against that outcome (e.g., Team A not to win the match).
  3. Exchange Match Odds: Unlike traditional bookmakers who set the odds, in a betting exchange, users can set their own odds when placing bets. They can either accept existing odds offered by other users or set their own odds and wait for someone to match their bet.
  4. Matched Betting: Betting exchanges facilitate matched betting, a strategy where users can offset their risk by placing both a back bet and a lay bet on the same outcome. This strategy allows users to lock in a profit regardless of the match outcome or minimize potential losses.
  5. Dynamic Odds: Odds on a betting exchange are dynamic and can change in real time based on the betting activity. This allows users to take advantage of favorable odds movements or hedge their bets as the match progresses.
  6. Commission: Betting exchanges typically charge a commission on net winnings. This commission is usually lower than the margins charged by traditional bookmakers and is deducted from the winnings of winning bets.

Exchange Market Betting Guide

We will now look into the method for exchange market betting, you can follow the steps for exchange market betting below:

  1. Click on IN-PLAY game
  2. 【Back all】means the highest BACK odd, 【Lay all】means the lowest LAY odd.
     The system will automatically select the highest odd on BACK and the lowest odd on LAY.
  3. Click the odds and enter the amount, then click 【Place bet】
    If your betting result is "win", there is a charge of 2% commission from your profit by the system.

Exchange Marketing Betting Options

  • BACK means which team will win. 
  • LAY means which team will lose.
- Back Lay
Win (Odd-1)*Stake Stake
Lose Stake (Odd-1)*Stake

Exchange Market Betting Example: Back

Example - Place ₹300  Back on Nepal

  • The result is 【Nepeal】 win → Profit: Win  (300*5.7)-300(stake)=1,410  

Example - Place ₹300  Back on UAE

  • The result is 【 Nepeal 】 win → Profit: Lose 300 (lose stake) 

Understand Exchange Market Betting and Exchange Match Odds

Exchange Market Betting Example: Lay

Example - Place 125 Lay  on UAE

  • The result is 【Nepal】 win→ Profit: Win  125 (win stake)

Example - Place 100  Lay on UAE

  • The result is  【UAE】 win→ Profit: Lose (1.01-1)*100(stake)=1   

Understand Exchange Market Betting and Exchange Match Odds

Exchange Market Betting Commission

Usually, when you bet on exchange market betting, there will be a commission charge if a player wins the bet on the Exchange market. Here is the calculation for the exchange market betting, the system will charge a 2% commission from the profit, and the commission will go to the sportsbook maker like 9W.

  • Profit: (500*5.6)-500(stake)=2,300
  • Commission: 2,300*2%=46
  • Net win: 2,300-46=2,254

How To Trade On Exchange Match Odds

Trading on (EMOS), the Exchange Match Odds platform, offers a unique opportunity for savvy bettors to secure assured profits. The essence of trading lies in the fluctuation of odds on the exchange, influenced by market dynamics and betting activity.

Various trading strategies exist on (EMOS), each deserving its comprehensive discussion.

However, for newcomers, a basic approach can illuminate the concept effectively.

Imagine you place a bet before an England vs. Australia cricket match, opting to lay England.

As the match approaches and team lineups are revealed, odds will adjust accordingly, driven by factors such as player selection.

For instance, if Australia's odds soar due to a star player's exceptional form, but that player sustains an injury just before the match, odds may favor England's victory.

Seizing this favorable shift, you can now back to England, ensuring a profit by covering all potential match outcomes.

Trading on exchange match odds mirrors the principles of stock exchange trading: buy low, sell high. Success in trading hinges on predicting price movements accurately.

Moreover, the option to bet in-play on exchange match odds extends beyond pre-event fluctuations, allowing for dynamic trading opportunities during the event itself.

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