Esball Eu Online Casino Commission


Esball Eu Online Casino Commission

Online Casino Commission - Become an Agent of Esball Eu

Esball Eu Online Casino Game is operated by 15years old reputable Boeing Online Sportsbook, legally registered in Costa Rica. We provide the most dynamic and fair gaming system. Above all, we offer players the best bonus promotions! For our affiliates, we offer the most competitive program. We welcome all potential partners who holds online resources or great social network. Join our affiliate program without paying anything and start earning unlimited return! esball Online Casino, your smartest choice!

Esball Eu Online Casino provides a complete agent system, you can easily earn high agent commissions, contact the agent specialist.

How To Become An Agent Of Esball Eu Online Casino

1.Register an account with Esball Eu.

2.Contact agent specialist.

Online Casino Agent Specialist: Contact Us

Online Casino Agent Affiliate Commissions Table

Level WeeklyActive Members Weekly Net Profit Commission Percentager
1 1+ 1 ~ 5,0,00,000 20%
2 5,00,001 ~ 10,00,000 25%
3 10,00,001 ~ 15,00,000 30%
4 15,00,001 ~ 20,00,000 35%
5 20,00,001 ~ ∞ 40%

Online Casino Agent Commission Calculation

1.Commission calculation formula:【 Net Profit x Commission Percentage】

2.Active Member Definition:Members who have made at least ₹100 deposit within the weekly settlement period (Starting Monday, ending Sunday)

Example 1: Agent's Net Profit for the week is ₹2,000,000 with 1 active member. Commission percentage are calculated based on Level 3, which is 20%.Therefore,your commission is ₹2,000,000 x 20%=₹400,000

Online Casino Agent Terms and Conditions

1.Affiliate revenue share settlement is done on weekly and the net revenue share amount will credited on every Wednesday before 17:30 IST if agent meet the commission distribution requirement.

2.Minimum number of active members required is 1 member.

3.Commission is activated once affiliates meet the required conditions according to the level.

4.Commission is calculated revenue from down-line member.

5.Negative carry over is applied to affiliate revenue share settlement and will be carried over each week until settled to zero.

6.Agents opening multiple or fraudulent accounts with same log in device (computer and mobile), same IP address will be disqualified from the tean and conditions.Remaining commission could be forfeited and the account will be frozen, Esball Eu remains final right to reclaim back all commission given out and disable the account.