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Bitsler Blast Game Casino Online

Bitsler Blast Game Casino Online

Bitsler Blast game casino stands out as a gem among the lesser-known options in the crash gambling scene. Despite its modest popularity, Blast game online has captured the hearts of dedicated players for its exceptional gameplay and unique features.

Blast Game Casino Game Introduction

Bitsler Blast game casino stands out as a gem among the lesser-known options in the crash gambling scene. Despite its modest popularity, Blast game online has captured the hearts of dedicated players for its exceptional gameplay and unique features.

Blast Game Casino, Blast by Bitsler Games Crash Online

What is Blast Game Online

Getting basic game information about Bitsler’s crash game was easy, a relief compared to the hassle with some other providers. But, as an original crash game, we're not too impressed with its return-to-player (RTP) rating, especially when compared to Crash by BC Originals, which boasts an RTP of 99%. 

Despite the average RTP rating, Blast by Bitsler looks promising on paper. We’re glad to see it's based on a provably fair crash algorithm and offers a minimum bet suitable for players with low budgets.

Bitsler Blast Game Casino Rules

So, how does Blast by Bitsler measure up? Can it rival the best, or does it fall short? Let's delve into our blast rules guide to find out.

Blast Rules: Manual Mode

Let's start with manual mode, providing you with full control and allowing you to adjust to the game's pace.

Placing a bet in manual mode is straightforward. Begin by selecting your desired bet amount. For newcomers to crash gambling, we recommend starting small. Blast Game Casino's minimum bet is $0.03, offering a low-risk entry point.

You can easily adjust your bet amount using the "MIN," "/2," "X2," or "MAX" buttons. These options allow you to set your bet to the minimum, halve your current amount, double it, or go all-in on a single bet.

Once your bet amount is set, you're ready to play! While the game permits cashing out at any moment, we advise setting a reasonable auto cash-out multiplier as a safety measure.

After initiating the game, the "Place Bet" button transforms into a "Cash Out" button, displaying a live profit counter. You can cash out at any point to claim your winnings. Our test run resulted in an automatic cash out at 2X, doubling our initial bet—a thrilling win!

We recommend starting with manual mode until you feel comfortable and ready to explore further.

Blast Rules: Auto Mode

In auto mode, the betting interface remains consistent, but additional options become available upon clicking the "Autobet" button in the menu below the game.

In this interface, you'll select a base bet amount and determine your auto cash-out multiplier. Additionally, you can manage features in the bottom auto-bet menu.

Here's what you can automate in Blast by Bitsler:

  • Automate the bet-placing process for a set number of rounds.
  • Adjust your bet amount based on wins or losses, allowing for flexible betting strategies.
  • Set profit targets or loss limits to halt the auto-betting process, ensuring responsible gameplay.

Blast game online by Bitsler offers robust auto-betting features, comparable to those found in Aviator by Spribe. If you're keen on game automation, Blast is an excellent choice.

Bitsler Blast Game Casino Features

Bitsler’s Blast game is packed with features, and while we've already highlighted our favorite—theme switching—there's much more to explore.

Live Bets

Blast Game Casino impresses with its live bet feature, situated just below the betting interface. Here, you can observe all players participating in the current round of crash, along with their wagers and cash-out timings. These subtle features enhance the overall enjoyment of playing a crash game.

Provable Fairness

A cornerstone of any original crash game is provable fairness. Bitsler excels in this regard, providing a comprehensive explanation of its provably fair algorithm in the help menu below the game. By clicking on the scale icon, you can access the settings and verifier for the algorithm. We've rigorously tested the fairness of over 100 rounds of Blast, encountering no issues whatsoever. Checking fairness is effortless—simply click the "Provably fair verifier" button to instantly verify the game's fairness. Blast Game Casino boasts one of the most user-friendly provably fair algorithms we've encountered, a testament to Bitsler Games' exceptional work.


Similar to Crash by BC and Stake Originals, Blast by Bitsler offers keyboard control functionality. By clicking on the "Hotkeys" button below the game's animation window, you can access controls alongside the betting interface options.

Player’s Chat Room

Upon entering Bitsler’s casino, you'll encounter a vibrant chatroom on the right side of the interface. Entering the Blast crash game transports you to the dedicated Blast chatroom, where only players engaged in Blast Game Casino are present. It's a lively and engaging space, adding an enjoyable social element to the game—an enhancement unanimously appreciated by our team members.

Blast Game Casino, Blast by Bitsler Games Crash Online

Bitsler Blast Game Casino Pros and Cons

Blast game online by Bitsler left us thoroughly impressed, surpassing our expectations and emerging as one of the most underrated crash games available (much like Thunder Crash by Thunderpick). Here's a breakdown of what we loved and areas for potential improvement:


  • Amazing 3D graphics elevate the gaming experience.
  • The game offers endless entertainment, ensuring hours of gameplay without boredom.
  • Provably fair gameplay instills confidence, with fairness verification being remarkably simple.
  • Theme switching capability allows adjustment for weaker devices or internet connections.
  • The abundance of betting automation features enhances gameplay versatility.
  • Separate options to mute sound and music provide customization.
  • A live bets section and a dedicated crash chatroom add social interaction elements.
  • Hotkeys enable convenient game control.


  • The RTP, while decent, could be improved, especially considering it's an original game.


Our prediction that Blast Game Casino is a true “underdog” in the crash gambling scene is spot on. If you're looking for an exciting and fair crash game, give Blast by Bitsler a try. You won't be disappointed!

Bitsler Blast Game Online FAQ

Is Bitsler’s crash game provably fair, or is it rigged?

Bitsler’s crash game is provably fair and not rigged. We verified the fairness of over 100 rounds of Blast and confirmed it is 100% fair.

How much can you win in Blast by Bitsler?

You can win up to $25,000 in a single round of Blast by Bitsler.

What is the maximum multiplier of Blast by Bitsler?

The maximum multiplier of Blast Game Casino is 100,000X.

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